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it's the holidays do something worth a shit!

Yes, it's that time of year again. It's sort of hard to feel it, since it's so warm here in the northeast and there's no snow. I really hate driving in the snow tho so...I'll take it!

Having no snow makes it easier for Me to get back and forth from the club...oooover the mountain and through the woods to the stripclub I go!

I didn't have a very great day when I went back, but I am hoping everyone is more in the holiday giving spirit this next time!

I'll be dancing at the world famous Club Centerstage in downtown springfield MA

FRIDAY! Dec 18th and SUNDAY Dec 20th! I'll be dancing day shift noon til 7....sometimes I stay later if your want to keep throwing money at Me while I twerk or if you want the last champagne room of the day or if you wanna tip Me to talk about feminism or something cool.

I will also be there DAY shift noon til 7 pm on CHRISTMAS EVE!

Come lemme sit on your lap and you can pretend your santa and stuff. Christmas eve at the stripclub is one of My traditions in new's like...the happiest place to be!

I'll also have some copies of My books and DVDs with Me so I would be happy to sign them and give you some great holiday deals on them. Buy yourself something nice buy some cool ethically made porno for a sex workers for the holidays!


Tomorrow, DEC 17th is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Want some more info on that? Please visit:

I am running a super special deal and giving 50% of profits from camming all day tomorrow to and organization BY and FOR sex workers.

I am running cool deals and specials on Q&A and get to know you skype sessions from now until the end of the year, but TOMORROW is the only day that I am donating half of it all to charity. Camming for charity, spoil yourself and do something you can feel good about.

Please read all the info about that here:

If you are interested in setting something up please send a polite letter of introduction to:

You can also send Me an email if you send Me something off of My wishlist! I'll send you something nice in return. I don't usually do that, I usually take the stance that a gift is a gift and you shouldnt expect anything in return BUT it's the holidays and I am in the giving spirit. I have ALL types of cool stuff from photosets, video downloads, posters, DVDs, PANTIES and other cool stuff. SO, gift me and I gift you back baby!

You can see a full list of ways to give to Me this holiday season here:

Some other cool things going on for the end of the year areeee:::

I am in a calender that's coming out for 2016!

My hook family from NYC Anchors Aweigh Suspension Crew is putting out a calender of beautifully done photos of flesh hook suspensions they have facilitated in their space.

I am lucky to be featured as Jan!

We're even running a special of a signed framed print, and a calender. It's a very special project, and is on pre order right now!

More details here:

And lastly: Happy Holidays! Here's some beautiful naked photos!

Bella Vendetta shot by Courtney Trouble!


We’d been waiting a really long time to finally be in the same room at the same time together so OBVIOUSLY we shot porn!

specifically, they shot these really gorgeous photos of Me in My friends loft in Queens.

I really, REALLY love these photos.  They look like ME.  Unlike most porn shoots where you’re told to take off your glasses wear certain things act a certain way make certain faces…..I got to just ya know

be Bella Vendetta and get naked around the apartment like I would do on any given day.

To see more and buy a membership check out these links:


Please buy a membership and support independently made queer porn this holiday season!

That's all now I'll quit preaching

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