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Happy easter yall!

Well friends, I'd love to tell you that since My birthday month it's been low key and relaxing, but the insanity from march has pretty much carried over into april. In a good way of course!

Never a dull moment and that's the truth!

I've been doing some great interviews. Both as an interviewer and an interviewee, is that even a word? Who cares, not Me.

One of My favorite porn industry writers did a quick little 5 (ish) question interview with Me for the Lux Letter.


Lux Alptraum interviewed Me for this rad weekly newsletter she does. It's pretty cool it's like: what cool thing is Lux reading and thinking about this week. Instead of scrolling thru her facebook feed there's this handy weekly list of awesome stories and links, each time she does and interview with someone interesting. Last week it was ME! Check it out and sign up to read the rest of the interview!

    I've been posting news and photos like this as they happen on My facebook page as well so follow Me there.


    while you are poking around there you might notice that I am DANCING AGAIN! YAY! I'm going to be dancing an entire night shift, just as a regular house girl at My favorite stripclub in western MA, club Centerstage in downtown springfield MA on friday April 25th!

    I'm excited to not be feature dancing and have a low key fun night full stage sets good music and all My favorite bitches!

    It won't be a totally normal night tho, because I am bringing fetish model WENDY MICHELLE with Me!

    Wendy went up on stage for one set during My bday party last month and she loved it so much she decided she wanted to start dancing a little bit. So I'm going to be like her stripper fairy godmother. Show her the secret stripper ways introduce her to all My favorite customers and dancers and dj's.

    You can find the facebook event listing here, with all the info!

    9 pm til 2 AM! Come check us out!

    Back to interviews:

    I also did a great podcast interview with little Mel for her podcast: NO BOUNDARIES

    It was really good! I got to talk about how I got the name Bella Vendetta, the local burlesque scene in western MA, some upcoming projects, My feelings on whorearchy and sex workers who talk shit on each other.

    You can check out the podcast here:

    I think it's a good listen. I've been told I give good interview.

    Little Mel is a rad chick, I dig her style

    She also wrote a blog about the interview here:

    Today I got to interview Anisha Sridhar about her piece in India's first anthology of queer fiction “OUT” That wasn't planned we were just talking and I decided we should do an interview, love when things like that happen!

    I'll be publishing that soon and will of course link you guys (psst, probably on twitter: or fb first!)

    You can check out Anisha's blog here:

    writers talking about writing doi!

    Speaking of writing, I had a piece that is very near and dear to My heart go up on Thought Catalog. I was pretty stoked to have a piece up there! This piece got a lot of play on My tumblr (which by the way is

    It was My response to a lot of stupid viral articles and videos I saw going around facebook about how pornstars are not really real people. Fake facts and made up statistics do not help anyone to realize that sex work is real work, porn sex is real sex and sex workers are in fact real people! We walk among you bwahhaahh!

    Anyhow: here's a link to the thought catalog piece:

    be expecting to see some more of My pieces up there. As soon as I can figure out what I wanna write for them. These days I've been more into writing for specific groups of folks. Like, wriitng suspension related articles and doing research for which is you know, geared towards people in the suspension community. Or writing articles helping strippers and talking about real life things that happen in stripclubs for Excited to become a staff writer for them and have some things I've been brewing up in My Own Brain go live there.

    Got an idea for an article you'd like to see Me write or hear My opinion on? (BESIDES Belle Knox, seriously guys?) drop me a line! BellaVendetta666 at gmail

    I'd like to update all of My fans, slaves, devotees and wannabes about when and where I will be available for professional Domination sessions. (Notice I said DOMINATION sessions. I am NOT available for submissive sessions, so stop asking, stop begging, it's pathetic, I would never eve consider bottoming to a complete stranger who does not have the decency to respect My boundaries which I have been very clear on, idiots.)

    I will be available for professional BDSM sessions in the springfield, MA area

    April 24th and 25th

    I will be available for sessions in the Boston MA area May 2-4

    I will be available for sessions in the Los Angeles area May 7-20th with limited availability, NO same day appointments ever, as always and I ONLY book with a 50% deposit. Sorry if Los Angeles slaves can't understand or comprehend My policies, but they are not up for negotiation.

    I will be sessioning at the very beautiful Catsuit Lounge!

    You can see My visiting Mistress profile here:!mistress-bella-vendetta-/cric

    Excited to be in such a lovely dungeon! Hopefully some very lucky slaves will realize the opportunity presenting itself here. I may also be open for a chauffeur or personal slave while I am staying in Los Angeles

    as always if you are interested in serving Me in ANY town the first step is to read ALL of the information of My website:

    and then send a polite letter of introduction


    The outdoor suspension season is upon us!

    My group, Rites of Passage is beginning to book some outdoor smaller events for select groups and individuals this season

    you can read all about it and see the dates I have picked on our facebook page:

    That's all for now folks, I'm currently chilling with some of My family in NJ, gonna eat some INCREDIBLE food so be prepared for major foodporn next blog!


    Planet 313 photography

    punk rock potluck birthday show and upcoming stuff!


    birthday month is finally over. Well, today's the last day. That was one fukin intense long month of partying! For real, I know how to celebrate. I really needed that! 30 days of friends and events and insanity. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make it so awesome.

    Fans, friends, devotees, slaves, bands, strippers, Djs, photographers, webmasters, suspension folks, porn folks, and My family. I appreciate it all so much.

    A special shout out this month goes to Chris Addams of Chris Addams Photography. I've been workin Chris over this month. Between working on a new website for Me, photographing at the stripclub and the punk show on the 29th he's been a busy member of the Revenge Krew. Thanks Chris!

    Speaking of Chris: I'm going to share some of My favorite photos from saturday night here. You can find ALL the rest on his site here

    let's talk about the party weekend, cuz I know the show itself was only one night but the festivities took Me all weekend (into including today because I STILL haven't done the dishes)

    My foot slave tim came into town on friday and brought Me to get a new tv for My birthday. Pretty stoked on it. It's beautiful. I'm gonna watch star trek in STYLE now! And helped Me rearrange some furniture, move My bedroom around and now I'm so happy with all of it. Then we went to My favorite place to eat, Mezze and got some incredible peruvian lima beans with a poached egg on top. Was exactly what I needed. Saturday was the day of the party. It was nice to have everyone work together. Naked slaves in the kitchen, sweeping, packing up, I cooked a fuckton of food. Some ghoulash w ground turkey, some slow cooked grape tomatoes, zukes, squash, mushrooms, onions and peppers, My homegirl Sacha made some spanish rice and beans with ham, Bettie Bondage made some lentil dahl with fresh ginger that was dope. I also made shepards pie with beef, and My best friend Emrys made vegan shepards pie. Someone brought dope sriracha chicken, there’s was several kinds of chips and salsas, My friend Maggie made her famous italian pasta salad, My friend Mitch made his most famous deviled eggs and there was brownies and just like, SO MUCH food! Was all so good. Got to eat. ALOT. No one took pictures of the food. Food porn fail. My bad friends.

    Lots of folks came. Some of My most favorite ones from western MA! AND folks came from NY and CT and springfield and holyoke and norhampton and all over berkshire county. It was so nice. There was also a ton of people there that I didn't even know so thanks everyone for coming out and supporting the local scene!

    No Window played first. And it was fucking awesome. Even Emrys liked them and he doesn't like anything haha. They were so good in fact that people called their friends and said hey there’s this rad punk show going on in north adams you should come. So good that MY art friends over the age of 40 who don't really care about punk rock thought they were good enough to stay and check out how good the next band might be. The next band was MORON. And yo, Moron was off the hook. Some of My very old skool punk rock friends are in Moron and they fucking KILLED it. And then Order of the Circle played and they were excellent. Audience members singing along blazing guitars kind of excellent.

