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where is My large automobile?

Oh shit. I did that thing where I waited too long to blog and now like ten thousand things have happened and I'm trying to make a list to keep it all straight so I can blog about it but it's a lot easier said than done. Because ALOT of stuff has happened

Man, it feels like since Wendy said she was moving just shit keeps happening and there's no stopping it. I had hoped My life would have some rhythm this summer, some schedule, some sort of normalcy. But you know, there's no hope for that so I'm just gonna go ahead and embrace the chaos.

SO: work has been continuous on My studio space. I have an office now! I am blogging from it right now. Im actually blogging LIVE on cam right now from My office too but thats a story for later in the blog ok?

SO let's see. Big stuff happened here Like, I got a divorce. I mean, I was divorced in My heart long ago but the government didn't quite see it that way so after a lot of stress a lot of wheelin and dealin and court appearances and official paperwork and talking to way more lawyers than anyone should have to talk to in their life: I am officially divorced.

It feels like a huge weight lifted from My shoulders and the end to an ugly legal shitstorm that went on for way too long. SO, Bella can breathe again. I already feel lighter.

Some of My friends know how much I have been looking forward to this day so long that they decided to come and help Me celebrate, just so happened there was a carnival in town. It's like the stars aligned for Me and everything, we ALL know how much I love carnivals don't we?

So My best friend Emrys came out, and burlesque starlet Morgan Fey came with Me to show some support. We did NOT have a repeat of last year, where we went to the carnival together and photographer Chris Addams forgot his camera. Photographer Brandon Stack was in the house and he actually took some really adorable photos of us together.

I of course forced everyone to go into the fun house. They had weird paintings of weird clowns on the outside and it was so creepy, I wish I could have shot porn in there.

BUT Brandon took some pretty pictures of us outside the fun house.

Things were on the upswing and life was pretty sweet. All sorts of exciting shit upcoming. But then you know the universe took a turn for the worst.

After working at Anthony's gentlemens club and coming home on a backroad country road with no breakdown lane, no streetlights and no cell reception, no gas station for an hour in either direction.....yah guess what. My car decided to break down. At 2 am. Perfect time for being stranded on the side of the road without a phone. JUST PERFECT!

Some guy who was super weird stopped and called the cops for Me. And what a surprise, the cop was sorta a dick! So middle of the night dealing with cops, not a great situation to be in. The tow to My house cost Me all the money I had made at the club that night.

And now I have no car.

I won't even go into the insane drama of the fucking tow truck guy who lied and overcharged Me or the garage guy who let My car sit for almost a week without even looking at it and then tried to charge Me storage fees...I wont go into those awful stories

I wont tell you how much MORE it cost to get it towed to the junkyard and how the money I got for it didn't even cover the tows.

Its been a sad, sad, heartbreakind day.

As I've been mostly working at the club I now have no way to get to work, so I've been super duper broke ass.

My little chihuahua, Olive, who is like My fur baby, chihuahua child, light of My life and I am utterly obsessed with loving her.

Well, teeny tiny not even 7 pound Olive got attacked by the neighbors pitbull.

It jumped the fence into the backyard trampled My garden and attacked My little dog. She was screaming like a fucking human child and My other chihuahua Rosa was trying to attack the bigger dog and save her. Then the pit had her whole little tiny body in it's mouth doing the death shake. I thought My baby was dead. I punched the dog in the face, kicked it in the ribs managed to get it off Olive and scoop her up then it came after Me as she was in My arms. The whole time I was screaming bloody murder Olive is screeching and the neighbor behind Me is hollering. She ended up calling the cops because she thought I got really hurt when I ran away with both dogs. I mean, the whole thing took about a minute but was probably the scariest minute of My life. Olive somehow got away unscathed. My car was in the shop so I had no way to get her to the emergency vet. Luckily My best friend saved the day and took us.

The neighbors who saw the whole thing called the cops so:

Cops before coffee that day

I do not recommend THAT to anyone.

After fights with the neighbors, they were still fucking screaming at me as I carried My wounded little pup away. Holy shit. WOOOOOSA in full effect!

So: Olive is on the mend now, shes off pain meds and was barking at the plumber so I think all is well in her little chihuahua world. She would of course love some get well and glad you are alive doggie gifts tho

You know The chihuahuas have their own wishlist here:

Send them some treats or a new outfit or a blingy leash or something they'll really appreciate it.

So, that was another day of work I missed and was already broke and then had a vet bill and OI, life was getting stressful for sure.

I am super happy that little Miss Wendy Michelle is coming home this weekend. I am even throwing her a party on friday July 10th

all the details for THAT can be found right here:

I even posted a little video of Wendy dancing at Club Castaway, a little teaser. Wanted to get you excited to come see her dance, check it out

she is dancing to “cherry red” used by permission by Razakel.

The video with the nudity is also super awesome and I suggest you go and buy it.

Like seriously, buy it.

Come to the party

buy a lapdance

I need anew car

I am down in the dumps so bad.

Theres a few different ways you can support Me right now.

You can purchase some CLIPS from My clips4sale store

I have been releasing some super awesome stuff that I am proud of and I would love it if you would support Me and buy some stuff.

Send some feedback, let Me know how you liked clips and what you would like to see!

Don't forget I also sell CUSTOM videos, that is where YOU get to decide what you want to see.

Wendy and I will be filming CUSTOM videos all weekend. They must be paid for in advance so if you are interested in negotiating with us for your weird fetish or script please drop a message or find more info here:

I am available for professional BDSM sessions in My newly redone studio and dungeon space. If you are interested in serving Me and training with Me please visit for more details

If you would like to CALL to discuss a possible session, or just to chat, or want some phone training, or some dirty talk....then you may call any one of My niteflirt hotlines here:

I have been camming quite a bit too since I am stuck at home

you can find Me on the streamate network: and more recently I've been playing around on Chaturbate

I however do make out the best when you schedule a custom skype show and pay Me directly. Then some big evil corporation and some old rich white guy in a suit isnt taking like half of My earnings, and that feels great

I am also selling GIFT BOXES

these range from $50-$100 and upwards and consist of a handmade gift package from yours truly

cards, love letters, collages, art projects, signed 8X10s worn stockings, shoes, socks, panties and much much more depending on your preferences

please drop Me a line and let Me know what you might be interested in!~

Thats about it, Ill have some more pics and hopefully happier sexier news after Wendy's party this weekend.

Send some love and positive vibes and gifts and support ok friends?

As always follow Me on twitter for up to the date news of when I am on cam, when I am accepting phone calls and much more

And if you wanna cheer ME up you might wanna consider sending Me something nice off of one of My wishlists here:

Planet 313 photography

The jumping off point

My life is just never dull. Even the bad parts, the worst ones are far more interesting, reflective and life changing than most peoples daily lives. At the age of 34 I think I'm finally learning to just enjoy the wild ride ride and let it take Me where it will.

Last I left you dear readers Wendy Michelle was just about to move away to Colorado...and move she did. But not before one epic night of partying at Anthony's Gentlmen's club at the going away party I threw for her.

It was good times. Burlesque starlet Morgan Fey did a special thing and came and danced at Wendy's party! It was so awesome, like old times! Only way better actually. I think if we all write her some love letters she might consider coming out to do some champagne rooms again for yall......

Go and show her some love here:

It's Wendy;s birthday week and she's en route to CO to start a new chapter in her crazy traveling lady life too so go and show her some love too:

SO, party was wild. My crew came out, Wendy's crew came out, fans came out friends, fam, lovers. Lots of My favorite folks all at one strip joint! I couldn't have been happier!

The day before I'd been in Boston for a session, and ended up having a super banging dinner by Myself and hot tubbing it up an swimming in the pool while no one was around. Obviously I took some nudes. Duh. I had big plans to shoot some video in the hotel room but then I went into a food and law and order and hotel bed coma and that was that.

I drove back to springfield MA the next day and had a bangin lunch with a dear friend and then made My way over to Anthony's for Wendy's party. Back to the party. My point was I guess the day before was excellent leading up to an excellent day after a lovely drive in the sunshine with old skool hip hop jams on cassette and then an awesome meal and THEN: this crazy fun party.

