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Nirvana on Cassette

Is there anything better? Not really...MAYBE Slayer on cassette but thats about it. Well, as you read in My earlier blogs, My car died. My car had a sun roof and a cassette deck and I would blast around and blare Nirvana on cassette and let My hair whip out the sunroof.

I got a new truck, which I sort of love cuz it's big and burly and will be awesome in the winter and it makes Me wanna go mudding and run stuff over.

But alas...theres no tape player

not even a cd player actually

a fucking radio

the radio sucks.

I don't generally listen to it so I never knew that people actually LIKED those crazy songs they play over and over again at the stripclub, but apparently...thats what people like

go figure

techno remixes of all My favorite songs

It sucks

Loking forward to getting a tape player, can I even get one anymore?

So but anyways, got a car am mobile again and just in time cuz OI was really going stir crazy and had so much shit to take care of and people at the club who wanted to see Me and photoshoots to get to and concerts and all sorts of stuff.

I haven't been dancing nearly as much and it's suiting Me just fine actually.

I hadn't really danced in SO long, only a few times a year or when I had an event or was featuring...until Wendy came along. She sort of renewed My love for it. We had a lot of fun too. We hustled together and twerked together and hated life together and loved life together.

Since she's been gone I tried to keep the momentum up but it just hasn't been the same.

Like, The weekend will come on and Ill look around for Wendy and she's not there, the fucking hour and a half drive home sucks too. Especially at night when Im exhausted and theres no one to make Me laugh.

I still love it, but I think I need to stagger it a bit more so I can keep loving it. After all the stress with the car and trying to get money together I was reminded of how difficult it is to be a dancer and thats your only job. So unpredictable. So stressful. Its a huge toll on your body

SO: I'll be doing ONE DAY a week for right now.

SUNDAY DAY SHIFTS at the world famous Club Centerstage in downtown springfield MA

Theres an ever changing host of bartenders but the good news is theyre all hott and all fun.

The DJ on sundays is really cool. Like, quickly becoming My fave. I got to dance to portishead and Nirvana and NWA all in the same day this week so come show some fucking love to the guy!

I do much prefer the day shift, less insanity...less drama...less drugs.

The crew of chicks that works day shift are all pretty cool, a super wide variety of body types which makes Me feel happy. Curvy bitches, older women, barely legal teeny tinies, black ladies brown ladies, short hair tattoos dreadlocks. Like seriously.

I really hate when clubs get on these kicks about only allowing a certain body type or a certain look or a certain skin color at their clubs. So Centerstage wins in that aspect for Me.

I tried working ona turn up twerk tuesday.

I did really bad and felt bad about Myself and didn't have fun and got ice thrown at Me and it was NOT MY night.

BUT GODDAMN, they blow it out the fucking box! I would LOVE to witness that shit as a customer. All the big booty girls, people makin it rain and a BOSS DJ. I applaud them for actually doing events and keeping it fresh over there. It's nice to be on the team right now.

So: I want to stop being all over the place with dancing and I think if I just stick to sunday days and get My regulars back and people know where to find Me and since I feel so comfortable there, Ill do well.

So please, come support Me!

I always have some DVDs and some signed photos and posters and books and stuff in My locker that I would love for you to go home with

And My new favorite things is wearing stockings/panties/socks on stage and them taking them off and selling them to customers...ya know, so they have something to remember Me by.


Come see Me SUNDAY August 8th, August 15th and August 22nd at the world famous Club Centerstage

265 Dwight Street downtown springfield MA for more directions

I also really fucking need some new dance stuff: like outfits and specifically shoes...I beat those bitches UP at the club!

If you'd like t o send something off My dance wishlist you can do that here:

Other than that life hasn't been too exciting lots of work

a lot of writing which feels really greta

I have a new piece up on Thought Catalog all about how much I love Wendy Michelle called “How I learned to love a juggalo”

you can find that here:

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super interesting stuff

and I love it when books show sex workers to be multi dimensional, everyone has a different take on it and a different story

you can preorder that here:

If reading isn't your thing and you'd rather jerk off...well

I can help you with that too......

You should check My clips4sale store. I have beeen releasing some really special stuff that I know you truly cannot find anywhere else

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In the past week I've got Wendy Michelle eating mac and cheese ina onsie, some foot fetish vids, an artporn I made with Courtney Trouble and a puppy training clip with a male slave which is super humiliating and I think you will all dig.

As always follow Me on social media to see where I'm dancing, when I am camming and when I release new videos!

Oh wait, speaking of camming. I've been doing a lot of that lately! That's been really fun

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ALL this week I am available for custom skype shows and cam shows so if you'd like to see Me LIVE on your computer screen drop Me an email and lets make it happen!

~BellaVendetta666 at gmail

Thats all for today, no pictures I'm waiitng to get some back and would rather go have lots of sex right now than try and resize and edit stuff to put here

I know you can all relate

So for once, go and BUY some videos or clips and support Me, instead of getting free stuff this week, spoil ME in some ways, I've been spoiling you guys ALOT with the photos lately!