    And like, there was hot chicks everywhere. Alot of them. Everywhere. I loved it. I was into the scene. I had some dvds and books and posters and the last of the t shirts for sale. Got to trade for some cd's and t shirts and Zennifer was there selling her awesome jewelry. Pretty much awesome all around. Lemme shout out to our awesome bartenders too! And thanks to Todd and Nancy for having us rage so hard at the Crystal Hardhat! I think more plans for punk rock in north berkshire county is on the menu for summer.

    Without further ado: here's some photos taken by Chris Addams.
    There more cute punk boys than there are cute punk girls on My blog for once.  Isn't that sort of refreshing?


    Looks like a pretty radical time right? You're probably kicking yourself for missing My parties, because Bella Vendetta knows how to party.

    I also took some silly pics on My little blog camera. See how cute we are, a rare photograph of Chris Addams! Of course I am choking him and Wendy Michelle...


    oh that last picture is a thing I got from Master R, sauteed sunflower seeds in brown butter and tamari topped with eggs, in this case eggs gifted to Me from My friend Justin Adkins.

    The month of April will be a little crazy, but not two major events kinda crazy.

    April is upon us!

    I will be taking a trip to New Hampshire and MAINE!

    I'll be shooting with Dastardly Dave Dawson in NH on the 11th and available for sessions in the area April 12-13

    Then on the 14th which is passover, I'll be shooting with Brutal Master. shooting some content for his site, and some stuff for us to share as well. It's sure to be some twisted shit. I'll be available for professional BDSM sessions in the portland ME area april 13th and 15th

    If you are interested in booking something with Me please visit

    I will also be in the NY and NJ area to see My family for EASTER! Woohoo. I'll be available for sessions in Queens NY with the possibility of double Domme sessions with Mistress Julie Simone

    If you read My account of our first double session together you should be aroused and want in on that action! We have a crazy good time together!

    I will be available for sessions in the NY area April 19th and 21st

    I still have availability in the western MA area throughout april as well for sessions, workshops and lectures.

    The fun does NOT stop there My friends.

    In MAY first I head to Boston area. I've got some sessions lined up, some work that I'll be doing with the Boston Chocolate School, AND a podcast interview I'll be doing with the vodka press.

    I still have availability for sessions in the Boston area May 2nd and 4th

    AFTER THAT: I'm heading to sunny Los Angeles California!

    I am SO excited for this trip. It's gonna be a good one. I'll be chilling HARD with Misti Dawn, shooting some excellent stuff with some excellent folks AND I have the honor of being able to teach TWO classes at this years DOMCON convention.

    I'll be teaching both an industry class and a general public class about cross contamination, disinfection, for using shared dungeon spaces and what products and protocol you can develop within your own commercial dungeon space and with your toys at home.

    I am really stoked about it. I cannot wait to nerd out on blood borne pathogens and disinfectants and kill times and what makes a glove medical grade and to bring some new products along that are really I think going to be game changers for a lot of Dominas and fetishists alike.

    More info as it gets closer and they announce class time slots etc. I'll also be vending there with Mistress Julie Simone.

    I'll be staying in LA for quite a few weeks and there is time for professional BDSM sessions and new dungeon spaces I want to check out from May 5-25th so get in touch.

    SO MANY wonderful Dommes are going to Domcon I feel like some sort of group gang fun needs to happen for the right well trained and worthy slave.

    I'll also be looking for someone to serve Me ona personal basis while I am in Los Angeles. It would be a very good training experience for the right slave

    please visit for more info.

    After that Ill be back on the east coast and hopefully it won't be fucking winter here anymore and I can have a nice garden and go swimming and light fires and run barefoot and throw some more punk shows and shoot shoot shoot all over new england while it's warm out and do suspensions from waterfalls and have an epic summer.

    That is all for now

    until next time!

    You still have one more day to celebrate My birthday month by spoiling Me!

    Planet 313 photography

    western MASS knows how to party

    Well folks: I've been continuing with the birthday insanity this month.

    First off, I've received a lot of really nice gifts from My wishlist for My bday. Thanks to everyone so much. I believe Ive thanked everyone who sent anything, but there were a few things I received that I did not know who sent, so if you are one of those people please speak up!

    There's still time to spoil Me! If you would like to know how to do that visit this link

    it has LOTS of info on how you can gift Me something OR help Me take over the world!

    while your there you should follow Me on tumblr because I post awesome articles and photos there all the time that I don't publish anywhere else.

    I did some really great stuff this month. Like I can't believe it all happened in one month actually.

    I mean, great stuff ASIDE from hanging out in a hot tub spa naked with Jiz Lee.

    Let's see, I got to go see Body/Head at MassMoca.

    Body/Head is Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth's) newest project with guitarist Bill Nace.

    Forst of all it was amazing to see Kim Gordon. I hadn't seen her do anything live since....I don't know, post high school sonic youth days for Me. She looked absolutely incredible. Ageless. Timeless. Classic Punx!

    The show was at MassMoca so all the hoity toity uppity douchebaggey rich folks who think they know everything about art came. Some younger kids who thought they were going to go to a sonic youth show came. It was a sit down show in a fucking contemporary art museum. I felt so validated. Like My entire punk rock life had come full circle. My friend Andy Poncherello came with Me (of the Poncherellos and American Citizens) He's also an even older skool punk than Me and we both really appreciated the entire experience I think. Lots of old folks got up and left. It was screeching guitar relentless feedback post punk experimental guitar blazing artness in disturbing glory. A weird Richard Kern film on the huge backdrop in the background.

    I bought Myself these tickets. Happy Birthday to Me. Thanks to Andy for not making Me go alone!

    Here's some cell phone pics of the happy occasion:


    The next day I got to facilitate a really amazing suicide suspension for a first timer. Orby and some of the other crew members from Anchors Aweigh suspensions in NY came to help us, Kristina My girl from ROP came from Boston to help, crew from CT came to help. After our new friend did his suspension our friend Tim went up knees for the first time. THEN Kristina had made an awesome dinner pie AND boiled irish dinner, AND homeade pecan pie. I can't tell you how much I appreciated someone else doing the cooking. I am ALWAYS cooking for everyone and no one is ever concerned with Me eating. It's an ongoing problem in My life. To not have to worry about it was just the most touching thing. AND My friends did the dishes too. Best St Patricks day ever. I don’t have any pictures yet. It's sort of unfortunate because always the best things happen and no cameras are rolling. Later in the night My girl Kristina and I got into a really intense yet friendly wrestling session, consentual choking out and balls to the wall catfight style. She actually managed to rip My bra off in one move, AND rip My shirt. Like a fucking cartoon catfight. The stuff dreams are made of. Sadly, no photos. But that's ok because I'm about to bless you with so many awesome pictures. I think you should feel compelled to go and spoil Me in return with something nice from My wishlists....

    I had My party friday the 21st at the world famous club Centerstage! OMG crazy times. I think it's safe to say good times were had by all. (except the couple of peeps who had weird relationship drama and ended up crying, there were a few of those, but luckily the party was so crazy nobody ever really realized that shit was going on til it was over)

    I had gotten into town one night earlier and met up with Julie Simone (I know I know, that's real life, hotel parties with pornstars, what can I say? I'm livin the dream) had dinner watched netfix, talked shit. The usual. I gave her some birthday gifts (because I understand the importance of gift giving, and how good it makes people feel to know you are thinking of them on their birthdays.) The next day I had a session with a slave I hadn't seen in a very long time. So it was a really joyous reconnect. We had tried to involve another sex worker into our session for some cocksucking skill judging via skype, but unfortunately typical porno flakiness kicked in and it didn't end up happening. BUT Mistress Julie Simone was there so She graciously offered to be a part of our session. Oddly enough, Mistress Julie and I had never sessioned together, We've shot a lot, but never Co-Topped someone. So for all this time that Julie says that I am brutal and crazy and scary, SHE is brutal and crazy and scary and dangerous with a cock! That woman is viscous! It was so hot. Pro Domme curvy GODDESS in her sweaty gym clothes and big strapon. The slave was a good sport and made Me proud. Really sexy session, hope we get to do a lot more in the future together.