OK so some of Wendy's friends drove from near and far to surprise her and that was special and awesome to see how happy she was. Photographer Brandon Stack joined us to take pics of all the beautiful people:

Go show Brandon some love here:

Here's some of My most favorite shots of the night:

Wendy and Morgan always looking like they just got done or about to just start making out with each other. Brandon got there early and got some pics of Me pole dancing on stage too. Doing an entire stripshow actually. You can see ALL of the fb friendly photos on My facebook page:

The nudie ones yall are just gonna have to wait on, but here's some sneak peek lovin:

Wendy being sultry as fuck in the champagne room. If you had the opportunity and didn't take it, to have a champagne room with Wendy during the last few months that she'd been dancing you're a fool. I mean, you coulda done a champagne room with BOTH OF US and now she's gone forever and life will never be the same. But don't let Me get all emotional about it. Just enjoy the photos for now and think about how sorry you are you never got to chill with us naked.

Pics with some fans and some friends. And Me humping the pretty girls. It's like you should just expect that from Me by now.

THEN the most fun part probably. I brought Wendy up on stage and blindfolded her and then Sacha Thumper and Morgan Fey gave her a lap dance! LOOK how happy she was! Then we took the blindfold off...and some more strippers joined in.....then of course * I * had to join is....obviously.....

And then the crowing glory for My lil ninjette I took some faygo one of her friends had brought to her and pulled her hair back and bathed her with that shit on stage. She was lovin it, I was lovin it. The crowd was lovin think they were...they might have been confused too......

But I didn't really give a fuck cuz we were having so much fun! Smiles all around.

I kept Wendy and extra day. I wasn't ready to let her go yet. And, all I can do is think about all the things I wanted to shoot but never got to. I had plans to be super productive with shooting this summer but we got cut short. SO, she stayed an extra day...and we got to shoot something for My clips4sale store that I'd wanted to shoot ever since christmas when I gave Wendy her onsie. Yah, I gave Wendy a onsie. It was wrong in all the right ways. Fit her so snug...too snug. So I shot a video of her eating dino mac and cheese in (and out of her onsie) and coloring in jesus coloring books while in the slave closet. And also I ate mac and cheese off her boobs. And also I love My life.

Weird right? Coming from Me, the most cynical bitch ever. But My life has been pretty rich and full even when I'm down. Filled with travel and great food and great sex and attractive interesting intelligent people and sex work and money and beautiful women every day and a particular brown eyed boy with dimples and the cutest chihuahuas in the world and lazy days spent soaking up the sun at the river and exploring the berkshire mountains. YO! This I what life is all about! It's really nice to have so many “I love western MA” moments after spending such a long winter of sadness and hating this place. Having so much space and being able to spread out and have a proper writing space helps so much too. It's been a lot of work but it's paying off and feels good. The view from the dungeon window at twilight right now is realllllly gorgeous.

So yah, I get to shoot weird porn with cool chicks I have a genuine connection with and it's a super positive experience I'll miss and it makes Me love My life.

Since I'm feeling nostalgic I'll share some of the stills of the so wrong it's right video I shot:

That's gonna be available soon in My clips4sale store:

Please visit it and buy some clips. If you love Wendy like I do you'll be pleased cuz there's a whooooole lotts miss Wendy Michelle comin up the next few weeks.

Visit, favorite, buy, share, love, whatever. Do it, support the cause. Help Me keep lovin life. Because I gotta say I am super stoked now that it's warm and I can start shooting weird stuff outside again. I'm already planning an extended slave training video series with Chelsea Poe starting in July. Seems like a fitting way to shoot the new dungeon space officially for the first time right? Yah I thought so.

So: Goodbye and Good luck Wendy. I guess that was one of those things where you meet someone and you are both in each others lives for the right reasons at the right time. Maybe when she visits we'll have another party at Anthony's.....

til then::::

I DO have some cool shit planned. The first thing being a COUPLES PARTY (just like I promised in My last blog) May 31st

it's the kickoff. Couples get in free! Two for one shots from the gorgeous shot girls, two for one lap dances and champagne room deals. I am hooking it UP for couples. I love when couples come in. Helping couples have an awesome time is something I love doing. I have a bunch of dancers coming to work who also LOVE dancing for couples. One of My favorite sexy ass photographers coming with her man...yah

it's gonna be a good time. Special note that you do NOT have to be a hetero couple to enjoy this night ok!

More info on the Anthony's fb page, which I am vamping up a bit and keeping tabs on. I'm excited to be back on team Anthony's and doing some cool things there. Show us some love on facebook:

Please share and like and stuff

Now before I run off and wash the dishes and repack My stripper bag for tomorrow (cuz wendy is not here to do those things for Me anymore) lemme leave you with My schedule.

I'll be dancing, camming, taking calls on Niteflirt, and all sortsa stuff!

As always, call Me by phone here: I've been signing on ALOT and have had some super interesting and awesome conversations. AND reading to people, which I LOVE to do! Call Me maybe

I'm also trying really hard to get on the ball with camming...which will be much easier now that I have the space! And the lights and the setup and all! SO go and sign up and add Me to your favorites so you can be alerted when I come online:

AND I'll be dancing in Western MA and upstate NY too


FRIDAY May 15th I'll be at Anthony's in south Hadley MA from 6 pm til 2 am

Sat May 16th I'll be attending the first party of the season at La Domaine Esemar Guest Master DAVID LAWRENCE! Honored to be able to spend the day at the world's oldest BDSM training chateau surrounded by some of the serious greats in the scene. That was also an opportunity that just fell into My lap....see, everything seems to be falling into place.

SUNDAY May 17th I'll be dancing at Anthony's Gentlmen's club. Get there early to see the french maid stage cleaning show at 730 pm on the dot bitches! Then I'll be dancing til 2 am. The lovely Kendra is bartending and I am excited to have a low key laid back fun evening at the club.

I love sundays at the club, which is why I chose them for the couples night. I want it to be laid back and fun with classic rock and the sexiest bartender I know!

I'll also be dancing at Anthony's Friday May 22nd and Sunday May 24th and of COURSE For May 31st for the Couples night, more info on that here:

Come visit Me, show Me some love. Send Me something nice off My dance wishlist so I can later take it off for you:

Aside from all the sex work. I've been spending a lot of time out in the woods, neglecting computer work, doin shit in My yard turning soil in My garden, dangling My feet in the river and enjoying life. Imagine that! Rites of Passage Suspension Group has officially begun it's 2015 season. Exciting for Me. The first suspensions to kick it off this season were this awesome couple from eastern MA. Both first timers, both doing a suicide. They were each others support, was a beautiful thing to watch. Small, efficient crew of Me, Emrys and Brandon. Managed to get everything done safely. On point. Felt great to be working alongside Emrys again after a full year off. We still got it! Can't wait to see what kind of rigging miracles we can perform outside this year! I also can't wait to hang Myself, but until then I'm enjoying helping other people have this awesome experience. Photos by Brandon Stack.

And that's it folks, I'm gonna leave it there on a positive note. I DO have some travel plans to the west coast and further northeast planned and I'll be officially announcing them soon so stayed tuned!

Planet 313 photography

is spring springing yet?

It's hard to tell, it's like, so effing cold in New England still at night and it just snowed again last week and I'm just skeptical summer even exists anymore. I am fiending for california and the beach.

This month has been non fucking stop that;s for sure! LOTS of stuff going on.

First of all, I got to do My first session in My dungeon space and that went really well. I love the energy here. It smells good looks good feels good. Candles and soft music and peacock feathers. Excited to do the first official shoots here in July, but more on that much later.

First selfie with slave in the dungeon tho!

As always I really could use help with the space, it needs lots of things to be how I want it to be. Please help Me make this a reality!

selfie with slave in My new dungeon space. Follow Me on instagram to see all My pics: check here for the wishlist and send Me something nice for the dungeon:…/3KQ…/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_ws_OJRqvb0ACQCVA and check My site to find out how you can book a session with Me

I had some crazy times at the stripclub. Lots of dancing, lots of pole tricks lots of stripper bruises, lots of MY favorite part...counting My money. I even made a video of Me organizing and counting My money for My clips4sale store:

have you been checking that out? Please do. It's so much work, and I really want you guys to buy some videos so it feels like it's worth it. Some really solid stuff up there, Lots of My life performances, you can check that out if you are too far away to come see Me perform in person.

Clips4sale has been awesome about promoting Me as well: They ran a very in depth interview with Me you can check out here: I really get into the nitty gritty of what I like about shooting weird artporn, it's a cool interview. Photos of Mistress More by Chris Addams.

I got to go and work at Club Castaway with lil Miss Wendy Michelle. It was her last time she was gonna be there, and I hadn't been there in so long I figured I'd give it a shot. Was sort of lame I have to say! One of My personal lows for only making $11. But you know, life has a funny way of sorting itself out. I turned the day around a bit. Since no one was there I took the opportunity to film Wendy stripping on stage and also got to take some stills check em out!

and of course one of us all entangled together in the mirrorer ceiling.  I DO love that stage so much.

