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Well, the last few blog posts have been rather grim I know. I can't help it, I don't get to dictate the way life unfolds. It's weird and strange and sad and beautiful.

As some of you in the know in the fetish world may have heard, Our circle got even smaller recently with the death of the great

Charles Gatewood

He and his work had a lot to do with baby Bella Domme and the fetishist and artist I was inspired to become. So, that hurts, but I feel happy to have had the opportunity to be affected by him.

Immedietly after his death actually, I was scheduled to go on a northeast adventure with fetish model Morgan Fey. The kind of adventure that would have made Charles Gatewood proud. You've all seen Morgan in My blog for literally YEARS and she's always posing at My parties for photogs and doing burlesque performances etc, but of all the years we've known each other we'd never gotten the chance to do a real shoot together. So naturally I brought this sweet lil dancing queen to HELL. Quite literally

We took a nice long road trip and headed to Brutal Master's dungeon to shoot some really hardcore BDSM.

BrutalMaster is also someone you know about from My blog, and devotees of My website will remember as well. He is a sadist, more so than Me! It's a beautiful thing to behold. Among other things, he is also an excellent photographer/pornographer and chef. We spent the weekend eating. I mean EATING wonderful food!

Meatballs, red sauce, rice balls, pasta, bread, fresh tomato and mozzarella, Corned beef and cabbage homemade soda bread, excellent bagel and lox and capers. Off the hook. It was like coming home to My people. Family. It was nice. And also being with in general and especially cooking with other italians is really good for My soul and I needed that.

Morgan didn't have much experience with BDSM and as such the shoot was a lot more tame than.....than...than what BrutalMaster and I would normally inflict on someone together...ha!

But, her scream is really high pitch and lovely and she is really pretty when she cries. I just love making girls cry. In the best way possible of course.

Morgan found it cathartic and much fun was had by all.

Here are some of the beautiful photos for our first scene which is live NOW on

You can also find the scene for sale in My Clips4sale store here:

and visit MY whole entire clips store, which I'll be back to updating weekly because I have been shooting SO MUCH good stuff.

If you are smart enough to follow Me on snapchat then you would have already seen the behind the scenes and as it happens of this shoot. It was quite fun. My snapchat has been LIVE too!

I am giving access to folks who support Me in some way:

That means:

buying clips from My store

buying photosets or phone calls on

buying items off My wishlist!

also: tis the season where I would LOVE some stuff off My Garden wishlist:

also: I'm going to be dancing ALOT this season/summer. I'm gonna go back to doing some regular shifts so I can get My lovely regulars back and you'll know when to expect Me and I can spend more time with My springfield MA peoples. That being said. I DESTROY shoes and clothes on stage and would really love some new ones off My dance wishlist!

So: if you support Me in some way: I would be happy to give you access to My snapchat! You get to see all the behind the scenes from shoots, dressing room selfies at the stripclub, and Me ranting and raving with no makeup on at all hours of the day and night.

I also have some BOOKS and DVDs for sale so if you'd like to find out how you can urchase one of those, OR give Me your info so I can verify a wishlist purchase or clip purchase drop Me an email:

BellaVendetta666 at gmail

SO since the last few blogs were so glum and I didn't feel much like spoiling yall with pictures. Like I dunno, I just went through this period of time where ALL of My fans were being such assholes. Just begging for free shit sending dick pics asking Me to marry then, prying for personal information fucking disgusting. And sometimes it would feel like, seriously I just spent all weekend driving and driving and putting makeup on and fighting exhaustion and then spending hours editing to happily share some free photos, only to have people beg for MORE. It's like.

Fuck you pay Me.

If I was independently wealthy I would honestly probably STILL travel around shooting weird artporn with beautiful women. But I'm not, and I need YOU to help fund this weird stuff we all love so much.

Then I can reward you with an extra thank you of My snapchat

And like, there's folks who I've added on snapchat just so I can say like hey thanks for adding Me here but I only give access to folks who support Me in some way. And they're like yah....well...I just spent twenty minutes looking at snaps of your ass and jerking off but I don't feel that I should have to give you any financial compensation at all. And then when I block them I'm this bitch. So, sorry guys.