    SO that's how I started My night haha. After that got to meet up with My old buddy Sacha Thumper who lots of you will remember from and coming to lots of My events and being a pimp ass rockstar. We had ANOTHER flakity flake who didn't show up (really sex workers, livin up to the stereotype much?) so Sacha saved the day and decided to help with Julie's surprise performance She had planned.

    TONS of people came out to the party! Like, it was the most full I have ever seen club centerstage ever. People three rows deep at the stage, two rows deep at the bar. Like a stripclub in the good ol days! There was a couple hiccups that nobody but Me noticed because I'm a perfectionist and otherwise, it was balls to the wall crazy stripclub party. Boobs, booze, shots, some of My favorite songs, twerkin, pole tricks. Kitty Epixcore Bang was serving up shots!

    And then Morgan Fey came out and did her Jessica Rabbit number and I got an ill lap dance on stage. Probably some of the people at the club had no clue what burlesque was, or what fetish is and we probably blew their minds a little bit. I think it was the most wild thing downtown springfield MA had seen in quite some time!

    Shy Seduction was there dancing around on stage and getting people to fall in love with her

    I was climbing up on the bar climbing to the top of the pole to see everyone and shake My little butt (In My awesome gold bikini and new dress that were bday gifts! Thanks!!!) in My sexy new metallic gold heels.

    Julie Simone came out and did a latex pony play unicorn rape stage show with Bettie Bondage and Sacha Thumper.

    Some of Bostons fetish ROYALTY was in attendance

    Tara Emory Riggery Jay Mistress Jada Sinn Lilith Astaroth and many more.

    Some of My most favorite strippers were working, I mean, making out with Me, I mean...working. Shout outs to Jersey & Kit!

    Revenge Krew model Kandies came out and made a special guest appearance on stage, and I threw money all over her. I was throwing most of the money I made back onto the strippers. I LOVE having money thrown on Me, and when motherfuckers make it rain, but it's also a good feeling to be the one throwing money too.

    Fetish model Wendy Michelle made a special guest appearance on stage! Wendy's stripping debut! I was so proud! Seeing her up there in one of My favorite stripper dresses. It was like things had come full circle once again.

    SO: without further ado: here's some photos, shot by none other than Chris Addams (I mean really who else could get lighting this good in a stripclub!?)


    looks like fun doesn't it?  There's going to be even MORE photos on My tumblr and on My facebook page:

    So AFTER the party was the afterparty. Mistress Julie Simone had ALOT of rope with Her, and at My request She tied up the lovely Tara Emory for My viewing enjoyment. Tara btw is even more gorgeous in person than in photos. And after admiring her photos for so many years it was nice to finally get to meet her. And of does Bella Vendetta say hello? Well, I'd like to get to know you by staying up in a hotel room all night and watching you get tied up with like 27 pieces of rope. Nice to meet ya! Here's some crappy cell phone pics of that!


    The NEXT day I had a session. I know, I had barely slept. It was crazy. Also: Julie had a session. It was crazy for both of us. Her slave was really nice and took us out to one of My favorite restaurants in springfield. And THEN we came back to the hotel and shot some video for our clips4sale stores. I had this beautiful birthday cake that Jersey had made Me, and I couldn't eat it all. So we put our feet in it, and I ate cake off of Julie's beautiful feet, and then rubbed cake on My tits. Yah that's real life what goes in in hotel rooms with pornstars afterhours. I even filmed Julie filming the mirror. WHOA. Splosh porn infinity. That will be available very soon on My clips store. You should really check it out if you have not yet....I have ALOT of good stuff up there. I just released a sock diary (with a special guest appearance by Jiz Lee) some really heavy electro play and whipping at La Domaine with Mistress More and Bettie Bondage, Me shaving slave twenties head....pissing outside during a behind the scenes of a porn shoot with Ellen Stagg. I mean really really good stuff!

    THEN the next day Julie finally went home (and then promptly flew off to Chicago, no rest for the wicked huh?) And I spent the afternoon with My slave. He had done some pretty serious fucking up during My party and he needed some attention. We went back to the stripclub had good talks, he got a good lesson and then we went out to another one of My favorite places to eat, The Student Prince.

    And THEN I finally went home.

    I spent the next day pretty much sleeping and trying to catch up on all the emails that piled up while I was in stripclub hotel pornoland.

    BUT I couldn't rest for too long because I had a SHOOT! One I was really excited about, with photographer Bill Wright for a fine art nude gallery project he is working on. I'm not going to release any of those here, you'll just have to wait. BUT here's some teasers from My phone on set. (PS: I also post this kinda stuff minus the boobs on instagram, find Me there as Bellavendetta)

    so yah, sexy shoes, complete with My stripper knee from My bday party.  I did a shoot with like, NO makeup, jew fro in full effect crazy hair no product.  Not something you see of Me everyday.  Also check out My BOSS new manicure.

    and boobs

    you are welcome.

    Now feel free to spoil Me in return!


    The insanity was NOT done tho. Because the next day (that would be yesterday) I finally got the chance to be a guest speaker at UMASS Amherst. I'd been waiting for this for so long, and at first was a little bummed that it happened during such a crazy time but in the end I think it was just perfect and it went great. The students had thoughtful questions and the professor is awesome Christie Barcelos who also teaches queer yoga in northampton. After that awesome class we went out to an awesome lunch where I got an ENORMOUS kim chee and chicken w fried rice filled omlette.

    Here's some cute photos of THAT


    Porn and academia make Me happy! All this lovely stuff going on with porn folks speaking at colleges is just so exciting to Me. I'm so happy to be a part of it.

    Now it's today and I'm just trying to write this blog catch up on email, watch some X files and find some time to walk the dogs and eat somewhere in there.

    I have ANOTHER birthday party coming up on saturday!

    This one in berkshire county! Lotsa old skool punks are coming out for it. Some wonderful local and localish punk band are playing. Kids I haven't even seen in YEARS who arent even kids anymore.

    It's a punk rock potluck bday party!

    Bring Me gifts motherfuckers!

    Bring some food to share motherfuckers! It's a potluck after all! I'll be cheffin up some awesome stuff!

    NO WINDOW is playing! ORDER OF THE CIRCLE is playing! MORON is playing!

    AND if you act right you just might be blessed with a special guest appearance by western MA favorite BARE BONES!

    Here's the official flyer:


    Potluck starts at 6, music starts at 8 pm FREE! At the Crystal Hardhat Saloon in North Adams MA

    You can find LOTS more info on the facebook event here:

    please come FREE show! I am excited to party it up and have even more insane stories to tell you guys!

    Lots of slaves will be in town. Up the punx! Support your local scene! I want to see some circle pits in My favorite dive bar!

    Thats all for now. I need to walk away from the computer for a bit. Please send Me love and support!

    Planet 313 photography

    My birthday party friday March 21st!

    HEY EVERYONE! don’t forget My first birthday party of the month is happening FRIDAY MARCH 21st at CLUB CENTERSTAGE in downtown springfield MA!

    There is going to be a TON of My favorite people at this party. Motherfuking fetish roaylty coming out of the woodwork. I am SO excited I cannot wait to see what mayhem we get up to!
    I’ve included some photos of some of the beautiful people who will be performing and making an appearance!