I was feeling pretty fabulous that day too.  Sometimes those are the days you don't make money.. When you look all cute and are super confident.  Then when you feel like shit and wanna die you make all the dollars.  I dunno, stripclubs are so fickle, so different day to day.  it's sort of exhausting.  I'm having fun doing all this dancing and it's been cool and stuff with Wendy there, but I don't think I'm gonna keep up the same pace thru the summer.  just some well thought out dates and keep your eyes peeled for awesome events I am hosting.
Anyway: I felt all horned up and wanted to take advantage so I also filmed some cool piss videos for My clips4sale store in the bathroom there.  They have this mirror set up it's just begging for a piss video to be shot.  And I took some selfies in the dressing room.

sort of like the real life Nikki Blue from BlackLight.  I just got some more copies of that movie I shot at Club Castaway so please ask Me and I'll sell you a signed one!

If you like looking at Wendy on a stripclub stage please come out to Anthony's Gentlemen's club and show some love for her going away party. I am really hoping her friends fam and fans come out to send her off in western MA style.

You can find the event info all here on My fb page, go and like Me too cuz I've been posting all sorts of stuff up there:

Speaking of events, I weaseled My way in over at Anthony's Gentleman's club and have talked them into letting Me do a few different events throughout the summer. I am super stoked on it! I have always wanted to and now I finally get to...HOST A COUPLES NIGHT AT THE CLUB!

The very first one is May 31st

you can find all the info for THAT event here: '

I've also over taken their fb page so please click like and keep up to date with all the cool stuff that's gonna go on:

What else happened? Well, I got to go to a Yankee game and have really swanky seats right fukin behind home plate and VIP club privileges and had a super rockstar time with My Dad. I am not really a huge sports fan, but I like going to live baseball and basketball games. It was pretty badass being that close being able to hear the crack of the bat and everything. Didn't get any really good selfies, fail, sorry My loves! But LOOK how close I was!

It was kinda whirlwind NJ/NY trip tho because I barely slept then had to get up bright and early the next am and drive My ass BACK to western MA to go and figure model for this art class. It's My last time doing it for the season. I'll miss it I think, I actually really enjoy it. I will admit to falling asleep this time's some drawing of Me asleep and blissful. HA!

That's all for now I think folks, I am getting better at blogging more often, be excited. Show some love ok. Buy some videos, call Me up on Niteflirt and ask Me silly questions:

send something off the wishlist, whatever, let Me know you care!

I am excited to start summer already! Damn, I'm gonna film My naked ass all over these mountains!


My life is like a weird carnival ride.

Hey! Checkit it out, I'm doin pretty good keeping up on My blog and not letting ten thousand things happen before I write about em. The last few weeks have been sorta crazy, sorta exhausting, filled with personal drama and sort of like a roller coaster.

I've been putting a lot of hours in dancing.

Lots of driving, lots of stretching, lots of pole tricks! Lots of walking up and down stairs in 7 inch heels. Lots of strange stripper bruises. Lots of hauling shit in and out the car, lots of handwashing delicate outfits, lots of broken stripper shoes. I need some new stuff man. Like, I really need a new stripper bag. I've been asking for a while and I want to believe you guys love Me. So help a bitch out. A new stripper bag, some new clear shoes, some new dresses would be so much appreciated.

You can find My dance wishlist here:

Dancing is really really hard work. I haven't danced this much since I was in My 20s. It's good and bad. Exhausting yet invigorating. It's validating and makes Me feel really awesome about My body. Cash in My hand totally turns Me on and I fucking love doing lapdances. I've also been doing more champagne rooms than ever before in My career and that feels great. I genuinely really like them! I've been having awesome luck and dancing for really cool people I have a cool connection with. Some couples have been coming in to see Me and I always love that! That is greatly encouraged! So much so that I think I'm going to organize a couples event at Anthony's so stay tuned for that!

Also a lot of queers have been coming in to see Me and I DEFINATELY fucking love that! I highly encourage that shit! I want it to be known whatever club I am dancing at is queer and trans friendly, I will personally make sure nobody fucks with you and you should absolutely feel welcome to come in with all your queer friends and even by yourself. Please do, it makes My day! I dance for folks with ALL kinds of different bodies. I dance for folks in wheelchairs. Stripclubs hold magical connection qualities I am telling you. So many different types of people all in one place in the course of one night I think it's a beautiful thing.

I've been working pretty regularly on sundays at Anthony's. The bartender there Kendra is fabulous. It's not crazy and insane and loud and crowded. There's usually a handful of cool chicks dancing, hot shot girls and some laid back rock and roll. Sundays are a great day for fans to visit Me cuz I have the time to sit and chat and not be running across the stage all night back and forth.

If you come early enough between 7 and 8 pm on a sunday you can catch Me cleaning the stage on all fours! I disinfect the shit out of that stage! I scrub the poles and wipe evveryyyything down. This past sunday I did all that in a french maid outfit. It was pretty sexy. I really need to get it on videotape one of these nights. I did take some selfies tho:

As I mentioned in My last blog, lil Miss Wendy Michelle is leaving soon for Colorado, she even announced it officially. So, we've been spending some time together. Chillin hard, cooking, spring cleaning the house, roaming graveyards taking the dogs for leaps and enjoying the nice weather in western MA.

I took some pics of her in the cemetery:

She's gonna be gone really soon so please make sure you come and see us at the clubs the next few weekends cuz after that she is gone! The dynamic clown duo will be forever over and there will be no more opportunities for double champagne rooms or twerk towers or anything like that.

Here's when we'll be dancing:

THURSDAY april 23 day shift at Club Castaway in whatley MA. As you know I got mad history with this place and it holds a special place in My heart! This si the club I filmed the movie BLACKLIGHT in annnnnnd I JUST got some more copies of Blacklight so come by the club and buy one from Me and let Me sign it for you!

FRIDAY april 24th We will be dancing at Anthony's gentlemen's club in south hadley MA. I'll be doing a swing shift. (hehe swing) About 5 pm til about midnight. Will be a good time for you who say 7 pm is too late for you!

SUNDAY april 26th come by early for the french maid cleaning on all fours show 7 pm til 2 am at Anthony's gentlemen's club in south hadley MA.

Then I've got some travel for sessions, travel for some figure modeling, going to Boston doing some sessions in My own awesome dungeon space (more on that in a moment) and will also be available on cam and by phone. Would be a great time to book a custom skype session with Me too!

And then MAY 2nd I will be dancing 5 pm til 2 am with Wendy Michelle for her very last night dancing in western MA! Come out and say goodbye in style! I am planning a lil sumthin sumthin so come find out what it is!

You can even find the fb event page here:

It's gonna be hard to see Wendy go but I can't wait to see pictures and hear about her adventures out west.

No rest for the wicked, cuz on MAY 9th it's the first day we are going out into the woods to do some suspensions with Rites of Passage Suspension Group! We're really doing things very differently this year. It'll be much less stress on Me and I'm sorta stoked to be able to take it easy and have good hook time with My hooker fam and not have events back to back to back. If you are interested in learning more or want to find out how you can book your own flesh hook suspension experience with our team check out our fb page:

there's also a fetlife event listing:

Ok so now lemme backup a moment and talk about the other shit that happened.

So: Rita Haxx came into town to visit Me. And we had all these grand plans to do a photoshoot and a video interview and a fashion show so she could take home some of My older clothes and then like. None of it happened and it all crumbled right before My eyes. It was sorta sad. But on the plus side instead of rushing around and doing a million things we got to just hang out. Which was excellent. Got some quality graveyard hangout time in. Emrys, My best friend came and made us some vegan dinners and lunches even and that was cool! AND the real reason for the visit. We went to go see Neutral Milk Hotel! Duuuuuuude. Oh man. It was just so so so so good. I had never seen them before. 17 year old little Bella was squishing with delight. 23 year old Bella was all nostalgic and emo and angry and beautiful and happy hearing every single song I could have ever wanted to hear. And 34 year old Bella now, in present day was so thrilled to be able to see this band she'd loved for so long. So many nights driving screaming every lyric while it crooned out of My honda civic cassette player stere. Now I got to see them live, all wise in their age, tour wisdom! Refined, deep. I got to sing along in person. AND It was in Mass Moca so it was a really small intimate venue with fucking excellent acoustics. And beer. It was perfect. The Dot Wiggin Band opened up which I was super excited for because I love the Shaggs, wasn't really good. I'm sorry if you hate Me for saying that but I did not love it. Don't be mad. Neural Milk Hotel was so good for Me it's gonna be really difficult to top that show.

