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I missed fall in new england

Ok, this must be some kind of record for Me. I haven't written a blog in FOREVER! I've wanted to, but the Universe has been telling Me it wasn't time so I held off for a while. Partly because I literally didn't have time to, and partly because a lot of really intense shit was going on for My family in My personal life and it took Me a while to process.

Sao, let's go back to September shall we? In september, I got the chance to FINALLY meet, chill, and work with internet sensation and fetish model Jeselyn Online of

We went together to the Boston Freedom Rally at the Boston Commons. We worked a booth for selling some awesome glass pieces and dab rigs and playing games like a fucking bunch of carnies. Step right up step right up, pornstars want to play a ridiculous weed themed game show for you all!

In case you don't know what the freedom rally is all about, it's put on by MASSCANN and aims to educate folks about medical marijuana and the legalization of cannabis. Basically, lots of awesome folks celebrate their love for ganja for two fulls days in downtown Boston.  I also got the chance to chill and work with Boston based fetish model Kitty Glitter for the day!

That was a hoot!

We took a few pics together:

AND I shot this video of a little interview with Jeselyn during the fest, check it out on My youtube page here:

We worked reallllly long days, in the verrrrry hot sun, we both got sunburned. And like, it was like a convention of yester year for Me...and by that I mean that I didn't really get to chill or hang out too much cuz I was just working and working and hoping I got a chance to wolf down some food at the end.

The plus side is that everyone at the booth was fun and in good spirits.

The next day, Jeselyn and I got up bright and early so we could shoot. Yes, clown makeup was on by 8 am and we shot this really crazy fun cream pie fight video together. I was in clown makeup, she was not, and she threw cream pie after cream pie right into My face! Then I got My cream pie revenge and cream pied her tits. Yes, My life is probably more fun than yours!

Here are some stills from THAT:

The full clips will be available on My clips4sale store right HERE:

Much fun was had by all!

There's some other fun new stuff going on in there too so check it out.

Like, a really fun Halloween sock fetish video I posted. Yes, halloween toe socks, it's a real thing:

You can also follow Me on tumblr, which is where I post trailers, stills and promo for My new videos as they come out.. AND It's the only social media I have that is NSFW so be careful scrolling at work or school, there's definitely nudity.

So: shortly after My Boston trip I took off to California. I had some family business to attend to and it was all really incredibly stressful and intense. I wanted to chill hard and go to the beach and see all My friends and maybe shoot and do some sessions. BUT you know. It didn't turn out that way at all. I spent most of My time at the hospital with My grandmother, and barely had two hours to Myself. I DID manage to see a few friends. My dearly beloved: Misti Dawn AND My friend Charlie Sheena. I sort of really treasure getting to hang out with porn people who don't do porn anymore but still have some connection with Me, and it's nice to know not all friendships were so baseless that as soon as the adult industry was out of the picture, we all lost touch. SO, THAT was really cool. We ate a lot of sushi and smoked a lot of good Cali weed and watched a lot of American Horror Story. It was really needed and helpful in a super stressful time. We also didn't take ONE picture together. Fail, sorry.

I also got to re connect with an old high school punk rock friend of Mine, who now lives in LA and manages The Used.....SO Misti and I got to go and check out The Used UNPLUGGED! Dude, it was so awesome.We got to go back stage and say whats up. I felt sort of like an asshole, because I was just so excited to see Misti and we hadn't seen each other in SO long so we just talked and talked and were totally into each other and sorta ignored everything and everyone around us. But...The Used...SO GOOD! My 15 year old self was freaking the fuck out. So many memories with those albums...

We DID take a picture too:

So, Los Angeles trip felt like forever but wasn't even long enough and I WILL be going back, and hopefully things are a bit more calmed down and I can actually do some work as well on the next trip. I have to say tho, I like this theme in My life of traveling and NOT working, it's a new concept for Me. I generally book all of My trips around paying gigs. It's quite freeing to not have to pack ten thousand bags, heels, toys, camera equipment and such.

SO, I hit the ground running right when I came back. Had a shitty early am flight, no sleep. Got home barely got sleep had to go to NJ and back right away that ate up two days. Had car troubles that ate up a day.....ALL I wanted was to A) go to the club and make some $ and try to recover financially from taking so much unpaid time off. And B) to get some mega computer work done and cam.

Well, car troubles fucked up the club plan...I had no way of getting there! I kept making plans...ok TOMORROW I'll dance, then something else would happen with the car, I borrow a car and THAT one has had issues too...It's fucking never ending automotive drama here!

Then we had this big insane crazy storm. I really LOVE living in the mountains, but the downside is that you are truly on mother natures schedule. Crazy mountain storms, flash floods, power goes out. Aint nobody getting computer work done. Cell towers have been down lately, internet is in and out....It's really frustrating. I actually WANT to work and sit in front of My computer for days, and I can't even do it! It appears the internet is working everywhere EXCEPT My office right now, so as I write this, I'm sitting on My couch...the exact opposite of what I was trying to accomplish by setting up an entire office in the first place.

ANYHOW: Getting it done aren't I!

Some cool stuff happened right when I got back. I was greeted with many, many packages sent from fans, devotees and friends trying t cheer Me up cuz was going through such a hard time. Coming home to so many gifts was awesome! New books new music new clothes!

If YOU would like to contribute to My happiness you can find My wishlist here:

I actually have a whole bunch you can find, one for food, one for shoes, one for books.....etc etc. I REALLY enjoy being spoiled, and love it when people who read My blog and drool all over the free pics reward Me by sending Me gifts.

ALSO: Right when I got home I got a package filled with My copies of “Coming Out Like A Pornstar” a book edited by none other than Jiz Lee and features writing by lots of different folks within the sex and porn industry about privacy, coming out to your parents, and navigating personal relationships. A lovely selection of memoirs that features some of My most favorite pornstars. Aaaaaand I have a chapter in it too! It's quite exciting. It's release was really well timed because I'd just gotten back from the west coast visitng My grandmother...and I wouldn't even be talking to her anymore if it wasn't for the process of WRITING the book. You'll understand more if you read My story in the book. You can learn more and order a copy here: OR you can order directly from Me and get a signed copy along with some other goodies!

If you are interested in directly supporting this sex worker then drop me an email here:

I know it's been forever since I've updated My blog, BUT I haven't been neglecting My other forms of social media. So check out My facebook:

and Twitter I update like a fiend:

ALSO: I recently got a new phone so I'm back on My instagram game!

And with that new phone came a kik and a snapchat so maybe if yu're good and send Me some gribute or gifts off My wishlist I might give you access to those things..

You can always call to chat with Me too, I have been using My niteflirt hotlines an awful lot: My Q&A hotline is a great one to call if you just have questions or want to chat or maybe want to talk to Me before thinking about booking a professional BDSM sessions with Me at

NOW: Whee can you see Me in REAL LIFE!??

Well, Now that this car situation is getting sorted out, I will be dancing This THURSDAY Nov 5th and SUNDAY the 8th for DAY SHIFT that's 12 noon til 7 pm...and I generally stay a bit 9 or 10 pm. Come give Me a REASON to stay later!

I'll be appearing at the world famous Club Centerstage for more details and directions.

Can't wait to put some heels on and try some pole tricks, hopefully I'm not too rusty!

There's a chance I may be at Exxxotica NJ too but I'm not going to post those dates yet til it's all set in stone.

Thanks for being patient with Me everyone I adore yall!


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