    OFFICIAL FLYER TIME I am so proud to announce the lineup for what promises to be the best birthday party I have ever thrown!

    Are you ready to celebrate the official start of spring? I know I AM! Come out to Bella vendettas 33rd birthday party! (That’s right, 13 years in the adult industry, which is worth celebrating itself!) She’ll be coming back to one of Her first loves on FRIDAY MARCH 21ST


    Bella Vendetta’s Birthday Burlesque Bash will be at Bella’s favorite place to get naked, Club Center

    , we’re going to class up the joint a little bit

    so come join us at Club Centerstage 265 Dwight St downtown springifield, MA

    secure parking and $7 entry fee

    21 PLUS

    Party is 9 pm til 2 am

    Proud to announce there will be a special performance by none other than JULIE SIMONE!
    feminist porn icon of 2013, AVN hall of famer and one of the most inspiring fetish pornographers in the industry!

    featuring the return of SHY SEDUCTION to the stage! Shy and Bella will be performing seperately and doing a show together at the end of the night! It’s bound to get wild! It always does when they are together!

    also special guest performing burlesque that evening

    western MA favorite MORGAN FEY!

    speaking of western MA favorites, photos all night long by photographer Chris Addams. He’ll be taking photos of the mayhem on stage, with Bella and her bday guests and will be offering quick mini photoshoots for $30 all night long! First come first serve!

    SHOTS will be served by none other than western MA alt model Kitty Epixcore BANG!

    with special guest appearances thruought the night by new england fetish royalty and fetish models like Bettie Bondage, Kandies, Kaleigh, Kimber Doll, Meela Malone, Zahra Divine, Wendy Michelle, Tara Emory, the leather family of La Domaine Esemar, Rigger Jay and many many more!
    *UPDATE* Wendy Michelle AND Kandies are both going to make a special guest appearance and dance for a stage set at the world famous Center Stage!wendy1
    julie simone

    some of the lovely models of will be dancing all night long with full body airbrush painting by Jim Squires of Armory Studio Tattoo.

    Burlesque performances thruought the night peppered in with the lovely cast of club centerstage house dancers. Always a lovely mix of down to earth fun loving booty shaking friendly sexy faces to greet you.

    Bella and Shy will be available for one on one OR double (if you can handle it) lap dances and champagne rooms

    Bella will also have DVD’s signed framed prints, clothing and more for sale at the merch booth!

    Bring gifts!

    If you don’t know what to bring check out Bellas wishlist and send her something from there: for more info

    Planet 313 photography

    birthday month continues!

    Well let's see, when I last left you it was ABOUT to be My birthday.

    Well, My birthday happened! HAHA

    I did it! I turned 33, just like jesus, and I haven't even died yet!~

    It's sort of amazing. This year marks the 13th year I have been a part of the adult industry. That's a very long time! With an industry that generally has a shelf life of about a year I somehow made it over a decade.

    I cannot tell you the thoughts that have been going thru My head. How grateful I am for My fans. I know some of you read the shit My fans say blog: and think I'm just an evil witch who hates everyone all the time

    The truth is if I hated all My fans I wouldn't have stayed doing this for so long!

    I'm so happy with the way My own little leather family is growing and changing. I happen to have a lot of great folks in My life who I wouldn't have had if I didn't get into sex work. YOU guys keep Me going. When I get letters from sex workers in australia saying how I inspire them, when young women find Me in a crowd and tell Me how I changed the way they looked at themselves, when couples I am training don't need to see Me anymore because they are secure together in their relationship with kink thanks to Me.....this is the stuff that keeps Me going.

    It's not the money, shit if it was the money I would have quit long ago and gotten a cushy job at arestaraunt and had health insurance and guaranteed paid checks and vacation time. This lifestyle is truly a labor of love, and I feel really lucky to have the life that I do

    for insatnce, let's talk about My birthday week.

    Well, My actual birthday was March 5th.

    The day had quite a few hiccups in it but all in all was a day most people would dream of having.

    I spent the day with My family from the world famous La Domaine Esemar

    Mistress Magnum was in town from Canada and the two of Us joined by Miss Couple, the new HeadMistress at La D and Master R (who readers of My blog should already know and love and respect) journeyed to Schenectady Community College to give a talk to their human sexuality class about BDSM. It was a lovely time. A GREAT group of students with thoughtful questions, not something you find everyday in college classrooms.

    The rest of My bday was really low key, a little bit depressing and lonely and so My best friend Emrys bought Me a beer and triple caramel cake that was amazing.

    Rest of birthday week was meh.

    It involved a lot of star trek and a lot of computer work, more work than any one person should do on their birthday week

    BUT I wanted to get it all done because it was really important to Me to be able to take some down time

    SATURDAY the 8th My homie Jiz Lee was in town as a keynote speaker for the Queer Conference at hampshire college

    What a lovely little conference. I'm so glad I went! Unlike previous years when I try to infiltrate queer happenings in the five college area and get made to, not enough of this and too much of that, it really felt like a lovely little community and networking event and folks were all really sweet.

    It was a really fun time. As always, no other way to put it than to say it's a fucking pleasure spending time with Jiz.

    Even got some chill time at dinner with Tristan Taormino of and some other lovelies at dinner.

    Then went out for drinks at a spot that had a bunch of attractive waitstaff, and got to know a new localish friend and see My friend ho teaches queer yoga in noho.

    In keeping with My birthday week traditions of spending time with Jiz we stayed up til way too late ina swanky hotel room. And then got brunch the next day, and then went to a hot tub spa.

    What do two pornstars do when they hang out alone?

    Exactly what you'd imagine....hang around naked in a hottub and sauna and attempt to take selfies thru the steam.

    It was so relaxing that I don't actually remember the last time I was that relaxed.

    I felt like I was floating for the whole day afterward.


    friends: I really failed at pictures this birthday week. I promise to more than make up for it during My bday parties this month.

    Let's talk about them!

    My burlesque invasion at the stripclub is happening March 21st in springfield MA!

    I'm being joined by Mistress Julie Simone. Her grand finale show involved a strapon and a unicorn mask and Me as a pony. I'm not going to really ask questions.

    I'll also be joined by SHY SEDUCTION and MORGAN FEY!

    All the info for that party can be found here:

    and here's the sexy flyer made by Dave Dawson:


    My SECOND bday party is march 29th in North Adams MA

    It's a motherfucking punk rock show! It's also FREE! It's a potluck so please bring food to share

    and join Me to enjoy the sounds of NO WINDOW, MORON and ORDER OF THE CIRCLE there's also going to be a special guest appearance by western MA favorites BARE BONES

    I'm so stoked

    all the info for this one can be found here:

    and the flyer is old skool cut n bleed hand lettered by yours truly here:


    I'll have merch available at both of these shows, handmade clothing, hair pieces, My new book! DVDs, posters, framed limited edition prints and a whole lot more.

    There's a grip of stuff goin on in between that, suspensions, body/head show, roller derby, people I have to interview, articles I have to write and a lot more.

    I've saved maybe the most exciting news for last!

    I finally did it guys! I opened up a clips4sale store!

    Checkit out!

    Ther'es ALL kinda of clips, lots of foot stuff, some never befopre released footage from the archives of, ignore fetish videos, dildo videos, financial domination, behind the scenes from photoshoots, pissing into a lake, clown porn DP with corndogs... Really, all sorts of stuff, check it out, show Me some love

    You guys have all been bugging Me to do this forever so put ya money where ya mouth is and show some support for the birthday girl!

    In other news: I've been pretty active on niteflirt, so check out all the different hotlines I have set up here:

    AND: I have a NEW WEBSITE for Pro Domme work where you can finally see ALL the info you need to know about booking a session with Me:

    that's all for now folks, I'll check in with news and photos from My various trips!