BUT don't fear. Because remember how when I talked about King Diamond was the best show of My whole life/ WELL, The King is playing AGAIN

This time for Rockstar Mayhem Festival! And get this.....with SLAYER

whut!!! I must go!

So uh, if you'd like to impress Mistress 2 tickets to the July 19th Hartford CT date would be verrrrry much appreciated.

Anyway: back to Rita and this awesome show we saw. Well, anyway, the photoshoots and stuff all got canceled. And then eveyrthing started to crumble. I was supposed to leave the next day for NYC to do a shoot with Chelsea Poe and then do an interview with Abiotic and then SEE Abiotic (and I had really high hopes for seeing them too!) and THEN the next day after that was the Queer Porn Film Festival and I had a brand new movie dropping! And was gonna speak on a panel. I was super excited for all of it. But then the abiotic show got canceled. And then the interview was up in the air, but I held out hope for this shoot I had totally been looking forward to and then the fucking shoot got canceled at the last minute the night before and then the fucking interview got canceled. Aw man I was so so sad. I'm still sorta raw and emotional after losing soooo many friends this year already. So I know I overreact to shit. I am aware. I'm also aware I've been like, driving, working driving eating sleeping driving working rinse repeat and I am burning My candle at both ends. I have a lot going on in My personal life and sorta need to work as much as possible right now So, since everything got canceled I sorta lost My place to stay and then I was still gonna stay with Julie Simone but it was almost a 5 hour drive from Me. And it was all just too much. Too last minute too up in the air so I just stayed home and didnt even go and cried like a little fucking bitch. My epic NYC weekend of fun and prosperity turned into an emo cryfest. I dunno,maybe it was that neutral milk hotel show the night before??? Nah.

So Instead I just made the best of it and got shit done. On sunday I worked night shift at Anthony's and ended up having a slow but decent night. I got to wash and disinfect the stage and that is really important to Me!

Then monday was 420 and Wendy and I spent the day together and went and had lunch with a friend, then daytime beers, then an awesome dinner and margaritas and tacos! And of course lots of smoking woowoo! I felt satisfied and good about it. Today: has been super rad. I got a lot of shit accomplished!

Spent the day fucking around in the dungeon. As I sit right now NOT huddled over on My couch, BUT at My big fancy leather computer chair and My whole setup in My office overlooking the mountains. Ahhh, I feel so productive! It's really coming along nicely. I am doing My first session here saturday to break it in!

I won't be traveling too much this summer either so it's a great time to book a session and see the beautiful space! for more info.

The space is coming along nicely. I really need to make some curtains before I pack up and move all of My sewing stuff. Big changes and lots of movement and transition in the house of Vendetta. As such, it's a really good time to join the leather family if you are considering becoming a personal slave, or pet to Mistress Vendetta! If you are looking for a deeper, ongoing BDSM practice I would love to talk to you about that journey!

I still need many things for the space tho. I have refined the wishlist a bit and added some priorities and comments. Please help an independent Mistress out with her very first space! Ill also be camming and shooting from here and I have big big dreams. Every little thing counts:

So: that brings us pretty current. The good thing about dancing is that I FEEL really good, It hurt the first couple weeks for sure, and I was left with strange stripper bruises like this:

But now, My body feels stretched out, I'm limber as fuck. I feel strong as hell. I'm going to a new yoga studio and that helps too. I've even learned a new pole trick. Come check Me out. The club has even been a cool place to do mini foot fetish sessions. I even bring rope sometimes and tie motherfuckers up, BDSM in the stripclub, it's the best. The other night I was feeling fiery so I wore all red. Italian bombshell style.

You should follow Me on instagram so you can see pics of Me when I am dancing:

Speaking of pics:

I JUST got some pics back from photographer Chris Addams: from My last bday party March 31st at haven nightclub in Northampton MA.

I uploaded a whoooole bunch to My facebook fan page, which you should definitely be following cuz there's TONS of great pics there:

and I'm gonna share My favorite ones with you here:

That's all for now folks; As always please be checking out My clips4sale store. I update with a new video every single freaking day! Fresh fetish content, BDSM scenes with My slaves, foot fetish videos, behind he scenes from photoshoots, AND checkit out, I'll be releasing some VIDEOS from My performances from this past march as well.

Go buy a video then call Me up on Niteflirt and tell Me all about how you jerked off to it ya perv!

Keep sending Me the positive messages, support, gifts and love everyone

I appreciate it more than you know!

Planet 313 photography

birthday recap part 2

So I last left you with some photos from My March 17th bday about some photos from My LAST bday party at Haven Nightclub in Northampton MA?

I kept having parties too. I had one at Haven Nightclub in Northampton MA.

It was a pimp and ho ball.

I generally would say no to this type of thing because I think it further stigmatizes and makes a jpoke of the lives of sex workers.

BUT I also thought it would be a really great opportunity to have an audience and be able to talk about the realities of sex work. Also: this Ho needed to pay her rent

so I said yes.

Not that many people really showed up, I guess a lot of people protested it. At first I thought that they, like Me were against the stigmatization of prostitutes. But, actually they were objecting to women being called Hos. Because ho's are a dirty gross thing no one wants to be compared to.

Some folks just didn't give a fuck and came anyways because haven is an awesome party and the subculture scene in western MA is already so small theres no point in making it even smaller.

I had agreed to do it if the club let Me say a few words on the mic.

They agreed then right before I went on they decided they didn't want to give Me the mic. Probably because they were afraid of what I was going to say.

I was sort of upset, but then I decided, I could make a statement without screaming into a mic and I got Me some posterboard!

I then did ths little unrehearsed sex workers rights on blast performance, and of course I showed My boobs at the end for good measure.

I didnt get the official photos back from the super official event photographer Chris Addams yet

BUT I do have these photos from one of My fans in the audience:

Also photographer Brandon Stack was there that night too. He does get the best photos, always there just at the right time

He took some special shots of the mayhem that was going on at My merch table haha

And then My friends, that was it. Birthday month was over and it was april 1st.

The magic certainly seemed to have gone. I'm also acutely aware of the fact that I just lost someone really close to Me in My life and that I'm taking a lot of things too seriously when I shouldn't. So I'm trying to just stay positive an d keep Myself and My little hurt feelings in check.

The last week has been like dance drive sleep eat shower drive dance rinse repeat.

Then lil Miss Wendy Michelle hits Me with the news that she's gonna move out. Yah, she's leaving Me and moving onto bigger and better things in life.

I really do wish her all the best.

Like, I had to take a few days to examine how I felt about this too. I didn't even understand WHY I was so butthurt about it. I mean, we had a lot of plans for the summer and I was so stoked to bring her around and show her all these things. I was finally falling into a routine and it felt positive to have her around. She really helped Me a lot too. I just don't like very many people very much so when I find ones I like and like being around and can be Myself and have fun with I really try to hold onto them.

Just losing too many people and too many people going away. I felt like My head was gonna explode. I felt dumb again too. Like, here I am missing her cuz she was gone for a few days and I was so excited to share these new plans and then she came home and told Me this shit and I felt like My world just shattered.

I know you're sad, believe Me I am too. There's so much stuff we didn't get to do and didn't get to film and it was nice feeling Myself relax around another human.

But what are you gonna do, you can't hold people back from living their life.

I'd wanna get the hell out of freezing cold western MA right now if I could too.

Like I really love her, LOOK at how happy we are! We have a lot of fun together. Who else is gonna put up with Me? Who else is gonna drive around and listen to dolly parton and smoke blunts and get naked all over gross stages with Me?

Here I am serenading her singing the Cure at a goth club. She is so unimpressed. Haha

So, maybe we'll have time to shoot one more thing before she's gone

It might be hard tho because lemme tell you about My insane schedule for the next few weeks ok

There's actually some exciting stuff happening so I'm going to focus on the positive and moving forward.


april 10th

I will be dancing a DOUBLE WHAMMY in western MA

day shift noon til 7 pm at the 5th alarm in downtown springfield, MA

and night shift 9 pm til 2 am at Anthony's Gentleman's club in south hadley MA for more info and directions

April 12th I will also be doing a DOUBLE!!

Day shift at club centerstage in downtown springfield, MA noon til 7 pm

and night shift at Anthony's. If you get there early you'll see Me do the sunday stage cleaning show, it's sorta sexy. There's also a badass bartender there on sundays.