You get My twitter for free,





Do you greedy fucks really need snachat for free too or can you show Me you value My time and art by purchasing something?


I don't wanna become bitter and stop sharing My shit with the world at large so don't wreck it for Me.

And just to show you how much I DO love My fans and supporters and followers and slaves and devotees SO MUCH

here's some more awesome pics.

Ok: so as you saw in a previous blog post Mistress Julie Simone came to visit in march and We got to shoot ALOT of stuff. THAT was also good for My soul. Being around another like minded Pro Domme. We shot some GREAT stuff! I've JUST gotten the time to sit down and go though some of it. I am sharing a few pics with you all here:

I had this hoodie for forever, a gift from slave tim (who disappeared off the face of the earth shortly thereafter) and Julie shot these of Me outside at this junkyard place.

and then later I shot these pics of Julie smoking in My dungeon space. The last shoots to go down there!

I also had alluded to some photos I took at one of My favorite bars.

The Crystal Hardhat Saloon was one of My favorite spots in berkshire county. I've had birthday parties there, thrown punk shows, done interviews, met with prospective models and photographers. Become good friends with Todd the owner and all of the bartenders. I mean, I don't know how much of a drunk you have to be or what it says about Me that I get invited to employee parties and I'm not an employee but....whatever.

The closure has left an empty place in My heart! I have no where to meet My friends in north county anymore...

Well, before he took a chainsaw to the bar, I got permission to do a quick photoshoot to commemorate all the wonderful times I've had there.

I've danced on the bar before, but I've never quite gotten the chance to crawl around and drink beer on it and do a proper shoot. So photographer Zennifer came along and I wore My Crystal Hardhat shirt and daisy dukes and flannel and braided pigtails and cowgirl boots (that Julie Simone had given Me and I couldn't wait to wear) and we did a proper goodbye shoot!

I LOVE these and I hope all the patrons love them too and don't get mad at some pornstar for dirtying up their beloved local treasure.

The full photoset is available for purchase, and then you'd get access to My snapchat! (who already saw these photos and how cute I looked the day I took them! See how that works!)

email Me: BellaVendetta666 at gmail

Now onto more news

as mentioned: I will be dancing!! YAH! I miss it. My body misses it. I miss My friends. I miss My customers. I miss My club. I miss the physical workout of it.

SO: I've got some dates! Come see Me!

Starting TONIGHT!

Thirsty thursday AND it's fucking cinco de mayo. Hopefully someone don't get hurt! HA!

I'll be dancing 7 pm til 2 am with lovely Milca behind the bar! And tons of other gorgeous ladies. I think I also miss that, having gorgeous ladies around Me.

Stage shows, private dances, VIP balcony, champagne rooms. Fully nude, full liquor license.

Let's talk about the VIP balcony thing. I've spent a lot of time up there....I mean like, doing photoshoots and taking selfies and dragging pretty girls up there to make out with...but I've never actually been taken in there by a customer. And I really want to. It's My goal for this summer. Please make it happen for Me.

So for May:

Thursday May 5th: Nightshift at the world famous Club Centerstage in downtown springfield, MA

Monday May 9th Day shift at Center Stage

Thursday May 12th night shift at Center Stage

Sunday May 15th day shift at Center Stage

Monday May 16th Day shift at Centerstage

Thursday May 19th nightshift at Club Centerstage

(I'm also cool with giving snapchat access to My customers at the club too!)

You can also find Me this SATURDAY MAY 7th marching in the Noho Pride Parade in northampton MA!  Come kick the PRIDE season off!  I will be marching with the Trancending Boundaries crew
wave hi
show some love and support!

with more TBA of course. I'll also be travelling a bit and at some clubs in CT, RI, NJ and NY

I'll be posting blogs more regularly as well, since I'll have tons of events, updates and shoots to keep yall up to date with.

Show some support please! Thanks to the real fans!

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