    Feel free to send Me some love from My wishlist:

    I really need some new clothes! Ya know, like stuff I can wear to the grocery store, not stuff to wear on porno sets. I've put priorities and comments on a lot of things!

    work in progress

    birthday week is upon us!

    Welly welly well

    lucky you

    two blogs in one week!

    It's just that I have so much stuff that's going on that I needed to share it with you guys!

    Well first of all, I took all the photos off of My camera

    I forgot that I had taken these fun bathtub selfies when I got snowed in in Boston during that last awful snowstorm.

    SO: I got twenty really nice sexy selfies I took of My feet, and the foggy bathtub and My bush, and My tits..AND it's the LAST photo ever taken of My two gold and diamond rings made by Scylla body jewelry in My pussy....

    it was a jet tub and um..the jets were um...strong.

    I was lonely and snowed in ok!

    Anyways: I am unfortunately in the market for new matching pussy jewelry

    My best friend Emrys at Armory studio was showing Me some really pretty stuff!

    The pieces I want start at $150

    I thought it might be a very special thing for a very special fan or slave or devotee to buy me for My birthday. You'd contribute to the way My pussy looks and feels every dingle day. That's pretty intense.

    Please email Me if you'd like to buy this for Me, a A very special thank you gift for whoever gets to be special enough to get this for Me:

    YES! My birthday is coming up march 5th!

    Just a few days away!

    So: here’s JUUUUUST a few of the photos:

    you can buy all 20 photos on My niteflirt account!

    You can do that right here:


    you can check out My niteflirt account and see the different hotlines I have: domesticated pornstar, the bedtime story hotline, the foot fetish hotline, the financial domination hotline

    etc etc

    see it all here and talk to Me!

    Also: My new favorite fetish, the ignore line

    I shot some new stuff for My clips4sale today and I shot some ignore fetish stuff

    I'm really into that

    because I feel I am interesting all the time.


    also on My camera were photos from when I did that last chocolate catering team building corporate gig in Boston.

    I took a selfie in My chef coat and apron in the bathroom and I sorta liked it:


    I also want to remind everyone that there is only 6 days left to crowd fund Julie Simone's art book project “Gagged” in which I am featured as a model and I wrote the foreward to the book.

    Julie has added some very cool incentives and prizes and goodies so please check it out and donate today!

    Keep erotic art alive!

    Support sex workers in all mediums!

    SO yes, it's march, it is My birthday month, I am celebrating all month long.

    I'm even having TWO public parties!

    I'm throwing a party at My favorite stripclub, the world famous Club Center Stage March 21st!

    JULIE SIMONE is going o be appearing live!

    We're doing some kind of crazy fetish performance together

    also welcoming back to the stage SHY SEDUCTION

    and a burlesque performance by Morgan Fey!

    Literally all of My favorite strippers are working

    I think it's going to be wild!

    Some real fetish royalty is going to be in the house

    check out the event listing on facebook, tons more details there!!/events/1405143563078207/

    here is the NON facebook friendly flyer tho!

    Sexy Shy Seduction and Myself shot by Johnny Tattoo, flyer made by dastardly dave


    as if that wasn't enough craziness for My birthday month, I'm also throwing an old skool punk show in berkshire county too!

    Some of My favorite old skool punkers actually got excited and said they wanted to play Bella vendetta potluck punk rock birthday party!

    ORDER OF THE CIRCLE is playing!

    MORON is playing!

    NO WINDOW is playing!

    And a special guest performance by none other than western Ma favorite BARE BONES

    seriously, it's gonna be off the hook.

    The faceook event listing for that is here:!/events/724014464296004/

    be on the lookout for flyers around berkshire county as well.

    I meant to make them today but I was shooting all day. And it seems we're going to be snowed in again soon anyhow so that's a good snowday activity for Me.

    Birthday month kicked off GREAT for Me by doing a cam show with My favorite Canadian fan shooting the shit, laughing and having fun

    If you'd like to book a custom skype show with Me this month to wish Me happy birthday you can do so by emailing Me:

    Please don't forget to spoil Me wish stuff off My wishlist too! I really spoil you guys all year round with FREE photos of Me, FREE chats, FREE articles, and all sorts of shit

    so spoil Me in return

    you can visit My wishlist right here:

    I'll be spending My actual bday on march 5th at La Domaine Esemar in NY

    I'll be breaking in some new pink leather boxing gloves doing a belly punching session

    hint hint those pink boxing shorts on My wishlist sure would complete the fantasy for Me...

    I got to do a session at La Domaine last week too and had a lovely time, I had missed the beautiful dungeon space and all that lovely equipment!

    It was like a kid in a candy store, I had to really concentrate and remind Myself I did not have unlimited time to tie My slave with ALL the rope in ALL the places and tickle him with ALL the evil and funny implements at My disposal.

    Also while I was there Master R cooked me soemthing so yummy!  he toasted up some sunflower seeds in butter and soy sauce
    and thnen fried up some eggs and put it over the top
    mmm organic super foods!
    food porn La Domaine style!


    That's all the news I've got for now folks!

    I wrote this entire blog entry LIVE and TOPLESS while I was in member chats on with lots of other models

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, they’ve got the best member chat I've ever done.

    Topless blogging, models eating nachos, models getting drunk being funny, naked karaoke.

    It's rad

    go join, see lots of sets of me naked chat with Me for long periods of time with other geeky pervs on Saturday nights!

    Keep up with My twitter:

    and My tumblr:

    I'll be posting more details and updates as the party gets closer!

    Catch ya on the flipside freaks!

    <3 Bella Vendetta

    Planet 313 photography

    My birthday is coming up!

    Well I have to say I’ve been rather unimpressed by the lack of love from My porno fans over the last month. NOTHING for valentines day? Really?

    Mistress Julie Simone was the only one who sent Me anything for Valentines day! At least SOMEONE knows how to treat a lady! When a Pro Domme is the only one who sends another Pro Domme Vday gifts I believe there is a problem.

    I spent Valentines day snowed in Boston MA alone.

    Come on! I’ve been spoiling you guys on facebook (

    and tumblr ( with photos, articles, quips, links and LOVE all over the place.

    Answering peoples inane questions, fucking hundreds of emails everyday

    Yet all this week when I’m on cam it’s completely DEAD. Nothing. It cost Me more to heat the cam room than I made camming yesterday. It’s a sorry state of affairs.

    No love on the phones, after so many motherfuckers bugging Me to get niteflirt.

    Btw: you can find My listings on niteflirt and call Me here:

    Niteflirt HAS been great tho, for people who might be thinking of sessioning with Me and want to chat and ask questions and get to know each other first

    As it should be clear by now, I do not offer to chat with people in hopes they will session with Me for free.

    But other than that sex work in cyberspace has been dead dead dead

    I have been writing an awful lot, and thinking of starting a patreon account for My articles, since I spoil you all so much, and don’t get paid to write and I don’t like it feeling unappreciated. And because I have so many more AWESOME things to write about, but it’s finding the time to sit and write because I’m always busy hustling to make a dollar

    OH! The life of a sex worker in new England in the wintertime!

    This winter has been particularly BRUTAL

    PUMMELLED with snow day in and day out, 23 below freezing, ice everywhere, crazy insane high heating bill, a chill you just can’t shake

    Long, lonely, cold and depressing is what it is.

    HOWEVER I will say that I am really happy and honored to have been doing so many awesome sessions with so many varied kinksters slaves subs sissies maids brats and bitches these last few months.

    I’m quite proud of how My leather family is turning out, and excited about the prospects of new slaves on the horizon too.