April 17th I get to hang out with and interview tattoo artist Rita Haxxx, she's coming into town to visit Me and go to see NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL

Oh My Goddess, I am so excited. My slave got Me a ticket for My bday. Rita and I are gonna like, hold hands and cry and stuff, it's gonna be so emo.

The next motherfucking day I go off to NYC

I'm gonna shoot with Chelsea Poe (yah be excited) and then I'm gonna get to go interview Abiotic from FLA for Ghost Cult Magazine. And then of course I'm gonna get to see them play. Which I am super excited about because I've never had the pleasure of seeing Abiotic before. I'm getting to collaborate with Molecular Atom too, if you follow My blog you know what a treat that is for Me.


April 19th: Is the NYC Queer Porn Film Festival.

It's the very first one, be excited. I am rereleasing a film I made in 2008, as well as releasing a new thing I recently shot with Bettie Bondage.

I'm also speaking on a porn performer panel. I'm pretty excited about all of it, and excited about seeing some of My favorite queer porn folks over on the east coast.

You can get your tickets here, I would recommend doing that before they sell out:

and the fb event:

On April 20th Im getting to hang out with and shoot some stuff with Julie Simone. We haven't shot together in a long while so definitely except something epic to come out of it.

Then I'm back home and will be dancing again on the weekend of april 24th

the best way to stay tuned into that and up to date is to follow Me on fb:

and on twitter:

as always: please keep up to date with My clips4sale store, I update it every sngle day and put so much work into it

dont go looking for Me on tube sites, BUY some content, support Me, pay for your pornographerso I can keep making weird stuff that keeps you guys entertained

I'm still going strong with it, fresh fetish content, BDSM, lesbian domination, smoking fetish, tons of foot fetish content, behind the scenes from photoshoots, interviews with pornstars and much more.

Til next time My pretties!

While I was writing this blog I found out that Dj Jess Marquise from NYC has passed away. I had no clue. I really didn't know until I was scrolling thru fb. It's making Me feeel really sad and nostalgic.

Igor, of Driven by Boredom (who has shot Me at some of Jess's events) wrote a really nice thing and it includes some gorgeous pictures. Because Jess was so gorgeous. He was always the prettiest one in the room. It was sort of annoying how good and perfect he always looked. Defender of the nightlife.

You can read a nice piece on him here:

Now please 2015 let's get thru 30 days without someone dying or something really tragic and awful happening ok? This year isn't looking any better than the last. Too much sadness, not enough art for Me. Have to figure out the balance better.

The struggle is real.

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birthday month recap part 1!

I did that thing again where I took a really long time to write a blog. But you know: I am so busy. I don't apologize. I'm doin the best I can. March was really crazy and all over the map. Events events, driving, working, sleeping, eating when I have time. That's literally been it. Most everythign else has been suffering. I've been neglecting emails and like, eating well and having aregular sleep schedule. BUT you know, tis the busy stripclub season for Me. I plan on going hard like this for the next few weeks then taking a little break. This summer I'm not sure how much I'll be dancing. I want to do a lot of staying home, sessions and camming and enjoying not driving all the time and actually enjoy the nice weather, if it ever gets here that is.

SO anyways; lets pick up where we left off:

I last left you with some dope shots from My bday party at Anthony's in south hadley MA.

Here's what you DONT know tho. That night, while Chris Addams was taking pictures of Wendy Michelle she accidentally kicked over his light and it broke. It was devastating actually, chris cried, wendy cried, everyone cried. I was about to cry because I thought the night was over and there would be no photographic evidence of the rest of the night BUT lucky for you all photographer Brandon Stack was there and he just so happened to have his camera with him!

SO: here's some shots of the rest of the night that Brandon took. Some more beautiful rope bondage done by Murphy Blue of and the girls eating a cake that Morgan Fey had made Me off of My ass. Then there's the annoying drunk guys who wouldn't tip but kept wanting to get way too fucking close to Me while photos were being taken.

I continued to do crazy things all month long and party it up. I've been dancing ALOT at the clubs in western MA

mostly at the 5th alarm. Which is funny, because for so many years I wouldn't step foot in there, I just heard awful stories about how ghetto it was and I think My ego got the better of Me. But I figured I'd give it a chance and I have to say

It's totally different than I remember and it's actually pretty damn cool! I've been doing friday days, and the DJ plays excellent music. Like, 90s rock all day and old skool hiphop. No techno remixes, actual songs. It's so refreshing. I also really like the lighting in there for some reason.

Here's a pic of Me in the lapdance room there:

I've also been working back at Anthony's in south Hadley MA a lot. It's been really nice to be back there. I've been making good money and having fun and the managers have been treating Me very well. My party went so well that they decided they wanted Me to do some more events

SO: The next fetish event at Anthony's will be

FOOT FETISH NIGHT friday May 29th!

Featuring Myself and some of the most well known Pro Dommes in New England. I'll be posting even more info and details in the next blog. Just waiting to confirm a few Femme Dommes and then you'll be ready to drool over the lineup.

So anyways back to dancing.

I've been doing it a lot, it's gonna keep going for a bit. I know My birthday has passed but you can still spoil Me and get Me a gift! Things from My dance wishlist are very much appreciated right now!

You can find that here:

I REALLY need a new stripper bag, that lovely rolly one looks so nice, help a bitch out! I've been giving you guys free photos all month long of beautiful women tied up!

Be prepatred for part two of this blog comin in a minute!!!

my ass

I am 34 and fabulous

I did that thing again where I wait too long to write a blog and now I gotta play catch up and talk about all the shit that's gone down in the last few weeks.

SO: It's finally My birthday month! I turned 34 this year and I have to say, I'm feelin pretty fabulous and just lucky and happy to be here. I got some great people in My life and I've been celebrating with them the last 22 days straight.

The day before My bday I was a live figure model for a college's art class. Before I went I got a birthday haircut from My awesome sexy friend Rebekah, (remember Vertrine from anyone?) I was strangely really nervous about this gig. Like, I know I know I'm a stripper, but I think I am much more comfortable being sexy and seductive in a dark setting with drunk perverted strangers than I am being fully nude with no heels no stockings no nothing in a well lit room while a bunch of young beautiful people examine your every pore and draw you. If you ever want to feel bad about your body, model for art students. HAHAH no no o I'm kidding. Sorta. It was actually quite invigorating and I was surprised at how at ease I was. It was very freeing. I am definitely looking forward to doing it again. Getting to see some of the drawings afterward was also very cool, some super talented students. So interesting how each person draws a different version of you. It's been YEARS since I've been a figure model and the last time was for Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School, so this was totally different.

My actual birthday was march 5th, and I spent the day with My current favorite slave, My tickle slave.

He bought Me a new vanity, which is something I realllly really wanted for a long time. I had this old beat up one that was super punk rock and had stickers all over it and was being held together with duct tape. I'd had it since fucking HIGH SCHOOL and have moved the thing across the country and back multiple times. But you know, I'm 34 and I wanted something new and shiny and nice. So My slave got Me a beautiful tri fold mirrored cherry wood vanity with a lovely upholstered stool to go with it. It's beautiful, I love it!

He also got Me this beautiful single tail whip made of braided 550 cord. I also love that like, ALOT. When I first got it I didn't love it, but I think I just needed more practice with it. Now that I am learning to throw it I am falling in love with it. So on My bday I had My slave put together the vanity while I whipped him with the whip he got Me. I gave him 35 strikes, one for each year I was alive and one for good measure. It's so interesting watching a slave change over the years, he came to me as someone not really into pain too much. Now he's wearing marks from My whip with pride! It's been beautiful to watch! I also tied him in some pretty extreme cock and ball bondage. LOVED THAT! Happy birthday to Me!

The next day I got to give a workshop at the five college queer conference at Hampshire College. I gave My “cross contamination and disinfection” workshop

I always think this is an especially important class to teach to college aged kids. It went well, the kids in the class were great. I got to see My friend Chris Bee and even attend part of their sex ed workshop.

I took a few pics before My class!

My best friend Emrys was with Me and he took Me out to lunch at a charming little vegan cafe, and then we went to glazed, a donut shop in Amherst MA. Holy shit I will be back. There was a beautiful girl working which was a bonus to the incredible donuts. Like, pb&j donuts! Eee! My friend Brandon came down from CT and we all went to the movies. Well, no. I lied. I mean we all went to the movies but they went to go see Chappie, which I heard was awesome, and I went to go see 50 shades of grey, which was the opposite of awesome.

