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The REAL Bella Vendetta
5 March
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hi, my name is Bella Vendetta. This is my personal blog where I write about all things ranging from my sex life to my love life to what I ate today and how cute my dog is.
I do lots of stuff and I go crazy alot. I am the brainpower, goddess, geek behind MyOwnBrain Productions. I design alternative clothing, I am the lady pimp behind www.BellaVendetta.com, which an alternative porn site unlike anythng you've ever seen, I promise. I write alot of zines, I also edit an erotica anthology yearly (in the 3rd year) and a book of feminist poetry yearly (also in the 3rd year) I model quite frequently, for fetish magazines and sites, I'm a founding member of Rites Of Passage suspension group. You can often find me in burned out warehouses or dark alleyways, or half naked on stages across america.
Youll find a TON of pics on My blog, some are NSFW!
I document My life in the dungeon, backstage at metal shows and in the suspension community

sometimes it's a bumpy ride, enjoy!