    My slaves have been wonderful and spoiling Me, driving Me around, taking Me to dinner, cleaning the floor on all fours. Buying Me toasters that toast bread burnt with the shape of a vagina on it…you know, the usual glamour of being a lifestyle Mistress!

    I actually have a session tomorrow with one of My favorite tickle slaves at La Domaine Esemar

    I’m looking forward to using the nice big dungeon space and all the toys there!

    ANYHOW: back to the part about writing:

    Mistress Julie Simone has a new book coming out called “GAGGED” photos she has taken of various slaves and models with various gags, even some gags she has made. I’m a model in the book tied up with some pretty extreme face bondage and a dental gag and one of those awful hook things that goes up your nose to pignose you. It was a new kind of humiliation for Me, wasn’t sure how I even felt at the time, but loved the pictures afterwards.

    AND I wrote the forward to the book! I was so honoured to have Julie ask Me

    Would you like one of these books? Would you like to make sure this project gets to happen?

    Julie has set of multiple tiers of donations and prized including signed DVDS original pieces of artwork, wooden paddles, T shirts (even T shirts that have ME tied up on them with flowers coming out of My ass as the human vase, cmon who DOESN’T want that shirt!?)

    You can find all the info for this here:

    I just looked at it and was disgusted by how little people had contributed

    This indiegogo campaign lasts until march 7th guys PLEASE

    My bday is march 5th I’d consider it a birthday present to see this happen. Of course if someone wanted to donate extra and buy me a copy and some goodies that would be excellent. As a little added incentive to My fans and slaves if you get a book I can have Julie send it to Me so I can sign it as well and send you a few goodies from My collection of stickers, prints, pins, posters and panties!

    So, My bday is march 5th. I do hope I get spoiled properly. I’ve had a pretty rough few years and it seems that it’s going to get a bit worse before it gets better, and it also seems we still have more weeks and weeks of awful weather and depressing coldness. So cheer a bitch up!

    Go to My wishlist and spoil Me, I ALWAYS spoil back! It really depends how much you spoil Me, sometimes I send people poems, and thank you notes, sometimes posters and letters, sometimes DVDs, sometimes custom videos, sometimes cam shows or phone calls. I like the circle of porno gift giving!

    I went thru and put the things I really want on highest priority, but the truth is I’m happy when I receive anything, even .45 cent CDs.

    Stuff I really need tho: LUGGAGE! I don’t have any! And I’m travelling a lot coming up. I’ll be in Los Angeles in May doing something really exciting I can’t tell you about yet, but I will definitely need luggage to do it!

    A NEW TV! Mine is shittier than shit, deadier than dead. I deserve a new Tv. I’ve never even had a smart tv! I’ve been living with an old huge heavy archaic piece of shit!

    KITCHEN STUFF! Particularly new knives (ooooh those cold steel ones are so sexy)

    CLOTHES and yes as much as I love receiving stripper dresses and nylons I also like getting things like hoodies and jeans and combat boots and stuff I can wear everyday.

    BODY PILLOW goddamn do I want that body pillow. I dream of that body pillow.

    AND ALSO the heated mattress pad. I AM COLD!

    So, if you DO get Me anything please drop Me an email and let Me know so I can send you some thank you’s! And the porno circle of life will continue!

    Speaking of the porno circle of life.

    A performer who I adore, Wolf Hudson had asked his fans on facebook for ideas about what his next solo video should be.

    I said I wanted to see him just holding the camera and jerking off. Because there’s not enough hot guy jerking off videos in the world. And you know, he actually made the video! Isn’t that so special! Fucking sexy as hell

    You can go buy a membership and check it out for yourself

    please don’t be lame freeloading pornofans. Show some love. Buying porn from independent producers and performers is so important. Being an informed porn consumer feels good! You’re memberships and donations really DO mean so much when we are all working so goddamn hard to create art that gets us all off.

    Anyways: back to Me creating stuff:

    I also wrote an article for Shawn Porter’s new site which I may have mentioned. It’s a wonderful project, Shawn is documenting the history of body modification and has editorials and interviews and rare old vintage footage, some really cool stuff.

    I wrote an article for the evolution of a subculture section, a recap of the 2013 ROP BBQ with some great photos as well

    I also got interviewed by Kit Bangles for the Vodka Press podcast and that was a really great interview about flesh hook suspension and Rites of Passage:

    I think that’s about all the links I have to share with you for now! HAHA that should be enough smutty research and education to keep you satisfied for at least a few days right?

    I hope that the next time I blog it’s all about how much I love My cam fans and My niteflirt fans and My porno fans

    Until then I’ll leave you with a FEW photos.

    I shot them in one of My favorite locations in North Berkshire County, but I can’t tell you where.

    Zennifer took these photos. It was freezing out.

    I’m saddened at the lack of snowstorm naked photos I have gotten this winter in ratio to the amount of snowstorms we have gotten. But I couldn’t resists taking a quick flashing set of Me all in leather and tight jeans and combat boots and studded gloves and MY BIG HARD COCK

    If this sort of porn isn’t your cup of tea feel free to scroll down and look at TONS MORE free porn that I’ve shared with you for over a decade!

    Til next time motherfuckers!
    WAIT I lied!  One more link!  I signed up for Customs4u so you can request custom videos from Me!

    THAT is dope as fuck I love doing that stuff.  Been getting some fun requests for freaky kinky videos that are JUST for you to have, not sell on a clips for sale to anyone else (but speaking of selling clips....I had a good meeting about opening up a clips4sale store and that's coming soon so stay tuned on My twitter;
    ok that was two more links!
    now here's MY COCK

    Planet 313 photography

    never a dull moment

    Life is so crazy isn’t it. Sometimes My life is so bizarre it’s like watching a movie, complete with appropriate alternative soundtrack and b list celebrities.

    There is never adull moment, that is for damn sure!

    It’s been a series of ups and downs since I got back from Colorado.

    I’ve had lots of visitors!

    My friend Tatanja brought Me flowers and cookies! My friend Atom Moore came and I cooked too much food and we ate and then shot clown porn! Some of the best stuff I’ve ever shot I think (more on that later)

    My friend Alan came and brought his new adorable girlfriend, and Mistress Julie Simone came and We spent some quality Girl time. I made some dope beef short ribs in the slow cooker (thanks slave!) and We talked shit and went out for lunch with fancy purses (Ladies who Lunch!) and We talked about some travel plans together in the future! (Look out DomCon!)

    While Julie was in town She had really been on My ass before about promoting My niteflirt account and how you really utilize it. SO: I put some new listings up and put some photosets for sale (more on that later) and I’ve actually been having a REALLY good time on that network talking to fans, people interested in sessions, foot fetish fanatics and much more!

    I’ll have a few different lines, the ignore line, the FinDom line where you can buy Me things and get to HEAR the excitement in My voice as you spend your hard earned cash on Me.

    Foot fetish lines, Lingerie fetish lines, A line where I can READ to you, whatever exciting book I happen to be reading!

    A Q&A line where you can just call and ask Me questions and get to know Me.

    I’m really pretty excited about it!

    So call me Maybe!

    Here’s All the info and details!

    <a href=""><img alt="Call Button" src="" border="0"></a>

    Photographer Atom Moore aka Molecular Atom! We’ve been shooting together for a very long time!

    I had just released a very old skool BDSM shoot he did of Me in My baby Domme years on My tumblr:

    I’ve also been posting sneak peeks from photoshoots, interviews, editorials and articles there!