Now let Me explain. I got asked to go and speak at Williams College for a Feminist Collective event, specifically about the movie 50 shades of grey and the lack of consent depicted in the film. So: I only wanted to go see this damn thing if I was being paid, and if I could write it off on My taxes. But My slave ended up getting Me a gift certificate anyway (THAT is real BDSM folks) SO I nerded out. Sat in the back of the theatre by Myself with a notebook and some popcorn and took notes. By the end of it I had five pages. Wow, this movie...what can I say. The only redeeming quality about it was the soundtrack. And I am still mad at Danny Elfman for that.. but hey, we all gtta pay rent right, I get it Danny. I can't believe how much I have to say about this film. So fresh and red with anger I got to do a talk at Williams the next day. I got to basically do a play by play and critique of the movie. It was really fun. People really responded, people were interested and engaged, which made Me feel great. It's such a strange phenomenon to witness what this book and movie is doing to the BDSM community at large. It's impossible to argue it hasn't had an impact at this point. So that was great, afterwards we got to talk about consent in general, safe BDSM play and ways to support people who might be in abusive relationships, how folks often pass off abuse as BDSM relationships. Lots of stuff! Nerding out about sex and culture is definitely one of My favorite things to do.

I didn't take any selfies or anything, that was foolish. It was recorded tho so maybe one day we'll get a hold of that.

I had a little rough patch after that. Some shitty sad days.

But I got past it!

I've also been dancing! YEAH!

I had My bday party at Anthony's Gentlmen's club in south hadley MA on Saint Patricks Day

what a wild time that was.

They let Me take over the club and throw a crazy party. So I brought Murphy Blue in, who is one of My favorite rope bondage riggers in the industry. I really, really enjoy his energy and working with him. He brought along his submissive, O, and Jade a dancer from PA.

They were both beautiful and awesome. Jade did some crazy things on the pole! Her body is suck as fuck and she is strong as hell. She did some gorgeous ties with Murphy.

I also brought in Lilith Astaroth from Boston and it was her very first time working at a stripclub. That was a treat to watch too, her body is bangin.

Tara Emory also showed up which was like a birthday gift in and of itself.

I brought along Chris Addams to take photos.

So My favorite part of the whole night was seeing Tara Emory on stage at a straight stripclub and make more money than any of the cis girls there. She was all sexy and seductive with her fur jacket on stage OMG I loved every second of it.

Lots of My fans came out too which was so cool! I loved meeting you guys.

Burlesque Starlet Morgan Fey was there as well, she gave Me the most beautiful diamond necklace as a gift. She has gotten Me more diamonds in My lifetime than any man. I am so honored.

My girl Sacha Thumper came to help Me with My merch table and her entire big family came out too to show support.

I have known Sacha for a LONG time, she was never just a stripper friend, she was always like family from the beginning. I am so blessed to have her and her whole crew around. I wanna be adopted by their family!

Of course of course lil Miss Wendy Michelle was there

everyone was lookin sexy and gorgeous and glamorous, some girls I really love were also working at the club.

Morgan made Me a chocolate cake and then ate it off My butt on stage at the end of the night. Girls were tied up everywhere you looked. Oh, It was just as decadent and perverted and hedonistic as one could ever want. I loved every second of it thank you everybody so much!

Thanks to Anthony's for letting Me take over! I have really missed it there it's cool being back, so be on the lookout for more events and collaborations coming soon.

Definitely be following Me on twitter so you can see Me post when I will be there next:

Here's some photos from the festivities:

Be looking for even MORE photos on My facebook page:
ll be releasing a second round of photos from the event when I get pics back from Brandon Stack Photography!

Other lovely things have happened as well, I've been taken out for fantastic dinners and received gifts in the mail from fans, admirers and friends. Bettie Bondage got Me this tablet and I've been watching catfish and falling asleep with it, ahah love it so much. My sister got Me My new favorite pair of thigh high socks. I WILL be shooting with them.

Speaking of shooting.....

er soemthing.... I've been working with a new editor and have been releasing some really fucking cool stuff on My clips4sale!


I made this clown video that I've been dreaming of making for a while. Clowns, twerking, drinking sizzurp, wet and messy, smoking fetish. And three six mafia. So: I finally got to make this video:

Of course Wendy Michelle agreed to help Me: check it out there.

It's amazing, it will change your life.

I released the behind the scenes footage featuring the full grape soda facial on My clips4sale! Please go buy it and support Me making weird porn.

I've also released some cool footage from live shows, behind the scenes from photoshoots and interviews with pornstars. Good quality stuff. Please support Me by buying some clips, pay for your porn! It really really does make a difference.

SO: since it's still bday month you can still get Me a bday gift! There's a handy dandy list right here:

AND you still haven't missed your chance to come and party with Me in the northeast yet!

I STILL have parties coming up and appearances and will be dancing at some stripclubs!

Tomorrow: March 23 I will be dancing DAY SHIFT noon til 7 pm at the 5th alarm in downtown springfield, MA Lil Miss Wendy Michelle will be with Me as well: I'm excited to twerk it all over this club!

This weekend I will be dancing at Anthony's gentlmen's club, though I am usnure of days and shifts so be sure to follow Me on social media to find out!

March 31st I will be headlining the Pimp and Ho Night at Haven Nightclub in Northampton MA I'll also be speakin a bit about sex workers rights hey! 2 shows, come on out and support Me! I'll have a bunch of merch, DVDs, posters, books and such with Me.

THAT will be the official end of birthday month, but the fun does not stop there.

I want to officially announce that in April, I will be showing some new works, and appearing at the NYC queerporn film festival!

Curator Courtney trouble JUST today released the full set of stills from the set we shot together in November on

check out a few teasers and buy a membership here:

I'll be in NY for almost a whole week shooting, doing queerporn things, and accepting professional BDSM sessions.

Mistress Julie Simone will also be in town so mmaaaaaayyybbbe just maybe the right slave could convince us oif a Double Domme session. We shall see.....

I'll be updating with some more events and such in NY very soon. For now enjoy all the photos and celebrate My bday by buying some of My porn, or getting a lap dance from me at the club.

If you can't do those things, consider these options:

I'll be available by phone a lot this month!

You can call Me here:

I'm also going to be available on cam quite a bit. I had a lot of fun the last few times I cammed. and you can find more info on how to set up a custom cam show with Me here:

Thanks for making this an awesome bday month everybody, I appreciate it more than you know!


Planet 313 photography

The post california return to the frozen tundra of sadness that is Massachusetts blog

