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little earthquakes: doesn't take much to rip us to pieces

Instead of commenting about how it's been a while since I last wrote a blog, I'm just going to go ahead and assume; based on the way this year is going, that there will be some time in between each blog.

2016 has been ROUGH hasn't it?

I've been through so much already this year, I am really hoping to at least end it on a good note and be able to move into My dream house sometime soonish....

I have done a very good job of enjoying the summer in the berkshires I have to say. Lots of time spent at lakes, on the mountain, in the woods, at waterfalls, and in the garden. I haven't gotten to really enoy My garden as much as I want to this year because My awful neighbors have been like, smoking cigarettes nonstop on the front porch which then gets blown directly into My house, and doing things like leaving nasty butts all over the front, and leaving a kiddie pool with sludge and slime and mosquitos and a fucking dead squirrel in it for weeks at a time...and they also ripped up all the hastas and morning glories I planted in the front. On purpose. Because they were sick of Me gardening, yah I need to move. I've needed to for a while and this place was only ever meant as a transition. Leaving My husband and My home and belongings and hometown was difficult. I needed to catch My breathe somewhere neutral, and that was 4 years ago. I've caught My breathe, somehow.....and I've been here about 2 years longer than I wanted to....

So: the house hunt is on. I need somewhere I can spread My wings and let My dogs out without fear of unregistered family of pitbulls attacking them. I want to be able to throw My lunge whips outside and sun bathe nude and plant pumpkins without them getting mowed over. I don't want to have to manuever around multiple cars just to leave My own house. I NEED My own space. I deserve My own space and I work goddamn hard enough to afford My own space.

The hunt is on for real. Or at least beginning stages of planning and I've been looking at a lot of places, hoping to find just the right one. I have a pretty specific list in mind of what I want. But I've been here this long and I'll just keep looking til the right one comes.

I HAVE been being super productive this summer tho. I along, with My editor in LA began and finished work on “The Training of Poe” the BDSM erotic documentary I shot last year with Chelsea Poe.

Well, we finished the editing part. I know that in the porn industry a lot of times things get shot and then cut and then printed within a month, but I had no time or desire to do that. I really wanted to take My time and do things My own way. Of course, making a movie all by yourself is really fucking hard! Making and producing and releasing an ADULT movie is even harder.

If you check out the blog for the movie:

you'll find all sorts of info, photos, links, and trailers!

You can check out the official trailer here:

and the SFW trailer on My youtube channel. I've also been releasing some cool interviews with Chelsea, behind the scenes while we were shooting and plan to release some of the slave diaries from the film as well:

This week I am staying home to work on the zine so that it's finished at the same time as I have copies of the movie in My hands. I'm not giving an exact date because I have twice and already surpassed it. All I can really say is: I'm doin the best I can! Self producin aint easy! We've had a lot of setbacks due to health, time constraints and My most recent headache: a mac to pc compatibility issue. So, it's being worked on, it's just a little slow. ASAP is the release date. I have to get it off to be authored, then get that back then send that off to have copies made then wait for the copies to get to Me.

I will of course keep everyone updated on My twitter: where I post about how over I am listening to My own laugh and watching My own movie ten thousand times.

I have been doing lots of sessions, which has been great. Meeting new slaves and fetishists and working with new people has been good for My soul this summer. I was a bit down since My favorite slave moved far away and we don't get to see each other anymore.

I've also done a fair amount of travel, back and forth to Boston and all over New England. It feels like I've been in the car (with no AC btw) ALOT this summer, and I'm also over that!

I got to do one really fun trip to Boston. Did a session with a slave I hadn't seen in over a year, got to have lunch with Goddess Lilith Astaroth and even interview her for Old Nick Magazine!

Here we are bein cute:

I also got to shoot with SoleFeetures, a custom foot fetish ball busting beat down video which was totally fun. I got to play a serial killer, here's a few teasers:

I'm home now for a few weeks and not doing much travel until I go to NY next month.

So, speaking of sessions and travel, lemme give yall a heads up about where you can book sessions with Me in the following months.

From now til Aug 24 I'll be available for sessions at La Domaine Esemar outside of Albany NY.

There is a HUGE fully equipped dungeon here and also tons of private play space outside. Would love to get some outdoor play in before the summer is out!

From Aug 25-27 I will be available for sessions in the Springfield, MA area.