    SO I want you to be able to understand the glory that is this photshoot. I am so proud of it, I love the way these came out. We shot in an old skool rope making factory in western MA. I’m wearing a wig that photographer Zennifer bought Me one day to cheer Me up, wearing a brand new clown outfit I got off My wishlist from one of My clown fans: and I just LOVED this outfit, spandex metallic fetish fantastic! I’m wearing shoes that I wore in My wedding (how appropriate that I’m now clownin in My wedding shoes! And shooting porn bwahahha!) It was nearly midnight and we had just about decided that we weren’t going to shoot, we were in a food coma, it was late, it was really cold outside and almost colder in the old warehouse. BUT then I just thought, He is here, let’s make some art! SO here they are, enjoy!  That last shot is of Photographer ATom and I.....


    As I mentioned, the whole set can be purchased on Niteflirt! OR you can buy the whole set yourself, AND have Me send you some sexy clowny goodies and signed 8X10s for $50

    Circus pussy forever!

    If you’d like to see some more of Atom’s beautiful work check his site out here:

    Also: while we are on the subject of great smut!

    I have a new set LIVE on it’s Me all naked hippie water nyph forest fairie in tye ye getting nude in the sunshine at one of My most favorite waterfalls this past summer.

    Seeing these photos really warms Me up ona cold winter day. Photos are all by Zennifer. I have been a model on ebmp formerly raverporn for TEN YEARS! A fucking DECADE of alterntive smut with them! I still really love the site, it’s tiny and grassroots and I’m proud to be part of it. I STILL do member chats almost every single Saturday night and I maintain that they have the BEST member chat of any site I have ever been a part of. JOIN for an extremely low price and see a decade worth of naked pictures of Me and an old skool underground altporn site!


    I also have a new Movie out!

    It’s a rare occasion…Me tied up. Although it’s not everyday Mistress Julie Simone wants to tie you up, here is what she has to say about it:

    Babes are bound a plenty in the 5th Installment of AVN Hall of Fame Director Julie’s Simone’s “Babes in Bondage” series. Strict hogties, barefoot bondage, forced orgasms, bound orgasms, multi layered gags, ball gags, drooling, pantyhose encasement, stockings, pantyhose, high heels, hair bondage, cleave gags, facial distortion, crotch ropes, nipple clamps, lingerie, latex, tape bondage, mouth stuffing, chair ties, reverse prayer, japanese style bondage and western bondage.

    Stars Bella Vendetta, Mary Jane Green, Julie Simone, Eden Alexander, JJ Plush, Desiree, Crystal Frost, Nikki Sebastian, Mina Thorne (aka Mina Meow), Samantha Grace. Directed by Julie Simone. 1 hr 23 mins.

    Download the video now at or


    While we are on the subject of fetish: Let’s talk about My new piece I wrote for

    It’s all about My specialty of TWS: Time Wasting Sessions

    You can check it out here:

    I’m hoping I’ll have some new pieces up there soon as well!

    In other writing related news!

    Issue #3 of the Red Umbrella book series “Prose and Lore” memoir stories by sex workers is out! I ot My copy in the mail!

    Excited about devouring this while I get pampered with a pedicure later this week!

    I unfortunately won’t be able to attend the launch party for it, but you should check My FB fan page because all the info for the reading in NYC Jan 29th can be found there:

    info on how to get your own copy and the parties surrounding this awesome project can be found here:


    sorry about the lack of food porn peeps:

    I’ve been posting it all to instagram, go follow Me there, username BellaVendetta

    Theres also almost daily footpics and selfies goin on there!

    AND! Before I forget! Aside from having perfect feet and perfect tits and being a generally awesome heavily modified forward thinking woman who runs several business: I also write!

    I’ve got a new piece up on WHACK magazine which is an interview I did with filmmaker Bev Thompson, complete with photos by Dastardly Dave (taken in My backyard)

    You can check it out here:

    Be prepared for a follow up piece on that subject very soon too!

    Also: Lux Alptraum wrote a piece for about the real behind the scenes sex that goes on during the avn awards.

    She quoted Me warmly sounding like a real classy act slut! HAHA Go read the piece here:

    That’s all for now folks, stay tuned for some Valentines Day plans posted soon!

    I will be in the BOSTON MA area from feb 8-15

    If you are interested in booking a professional BDSM session with Me, a safety demonstration, talk, lecture, Q and A, personal chefing, photoshoot or consultation with Me please get in touch!

    My schedule is already filling up and My availability will be extremely limited.

    Send a polite letter of introduction telling Me about yourself, what you are looking for and when. Be polite form complete sentences, and maybe we have a chance of meeting!

    Planet 313 photography

    Happy New year!

    Happy New Year friends freaks and fans!

    I was going to do a recap of 2013 as I have done in previous years but theres still so much unresolved shit that I'm not quite ready for a recap.

    I did some great things in 2013, but not as much as I could have or wanted to do.

    I'm excited about the new year I have a lot of awesome stuff planned.

    I have plans to relaunch (YAY FINALLY!) I have a new space for a new boudoir dungeon area that I'm super stoked about.

    I'm going to be launching a new clown porn project that should make people excited

    but I just want to take it day by day right now, I don't want to go off on a tangent about the entirety of a year

    Let's talk about right now!

    Right now I am snowed in in Providence RI where I spent new years eve with a few close friends and fellow crew members of Rites of Passage. We ate a lot of awesome food and drank whiskeys and gingerales and champagnes and I am not going to post a ton of food porn in this blog this time

    I've been posting all of My food porn on instagram, so you should go follow Me there to see what I've been up to, what I've been eating and what kind of socks I'm wearing.

    My name on there is BellaVendetta, as well as vine oo which I promise to try to post to more in the coming year cuz I sort of love vine.

    Anyway: about Rhode Island. We had an epic snowstorm here. It's the 3rd and I'm still snowed in actually. Some of you who follow Me on facebook: may have noticed that I've been talking about doing a photo shoot at nighttime in a snowstorm for about two years

    FINALLY it all worked out! Rigger Jay drove from Boson in his crazy 4 wheel drive and braved the snowstorm for Me to make My dream come true. The photos came out GREAT! Fucking awesome set that I can't wait to see and release

    but for now: be excited with this one photo that I am leaking for your amusement here:


    Before Rhode Island I was in Colorado where I spent christmas with My family.

    I instagrammed the shit out of a lot of awesome christmas food while I was there so please go and check that out. Made a pretty amazing surf and turf for dinner that was worthy of photos.

    I also took a few of Me being christmasy with christmas chai tea in front of the tree.

    My sister also has a tradition of getting new christmas jammies and new christmas slippers

    here they are!


    While I was in Colorado I got to call in and do a radio interview with taboo fetish talk radio and Miss Whitney Morgan interviewed Me

    that was really fun, you can listen to the podcast here:

    Some other exciting stuff:

    I wrote a piece for prose and Lore issue #3 from the Red Umbrella Diaries.

    Please buy one! I wrote a piece about a session with one of My slaves and theres stories from other sex workers from around the world in their own words.

    The book comes out Jan 21st and you can pre order it and buy your copy here:

    If you'd like to buy one nd send it to Me I can sign it and send it back with a few goodies as well!

    I also got a ton of awesome and beautiful gifts from My wishlist, I'll be doing some new photosets and sending out some niiiiice thank you packages for some very special people.

    I DID receive some really nice stuff from people with NO note so I don't know who sent it and who to thank

    please send Me an email!

    I'm going to be available for professional BDSM sessions in the berkshire county area, and in the springfield, chicopee area, I'll also be in NJ and NYC Jan 10-14

    I've been having fun exploring tickling fetishes, financial domination fetishes and foot fetishes everywhere.

    I have SO MANY pairs of nylons heels, boots, open toes, sneakers, leg warmers, knee socks, back seamed stockings and pretty much every single type of hosiery you could imagine.

    Here's some photos I took when I had a bunch of money (hahaha, don’t worry it never lasts too long) and I took some photos and wrote a bit about My thoughts on the power dynamic and exchange involved with financial domination.