Yah I know, it's been a long while since I got back from cali and I didn't blog.  Well, because.....reasons.  So before I get into it let's recap about My CA trip shall we?
Remember how I said in My last blog that Misti Dawn of was going to do some awesome makeup on Me? Well, she DID do that one day.  Guess what? I didn't take any pictures.  Fail.  I DID go on a date tho with said makeup on so at least someone else in the world got to be dazzled by Misti's skillz.  Remember how I said Misti and I were gonna do some youtube vlogs together?  We didn't.  Failed at that too.  To be honest: I had a list of like five things I wanted to accomplish in LA and I failed at every single one of them.  I didn't go to the beach, I didn't eat a tamale.  Here's what I DID do: an awful lot of manual labor.  It was a good thing tho.  I spent a lot of time with My family and at My grandmas house and working on her house and garden and patio etc etc etc.  It was sort of miserable at times but regardless of the misery it was still 72 degrees out so I couldn't even be too mad.  ALOT of My family was around which is a bit much for Me to deal with at times, and it was also the first time in over a decade I had spent time with most of them since coming out as a sex worker.  So, it was sort of always like walking on eggshells a bit and I don't think I was relaxed the whole time.  Contributing to that was like, a buncha bullshit going on at home.  Like the chick who had dropped Me off at the airport and had My car disappeared for several days after fucking up My car, and the chick staying at My place so I could help her out just didn't have rent money one week and it caused Me to spend a lot of hours with high blood pressure yelling at people on the phone and trying to make sense of it all.  However, being irate in 72 degree weather beats being irate AND cold in negative temps.
Speaking of My fucked up family, I've actually written a piece about what it was like to come out to My family as a pornstar.  Genderqueer pornstar Jiz Lee of edited an entire anthology of stories by pornstars about what it's like to come out as an adult performer.  I am happy to say I have a piece in the book and it'll be My first in print published piece of 2015!  You can read some more about the book here:
I took out My camera to look at the photos Id taken during My trip and found that they were all of food, and My feet.  I think that probably says a lot about Me.
SO here's some italian food to make you drool.
Homemade gnocchi roasted chickens rubbed down with salt pork and herbs from the garden, cannelloni beans and escarole, lettuce I just picked from the garden, homemade bread.  Over the top.
And here's some pics of My feet in california for all My foot lovers out there.  They look sorta beat up, and they were.  Long days in the dirt.  It actually made Me want to run away to california and become a hippie gardener and play in the dirt all day and get suntanned (don't tell My tattooists).  And this beautiful gypsy dress that Morgan Fey gave to Me for xmas,,,,it was finally sunny and nice enough to wear it to nice fancy indian dinner with the fam.
Those filthy dirty ankle socks are for sale also btw.
My foot fans can be excited because I'll be launching a new FOOT FETISH ONLY clips4sale store pretty soon.  I've been wanting to do this for many years and have just found the right partner excited!
My regular amazing good old clips4sale store is still totally active.  I'm still releasing something!
I've put some really cool stuff up recently.  Like this awesome video of Me hogtied in extreme rope bondage and facial distortion tied and shot by Julie Simone.
So anyway, what was I talking about? Got distracted by bondage...oh yah
SO: My california trip was much too short.  I thought it'd be enough time and that by the time I got home winter would be almost over and it wouldn't be so damn freezing anymore
BUT as anyone who is watching the news would know: we are getting hit SO HARD here in the northeast.
The storms actually kept Me in CA a few days longer than expected, but I wasn't mad at all.
I finally managed to get a flight back, a shitty, overnight flight with a shitty connecting flight.  I started doing this thing in california where, I wouldn't sleep.  Like, I would be exhausted and go to bed and get two or three hours of sleep and then be up again all day.  I kept thinking eventually My body would just shut down and I'd sleep for a day and a half or something.  But it never happened.  My brain just didn't wanna shut off I guess.  SO I didn't sleep on the overnight flight either.  The morning I landed in Boston happened to be the day of the Patriots parade.  You know, Boston was REALLY excited about the patriots winning so just imagine the traffic.  My ride was an hour and a half late and I was just sitting wanting to die at the airport, starving and freezing and feeling cracked out from no sleep.  So the first thing we had to do was drive to springfield from Boston to attend a funeral.  It was an awful sad tragic awful terrible story of My friend's 2 year old son having an awful accident.  The kind of shit that just rips your heart wide open.  So, I went on no sleep, in a stupid dress I had worn the day before and I thought I'd be ok.  But seeing someone you care about carry the tiny coffin of his baby boy, feeling so helpless there's nothing you can do or say to comfort someone and it was just too too sad.  I was a mess.  Everyone was a mess.  I can't get it out of My head.  And it's only February and I've been to two funerals and what the fuck 2015 you promised you'd be better than this!  A large portion of the funeral was outside and I was still in that stupid dress without a proper jacket (beause you dont need a full length wool winter jacket in california duh) and I was freezing My ass off and couldn't feel My toes and THEN after that I drove from springfield back home.  It was one of the most brutal 24 hours I can remember ever having and hope to never have again.
Since I was out in the cold and all and the temperature change and I'm sure lack of sleep and self care didn't help: what do you think happened?
Dear readers: I got sick
that's what happens when you don't take care of yourself.
Well, welcome home indeed
It's been fucking like ten degrees below zero or MORE every single night. It gets up to 20 degrees and people fucking rejoice.  It's sick.  Sick I tell you.  And speaking of sick, everyone is sick.  It's hard to get sick when it's freezing every day and you're depressed because another snowstorm is coming.  I've had to cancel a TON of shoots, shows, stripclub appearances, classes, I mean all kinds of shit.  My heating and electric bills are scary.  It's a sad state of affairs.  I've had about ENOUGH of this winter bullshit.  I really hope this next winter I can pull off being a bit more bicoastal and staying out in california and las vegas and colorado for large portions of the shitty months.
SO, on the nights when it DIDN't snow I was dancing at a few of My favorite clubs.
I danced at ANTHONYS!  Wow man I hadn't danced there in like 6 years or something.  It sort of felt like coming home.  It was  a lovely welcome back!  Like, one of My fans was there and screaming “The Queen has returned!” and that was nice.  I love it when you guys come out and see Me you have no idea.  It warms My cold heart on these icy nights.  I have been saying $5 cuddles all night long when it's cold.  So take advantage.
Here's a little selfie in the bathroom at Anthonys! I had pigtails and glasses, look the fuck out!
I also made an appearance for day shift at Club Centerstage in downtown springfield, MA.  THAT too was like coming home.  Just a comfortable atmosphere.  I really like doing day shift there.  The music is low enough to have actual conversations.  I love the bartenders.  Lindsey was there I was very pleased to see her.  FANTASY was there, the super dope hot sexy muscular pole trick queen who I adore.  So, it was really nice.  I definitely plan on doing some more day shifts there once the weather breaks a little bit.  It's just like, a gamble now every single time you go out.
But My time there was nice, one of My newer slaves I am just beginning to train came in and I tied him up in the lapdance room lol, it was so great!  I tied him into a chest harness and tied his arms so that his hands could juuuust reach into his pockets and then I teased him unmercifully on stage.
That day I also got to do some dances for a sexy chick, all in all a perfect day at the stripclub!
I always post when and where I'll be dancing on My twitter as well:
So anyways: little Miss Wendy Michelle came with Me to Center and we took some adorable pics as well.
I'm planning on being at Anthony's gentlemen's club this FRIDAY NIGHT Feb 27th
hopefully a freak awful ice storm or something doesn't ruin My plans. for more info and directions.  Full nudity, full liquor license. AND it's worth noting that this club is 18 plus, there's a whole section to sit if you aren't drinking.  Which is awesome, cuz if you're old enough to vote you are definitely old enough to see pussy.
I always post on tumblr when I am dancing too!  And updates, such as: if I have to cancel because they havent plowed My street and I can't escape.
and I also post on My instagram fun pictures of My hott shoes and selfies at the stripclub:
SO: now that you've caught up on the awful month of feb, here's to hoping it's over soon!
Let's move on to better things
March 5th!
Would you like to send Me a birthday gift?  I have created  a handy dandy list of some wants and needs and ways you can spoil Me throught the entire month of march.  Because. I celebrate an entire birthday month, always have always will.
I've got a ton of fun stuff planned for the whole month!
Starting sunday march 1st I'll be doing another DAY SHIFT at Club Centerstage in downtown springfield MA
Come help Me kick My birthday week off right!
Noon til 7 pm for more info and directions
For the rest of the week I have some fun stuff planned.
Wanna know more??
visit My blog talking about all the events I have going on in march here:
parties, stripclubs, burlesque, oh so much much more! Clicky that linky!
With that, I think I need to drink some nyquil and get some serious rest.  I need to do some self care this week for real.
Feel free to send get well donations so I can lay around and have food delivered and stuff
Planet 313 photography

writing a blog from a couch in CA > writing a blog from a couch in MA part 2

I'm not going to apologize for not writing a blog because there's been a lot of things going on, and a lot of stress and things have happened. SO: I'm doin the best I can and I wont apologize for that

2015 started off pretty rocky. I lost a very good friend, someone who was really important in My litle community, and My tattoo artist Jim Squires.

It's been hittin Me pretty hard and has been really hard to conentrate or get any work or writing done.

I did manage to write a little thing about being a freak in a small town and the impact he's had on Me:

So, be gentle with Me dear readers, it's been very rough.

During the week that Jim passed Brutal Master of was in town. Unfortunately I was so sad I didn't wanna shoot. Instead we ate a lot of good food and hung out and that was nice. He also instead did a little photoshoot with Wendy Michelle for his site. If you click the link you can see her on the cover!

He tied her up and had her crawling around on her hands and knees naked, washing the floor. Good little cleaning slut!

I took some stills:


if you've been following Me on instagram: you would have seen this cute one:

visit to see the full video.

Lil Wendy is living with Me right now and we've been having a lot of fun pole dancing, cooking and I've been shooting her an awful lot. I also took these cute pics of her in a snowstorm.


And there's even some cute behind the scenes video of her shoot with BrutalMaster that I put up on My youtube channel. I've been updating My youtube channel a lot more lately too so go and check that out!

you'll also be able to buy the full scene soon up in My clips4sale store, which by the way, I am updated EVERY SINGLE DAY with fresh fetish content, behind the scenes from photoshoots, live performances, interviews and a lot, lot more!

I am currently in sunny, beautiful, WARM southern california hanging out with Misti Dawn and she's been doing some amazing stuff at makeup school so I'm gonna let her get Me all pretty and we are making some youtube video blogs together today so YAYY!