I will also probably be dancing on this weekend, though I'm leaving that a bit up in the air for now.

And Aug 28-31 I am available for sessions in the southern Maine area.

I will again be available for sessions in the Springfield, MA area Sept 1-8

In the Brattleboro VT area Sept 7-9

And the most exciting news........I will be making a NYC trip in September!

Shooting with fetish model Rikochan! Doing burlesque in Brooklyn

and I will be available for double Domme sessions with Mistress Julie Simone!

Sept 21-25

I will have access to Her gorgeous dungeon in Queens as well.

If you are at all interested in learning more, or booking a professional BDSM session with Me in any of these cities please visit

I will be releasing the flyer for My burlesque show and event listing as it becomes available.

But the date is Sept 23rd in williamsburg brooklyn!

I'm also going to be shooting with fetish model Rikochan! I am sure we will come up with something weird and wonderful. I for one do not think there is enough breast smothering in My life.

In other exciting news:

I have a multi page spread out in this months issue of Old Nick Magazine

Here's a tiny teaser......and My ad running in this issue!

You can order your very own copy here:

Digital (hardcore):

Print (soft):

ALSO: They have officially announced Me in print!!! as:

The new Editor At Large for the magazine

that's super exciting for Me, I really have loved this rag for so many years. It was an honor to be in it! As talks went on, it just felt like a home for lots of the darker things I want to write about and talk about. So be on the lookout for some written pieces by Me in the NEXT issue. I mean, any magazine that runs a full page ad for “The Satanic Warlock” is ok in My book. I feel like I have found My people. It would be awesome if yall could support this radical gentlmen's mag with a satanic flair.

I got to throw My first party at Club Centerstage in downtown Springfield, MA ina while. And even tho we only had 2 weeks to promote it it was still a big success.

It was also the first time I ever got to officially host a party with burlesque starlet Morgan Fey

Morgan and I have known each other for a very long time and she always graces My parties with her presence and I felt it was time to let her come and co host one with Me! We had an excellent time. The night was kinda crazy and went by too quick. Thank Goodness photographer Brandon Stack was there to capture some photos!

Please check out Morgans page at:

and Brandons photos at:

You can also see LOTS more photos over on My facebook page:

If you've been paying attention to My clips4sale page you saw that I even released some clips of Morgan and I together for the occasion!

So, that's about it for now. I'm sure I'll be dancing in Springfield and maybe even CT and Worcester, MA sometime very soon, but I'm not releasing any dates yet because basically My life is taken up by this movie until it comes out...

so help a bitch out and preorder one. Buy one for a friend. Buy a copy to show to your college class. Showing real lesbian lifestyle BDSM sexuality is so fucking important It's rare and I can tell you with all honesty there has never been a movie like this ever in the history of erotic documentaries and the adult industry. Please support independently made queer in case you missed it the first time.

I've been putting in waaaay too many hours in front of this computer, and in My car, which is probably why I haven't blogged in so long. One of the sad things about this summer, well, maybe not sad but...since I HAVE been in My car and driving SO much, I really have been trying to be practical with what My body can physically handle. As a result, I'm telling a lot of people NO for out of town fun stuff that requires driving. It's just too much. I wanna be home as much as possible. In My garden. With My dogs. My little best friends.

If you want to send My best friends something nice, the chihuahuas actually have their own wishlist: Chihuahua superstars!

I of course also have My personal wishlist: I need a new TV for My bedroom and new grow lights and a Drake pillowcase, obviously!

You can also find a Dance wishlist, if you want to get Me cute things to take off on stage as I travel around at gentlemen's clubs:

And if you are a fan of My perfectly pedicured size 7 beautiful FEET then you'll find lots of ways to spoil My tootsies on My all things feet wishlist:

So, send Me gifts, send Me fan mail, send Me letters of encouragement about how much you love the trailed for “Training of Poe”

just don't send Me lame one line emails that say “hey”

and please dont ask Me to hook up with you. Gross.

Unless you are that stoner femme who wants to do spells in the woods that I've been dreaming of....

real talk tho:

House of Vendetta IS looking for some new slaves right now

In particular, a sissy maid, a babygurl, and a pet/beast/puppy/kitty of some kind.

I need to complete the circle. So if you are interested in becoming part of an old guard leather household in the western MA area drop a polite letter of introduction to:

MistressBellaVendetta at gmail for more information

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