    You can check that out on My tumblr which I've been updating pretty regularly, there's some photos of Draven Star and I from New Years Eve Pasts, some new stories and blog posts, and much more here:


    This weekend I'll be attending a gallery opening for My friend and revenge Krew photographer Atom Moore's tribute to our friend Zidney

    all the info for that is here:

    until next time motherfuckers!

    Planet 313 photography

    thanksgiving part 1 and 2

    I remember those days when I used to blog once a week. Religiously. I feel like I could really use a Bloginatrix. A sexy tall Femme in leather who would shout at Me and punish Me for putting it off. Because that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s certainly not for lack of things to write about, because it seems like crazy shit’s happening on a daily basis

    Let’s start with thanksgiving number one.

    I had a very biker thanksgiving. My favorite biker family had Me over for dinner and in true Bella vendetta fashion I took over and ended up cooking the whole dinner. Epic amounts of food.

    Turkey (duh) wrapped in bacon. Mashed potatoes with cream cheese in em, butternut squash w garlic, green bean casserole, pork sage cornbread stuffing, bread, homemade cranberry sauce, and an over the fucking top amount of desserts!

    I made blueberry, apple pear crisp, homemade pumpkin pie, homemade sweet potato pie, and store bought blueberry and coconut custard (one of My favorites slaves take notice)

    There was copious amounts of food, and copious amounts of alcohol. I stayed up all night and drank a bottle of rum and got all domestic and cleaned the fuck out of My friends bathroom. #domesticatedpornstar indeed.

    Here’s some foodporn pics of dessert.


    This year went by so quickly. It’s like thanksgiving happened and then it was December! Whoa! I’ll save My year in review for another blog!

    SO: right after thanksgiving I did some great sessions. I’ve gotten some new slaves lately who I am truly enjoying spending time with. Always of course accepting new slaves on a professional basis of ALL walks of life. I have sessioned with men, women, trans folks, people in wheelchairs, older men, younger guys, couples, gay men, bi men, straight men, lesbians, bisexuals. When I say all walks of life I mean it. I am pansexual. I rely on the feelings I get when I am with someone. Not how old they are what they look like or what gender they are. SO MANY slaves write Me saying “ 34 years young, slim, in good shape, brown eyes, businessman clean and shaven looking for session.”

    This doesn’t actually tell Me anything I want to know when I deicde if I want to session with you. Let’s see if we click! Send Me a polite letter of introduction telling Me about yourself (NOT what you look like) your experience with BDSM, references if you have them, where you are from and what sort of session you are looking for and if you have any specific kink interests. More and more I have also been doing dinner and coffee meetings. Sitting in one of My favorite public places and having a frank discussion about BDSM, kink and sexuality can be a really helpful thing for a lot of people who may have never gotten the chance to sit and talk with a professional sex worker to ask questions.

    If you are interested in booking anything with Me please read all the info here: and then email Me: MistressBellaVendetta@gmail


    Some other fun stuff I did worth noting (sometimes My life is fun and worth noting)

    I did a fun catering/team building event in Boston with My friend Dorian. That was really fun. Even tho driving to Boston and back in one day is just sort of killer. LUCKY for you Boston slaves, this may turn into a more regular gig, so next time (in Feb) I can plan a multi day trip and maybe do some sessions or shoots when I am out that way. I’m trying not to hate Boston, it’s always been one of those cities that’s really difficult for Me to make money in. Help Me not hate Boston please.

    Here’s some photos of Me actually having FUN in Boston! Looking sexy playing with knives!


    The next day, after all that driving I did a photoshoot with a new localish to me photographer. Mont Vert Studios. I had a great time. It was a refreshing change for Me. Doing JUSt fashion and glamour shots, and feeling all fancy having a hair and makeup artist (his lovely wife)

    For the first shoot I wore My sisters prom dress, and a long wig that looked like My mothers hair. Man, it was weird. I looked SO Italian. That happens sometimes.

    And for the second shoot I wore My mothers prom dress! With an updo! AND some brand new sequin shoes that My favorite British slave got Me and I had never worn. I was all excited to send him these photos, but he’s been ignoring Me SO MUCH it’s SO rude, so I’m sharing them with all of you instead. Here’s a few UNTOUCHED raw images from Mont Vert Studios

    You can see more of his work here:


    And here’s some behind the scenes shots that I posted on My instagram. You should follow Me on instagram, it’s fun I promise username: BellaVendetta


    Here’s Me afterwards with a ton of makeup on. Still looking glamorous even after an epic couple of days

    Bettie Bondage and Santos from ROP showed up and they helped Me get ready for the Rites of Passage suspension Group Holiday Party!

    We generally do a thanksgiving every year a week after real thanksgiving but this year thanksgiving was so late in nov that we just had an all around holiday party. I also opened it up and invited some non ROP crew members. Some fans, friends suspendees and had a big old potluck dinner!

    Good times were had by all! SO MUCH FOOD! Turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, vegan field roast, cheese crackers, spinach salad with goat cheese, spaghetti, chorizo, sweet pepper sauce with roasted artichokes. OH MAN and the amount of desserts! Cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, chocolate dipped fruits, donuts. I hope yall still love Me as I continue to grow over the holiday season. Here’s some photos from the party:


    The best thing, is that ROP is full of attractive people. And man, we have some smoking hot ladies as part of our team! Of course, I sort of managed to get horrible pictures of the really pretty ladies Cale Belford and Starr Belew.

    So that was a whirlwind of stuff

    Now the holidays are upon us and I am once again in a whirlwind.

    Let M tell you My schedule for the next few weeks so you can join Me for some fun

    Saturday Dec 14th you can catch Me on CAM in the members area chat on starting at 10 pm EST

    Sunday Dec 15th you can catch Me on CAM once again, this time on the streamate network. You can catch Me from noon til 2 pm EST here:

    Monday Dec 16th you can find Me LIVE onstage at the world famous Club Center Stage! I haven’t danced since My Halloween party, but I miss it, I miss the girls and I want some holiday cheer! Come get in the holiday spirit with Me with boobs, and booze and full nudity and 8 inch heels. I’ll have some *X10s and some dvds available and maybe if you beg some pantyhose and panties for sale ya perverts!

    Find Me starting at noon and staying til at least 7, I might stay longer if I’m having fun and people are spending money.

    Thursday Dec 19th: I’ll be doing a LIVE radio interview, and I think I’ll even be on webcam for it as well

    7 pm EST you can find Me on Taboo fetish Talk Radio with host Whitney Morgan, you can go here to watch and listen:

    Saturday Dec 21st I’ll be on the podcast “cocktails with Kimber and Allison” with hosts Kimber James and Allison Moore. We’re gonna talk about PORN! I’m super excited for it. The show starts at 4 pm! You can go here to listen: or hear and watch the show here:

    I’ll be on vacation with My family alllllll the way in Colorado. It’ll be a good time to book some custom skype shows with Me, or to call me on niteflirt.

    I’ll need some late night distractions!

    Lastly: Christmas is coming! SPOIL ME MOTHERFUCKERS!

    I love gifts, Please let Me come home from vacation with a pile of tributes from adoring fans friends and slaves.

    You can send Me something directly right here:

    I always spoil you in return, and have an array of gifts ranging from DVDS signed posters and nude photos to send you in return for your generosity.

    Be generous. I put a lot of Myself out there, I share photos with you guys for free all the time. Don’t be greedy, don’t assume you are entitled to see My naked body for free. Don’t be one of those fans that thinks clicking “like” means you are supporting Me. If you like all the photos I share thru ought the year, show Me how much you appreciate Me by sending Me something nice

    Make sure you drop a line so I know how to thank you!

    That’s all for now folks

    Check in after xxxmas!