Yes, you read right, I am in cali. It's a family trip and I won't really be shooting out here or workign too much BUT I am making Myself available for professional BDSM sessions

You can see this link for much more info:

I am available for sessions at the gorgeous Los Angeles Dungeon West

as always visit My website for more info and details about My specialties and interests:

So: be expecting some new video blogs soon! And I promise to be better at taking photos while Im in LA! You know, beaches and foodporn and hangouts with cute boys with pretty eyes. Maybe even stonertime with pornstars, you never know! Stay tuned fuckers!

Lastly, I want to gift to you some photos of Polysonic Joy playing My xmas party in berkshire county this past Dec. photos shot by Lindsey of Under The Rum tree Photography.

Lots more pics from the show up at My fb page:

the last of it 067
the last of it 057
the last of it 053
the last of it 047

AND: I was in Glenn King's Twass of the week contest wearing My dope Corrupt Moral Altar shirt and showing off My booty. I didn't win. But it was fun anyway, I'm not generally one for online contest thingies, but I do feel My ass is looking pretty damn fine these days.

You can find My post about it here:


AND see ALL the photos there, shot by Andy Poncherello of Coil Artist Management. He's also the guy who put on the xmas punk show I did in dec....AND the awesome guy who I'm gonna ask to help Me put together a birthday punk rock show too! Checkit: He makes awesome music videos, and I'm gonna try to enlist him to make some raunchy kinky videos too.

As a final thought: My studio/guest house/ dungeon space/ workshop location is coming along very nicely. I DO need some help tho with furnishings, it's coming along slowly, room by room as I get the money together. If you'd like to help make a monetary contribution you can donate here:

You can also help by sending Me something nice off of the dungeon wishlist:

I think it would be really wonderful if when I returned from california I had lots of gifts waiting for Me from My wishlist. When I get back it's full steam ahead with working on My studio/dungeon/workshop space and every little thing you send along really helps Me! Find the wishlist here:

Planet 313 photography

2014 must die!

Well, the holidaze are finally over, 2014 is finally over

thank goddess! I am glad. I had a lot going on in My personal life so there was many many months of extreme stress. Things are finally starting to level out, and look up even tho with lots of exciting changes!

First of all I finally got My office sorted out, and am currently working on a new guest house and studio space for Myself. I'll have an awesome space to pole! And cam and write! Train My slaves and shoot! YAY! It's what I've always wanted in so many ways. Alot of work, but it's feeling worth it. Finally coming together and looking lovely.

If you would like to spoil Me for 2015 and share your wealth and let Me know you appreciate all of My hard work

you can always consider sending something off My wishlist for the space!

Lemme back up for a minute tho and tell you about all the crazy stuff that's happened since My last blog.


They for some reason really seemed to go on and on and on this year

so many parties! Not a bad thing really, I guess I needed to unwind.

It started with My “All I want for Xmas is a Divorce” benefit punk show on dec 19th at The Crystal hardhat Saloon

It was a CRAZY fukin good time!

Western MA hardcore band SHREDDER played

It was their first time ever playing a live show actually

pretty badass

here's a small video snippet of one song! Dark, but still awesome.

Transfer Switch came all the way from PA to play,

unfortunately I missed most of their set, though from what I could hear it was great and a lot of people were asking about them afterwards

BUT I was in the back room interviewing Polysonic Joy

THAT will be available soon both in video form and ina written article for a publication TBA!

They were great. Everyone liked them, even My old hippie friends! And the punks and the rednecks and the bikers and everybody liked em.

And Goblet played

Andy Poncherello of coil artist management kept telling Me how I was gonna love Goblet. I was sort of skeptical because...I don't know why. Because I'm a bitter old bitch and I was sort of in a berkshire county hatin episode. I couldn't really bring Myself to care. But then I saw Goblet live. I felt dumb for not having paid attention because Goblet is really fucking good! Fuck yes to north berkshire county metal. The western MA scene lives on no matter how old and cynical we get!

of course western MA favorites Order of the Circle played!  They are always a good time.  

Photographer Chris Addams was there and of course had camera in hand. Took some awesome pics


You can see even more of the photos on My facebook page:

So that was a crazy night that went into the wee hours of the AM for Me, and required a full day of recovery. BUT I didn't get to chill for too long because soon after was the Crystal Hard Hat Saloon's employee holiday party. I am not an employee, but I do love them over there and the owner is a dear friend. I made a TON of food and more people brought food and there was much food and booze. Lil Miss Wendy Michelle has been helping out and bartending as well so she was also there. We even got to sit on Santas lap, checkit out!


Then there was a day of recovery somewhere in there and then directly after was a holiday cookie swap party at My dear friend's house. She of course went over the top and made these key lime meltaways and brown butter and brown sugar cookies..mmm so good. I made a type of cookie I had never made before. Sugar cookie thumbprints (or knuckle prints rather because when you have long nails you can't really do thumbprints #femmeproblems) and filled them with some incredible imported jams My slave had sent Me for christmas. Spiced cranberry christmas jam and orange and fig marmalade. Alot of lovely ladies came and everyone made multiple dozens of their own cookies.   there was a cookie competition..I FUCKIN WON IT!  Slave jam cookies forever!  There was caramel chocolate melty things and macaroons and cookies. So many cookies. As you can see:


Then there was maybe a day of rest in there but not for too long because I had to go to Club Castaway and work a shift at the stripclub on Christmas Eve! It was quite the experience. I've been going to Colorado to see family the last few years for christmas but I stayed home this year, I had things going on including the above mentioned studio space and I actually wanted to stay home and WORK. I had fun, it was sorta crazy I took some selfies on stage


Guys were mostly really cheap tho and sort of lame. Actually asking for discounts...on christmas eve!

Wendy Michelle was with Me and afterwards we went to the Whateley diner, you know, where I filmed that scene in “Blacklight” and we got these mini tacos I haven't been able to stop thinking about since. Also: Wendy got a hamburger INSIDE of two grilled cheeses. It was epic. I'm still thinkin about that too.

Christmas day I didn't feel much like doing anything. I coulda driven to NJ to see family but I just didnt feel like driving. It was eerily warm outside. So I took the chihuahuas out to the mountain and we spent the day leaping and running in the sunshine and chilling by the river. Then I went home and put pajamas back on and cuddled on the couch with the dogs and fleece blankets and heating pads and watched horror movies and ordered chinese food. Pretty much a perfect day!

I spent the next few days recovering from the insanity and working really hard on My studio space.

My queer friend Chris came over and we painted one of the closets. Yes, queers...actually IN the closet

it was quite funny. I didn't take pics. I failed at pics. I'm sorry I failed so much at photos. I actually thought at one point someone had stolen My camera but I eventually found it. Much rejoicing!

It's one of My new years resolutions actually, to take more photos for the blog.

I HAVE been doing awesome at getting video tho, and I've been kicking all sorts of ass and releasing ALL sorts of awesome stuff on My clips4sale store

I release a new video every single day

it's an awesome way to support Me! Burlesque shows, behind the scenes footage from fetish shoots, I released My very first video with a male submissive, some severe CBT with My tickle slave. Tickle torture at it's finest! Do some digging around I am sure you'll find something you like!

You should be following Me on tumblr as well: I post there a lot...and have been posting previews an pics for when new clips come out!

I post the most of course on twitter tho:

anyway: where was I

oh right the crazy holidays. New Years Eve was spent at home with some of the boys from Rites of Passage. I cooked a lot. They ate a lot, and I was left with a big mess. It took Me two days to recover. FINALLy today Miss Wendy Michelle is back home and the house is almost back to normal and so am I!

Lots of exciting things happening in 2015

(besides the awesome studio space that is)

TOMORROW we will be working night shift at Capital Hideaway in wynantskill NY 7 pm til 3 am!

I'm working on writing a little piece about why I love this little club so much, maybe Ill work on it after out shift tomorrow.

Come on down and visit us.

I'll be there on a pretty regular basis in Jan and feb and hope to get some new things poppin in there as well.

One last exciting thing tho!

I started on as a staff writer for Ghost Cult Magazine!

Remember that awesome interview I did with Mortals I told you about a few blogs back? Well, hat interview was the very first video piece I put up for the site:

and it went pretty damn well so I did a few more things for them, some year in review My favorite show and favorite metal albums of 2014:

Pretty stoked to be doing metal interviews again. It's like coming home. My first metal show of the year is going to be MAYHEM/WATAIN in NYC. I can't really imagine anything better. I might die of happiness.

I will check in with you all after My little NYC experience.

I have some crazy coast to coast travel plans this month that are making Me tired just thinking about em. BUT it'll be nice to get out of this shitty new england winter and cold and back into some sunshine.

Happy New Year everyone!