Planet 313 photography

Aint no way your gonna stop My shine

ok I've been listening to a lot of DMX in the mornings so forgive the reference but damn, so much of the Flesh of My flesh album is speaking to Me right now.

So: I didn't do that bad thing where I wait like ten weeks to blog and then forget all the cool shit that happened.

I am doing it as soon as I physically had a chance to sit down this time, and I even made a list!

SO, here's what happened.

Wendy Michelle came to visit

I threw her a party “We love wendy michelle” at Anthony's

It was sorta a clusterfuck getting there cuz, read My last blog about the whole not having a car thing.

As like, convincing other strippers to drive us and schlepping shit into one vehicle and then to the club then another vehicle to stay at someones house because we wanted to dance for the weekend but had no car

so, yah

We made it, late to our own party, full rockstar status.

Had My peoples with Me, Sacha Thumper and her crew running the merch table. Photographer Brandon Stack was in the house to document the whole thing.

Burlesque Starlet Morgan Fey was also in the house so of course Brandon took some lovely pics of her.

I wasn't really in front of the camera too much this party. I was running around, since I was late like ten million thins were happening and people who needed stuff and customers who needed attention and stuff. BUT I managed to get it set up so Brandon could take some photos of some super lovely ladies.

Here is a beautiful young lady named Loni. Be excited because I want to shoot so many more pictures of this beauty, she is so pretty and I want a lapdance from her.

And then I had him take photos of McKinley, a dancer there. She has an awesome ass and I've been wanting to take pictures of her since I saw her. So Brandon hooked it up! He took some lovely photos of her.

Then I walked away for a little while and came back and Wendy Michelle was crawling all over her (seriously, shes a girl after My own heart) I was like HAAAYYYY ladies!

And then I climbed on top and conquered twerk mountain. Three girl twerk tower, this club gets pretty crazy sometimes.

We know how to fucking have fun

I'll be releasing the rest of the photos on My fb page in the next few days:

While Wendy was visiting I also got the chance to shoot a really cute camel toe twerking video of her. ANDZ there's stills, so be excited, I'll be releasing it very soon on My clips4sale store

check out the good stuff I've been releasing, it's exciting, seriously good alternative artporn and fetishporn

Here's a few of the stills, yes it's all about hello kitty. I love photographing wendy

wendy wendy wendy.

Wendy also shot some photos wearing an outfit I made, shot by her friend Xander

You can check for a bunch more photos of clothing I've made.

I have My sewing room all set up right now so I'm pretty stoked to be making more stuff.

So then I had to figure out a ride back home and schlep My stuff into another car and onto a sidewalk to wait for another ride and then into another car and then up three flights of stairs to the studio. OI. That part wasn't fun, but the naked chicks and wendy and chilling and photos was all the fun parts, wish there was more of that!

So then I was home and had a few hours to get shit ready for the arrival of pornstar Chelsea Poe and videographer Jacqueline Mary from NYC. I had planned this shoot for so long it was nice for it to finally happen.

We filmed “The training of poe” an intense four day long slave training of chelsea poe.

Lesbian BDSM fetish porn of My dreams. I don't think anything else like it exists anywhere and I cannot wait to release it into the world.

Xbiz even got amped about it, you can read about it here:

Chelsea did really well with her slave training and found her place in the house right away. It was also the first time I shot in My dungeon space so that was super exciting.

Did some protocol and etiquette training, some pain and sensation play with floggers, crawling, begging lessons, serving, drinking and eating out of waterbowls, zipperlines with clothespins, humiliation, smoking, lunge whipping in the river, holding her face under the water.

YEAH, these are a few of My favorite things.

The footage is intense and beautiful, the stills are gorgeous. I'm not going to offiically release any until it gets alittle bit closer BUT here's a few screen grabs to get you excited.

Everything about it felt great. The pace we went, the energy in the dungeon. Hearing other people say good things about being on My sets makes Me feel good too.

ALSO: Leather Coven, a leather maker/designer from western MA came to visit and all three of us gals got to shoot for the catalog in some gorgeous leather pieces.

Ill leak those on the next blog!

Now some more news.

“Coming Out Like a Pornstar” w book edited and compiled y Jiz Lee, featuring a whole chapter written by ME is now available for presale.

This project was very personal for Me and I am stoked to release this into the world as well.

You can learn more and preorder the book here:


I'm gonna go jump in the shower and trim My bush and get Myself ready for a few more days at the club:

I will be dancing at the world famous Club Centerstage SUNDAY july 19th from 3 pm til 10 pm

and MONDAY July 20th from noon til 8 pm

Come say hello, check out the new champagne rooms, let Me tell you all the filthy things I did to Chelsea Poe while you tip Me....

let's have some dranks! for more info and directions

265 Dwight Street Springfield, MA