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a new sadness every other week, with some happiness thrown in


It's 2016, it's been a minute since I blogged.

I've still kinda been reeling from a bad breakup

January is the anniversary of My mother's death

January is the anniversary of Jim Squires, My tattoo artist and beloved pretty much family member, first year.

January I got realllly really sick with the flu and was out of work for two whole weeks.

January sucked I wanted it to be over before it began

February was supposed to be better.

February is My mothers birthday.

February My friend Rebekah died of an overdose.

She was someone I've known for a decade. She was someone I loved.

She was someone I texted at 2 am, someone who would drive over an hour away just to give Me a ride. Someone who would call out of work and never miss one of My parties ever.

Someone I stayed up til 4 am with listening to Michael Jackson and smoking bowls.

Someone who trusted Me enough to pierce her knees and suspend her. Someone who trusted Me with her very life. Someone who had Me help her propose to her girlfriend.

A member of My body modification and queer communities. Someone who never judged Me.

Someone who loved animals.

Someone who hid her drug use from Me.

Someone who was juuuust making plans to come and visit Me with Sacha Thumper just a few days before her death.

It was like it wasn't even real.

I found out via facebook

which I hate.

Someone posted to her page

“I love you!”

and someone else commented: me too

and I commented “Me three”

I didn't know she was dead

I thought it was just a spontaneous show of love for someone who soooo many people cared for.

It made Me incredibly sad.

I feel sad now just thinking about it.....

My circle is getting smaller and smaller.....

I was really sad. We all were. I had some friends come to the club so we could hug each other and do a shot in her honor.

I planned on seeing all My friends and squeezing them tight at the funeral services.

A few days before I was sick again, and kept getting sicker and sicker. Eventually became aware that I had contracted the coxsackie virus.

Like, who the fuck does that happen to?

5 year olds.

People around a lot of kids.

Not Me.

Well, yah....Me. So I was out of commission, quarantine status covered in a rash contagious with blisters on My feet and hands. My beautiful feet and hands.

I basically sat home and cried.

And cleaned.

I someone suffered three major latex reactions (I am super allergic) all in a short time span with gave Me hives.

Not feeling very sexy, but damn was I so determined to get back to work.

A few weeks into feb another member of the suspension community

Trisha Nelson, tragically lost her life. She was murdered

She was a victim of domestic violence

she was gunned down in cold blood in the middle of a busy intersection

Her family mourns

My hook family mourns.

The circle gets smaller.....

please read more about Trisha and how you can help her family here:

It hit Me hard. All of it. Being sad, depressed, with a poor immune system, plus the stress of being so broke due to not working two major illnesses and a major latex reaction all in 2 months...

didn't make for quick healing. It was really slow going and I was so tired all the time and had a hard time coming back.

I was so sure march was gonna be better.

It had to be.

It's not fair to have that much sadness in your life all in a row.

March 5th was My bday and as you know, I generally plan some big huge grand parties and events and bring in feature acts and performers.

Well sorry, too much sickness and sadness.

Besides, it seemed wrong planning a party without Rebekah...she WAS the party, and who else was gonna stay up all night laughing with Me, ya know. Who was gonna make weird faces for the camera? So at the last minute, like with a weeks notice I decided to just have a regular party. Well, regular for Me. No flyers no feature acts, just invited My friends and hoped for a good time.


A good time was had by all.

So many awesome people came out to help Me celebrate!

Of course Sach Thumper and her whole clan was there, Burlesque starlet Morgan Fey

Pro Domme from Boston Jada Sinn was in the house

trans pornstar royalty Tara Emory of was there.

Brandon Stack of Brandon Stack Photography was thankfully there to take pics of the whole debacle.

So, enough with the sadness and woe

here's some fun pictures of some major hotties and trouble I got into for My birthday:

Please click those links and support those people!

also: even MORE pics (although they are all SFW) on My fb page here:

After My bday life didn't slow down at all.

I did some fun gigs as a figure model for a class of painters and artists. I really love doing that. Although it's terrifying at the same time. This class is reallly cool and they make beautiful art and make Me feel beautiful.

If you've been following Me on snapchat you would seen some of the behind the scenes and some of the paintings done of Me.....

If you wanna find out how you can follow Me on snapchat you can find that here:

Another fun thing that happened in march is that Julie Simone came to visit Me!

This year, Julie was nominated for an AVN award for a movie that I was on the cover of!

We've has been working together for many many years, but We hadn't seen each other in some time.

We always end up creating some awesome stuff together. This visit was no exception. We got to relax, do a few sessions (the last sessions in My dungeon) shoot some aaaaawesome stuff and EAT! A lot.

I'm not going tp share any of those pics with you yet....

that'll be for the next blog.

Well ok, here's a selfie of Us:

If you follow Me on instagram you would have already seen this:

March is also always a little bittersweet because it's the anniversary of Shannon Larrat's death. My friend and mentor who commited suicide 3 years ago.

I wrote a piece about it and you can learn about Shannon, the creator of here:

Then, right after Julie left I had to move My entire dungeon, studio, office and storage area and somehow manage to make it fit in My apartment. Sacha Thumper and her team helped. My slave helped with the last few things. could NOT have done it without them! Love My circle.

April has been rough as well

The month began with the news of the death of Amber Rayne. A pornstar fetish model and adult industry colleague.

That was also profundly sad.

You can read this beautiful piece about it by My friend Gram Ponante

The circle gets smaller....

April is also a bit bittersweet because it's the first anniversary of DJ Jess. Someone who was also influential in My life and helped Me do some awesome shit.

I really would like for My friends to stop dying. I want to stop being sad and having to talk about memories. I want the circle to grow...not get smaller.

I see you

I need you

you know who you are.

Needless to say, the beginning of this year has already had many ups and downs, mostly way down. But I'm still here, keep plugging on.

I took a day job partially because I was so broke and still trying to catch up after the long bouts of illness...

and partially because I thought I needed a break from sexwork

and for some reason I thought it would be easy and fun

but work in a commercial kitchen isn't ever really like, easy or fun.

It's got Me up at 5 am

it's got Me tired as hell

after I get home and walk the dogs and shower the kitchen smell off of Me I have to sit down and work at the computer to try and keep up with this machine that is Beautiful Revenge Productions....

I think I'm burnin My candle at both ends.

I also miss the club.

And I miss counting My cash at the end of the night if you know what I mean...

So: let's make sure the next few months are awesome shall we?

I'm gonna be back at the club a bittersweet I'm gonna be traveling north to shoot with Brutal Master

I get to tie up the gorgeous Morgan Fey and torture her, I am so excited!

It's the little things, really.

For now: I want you to know that you can find Me THIS SUNDAY

at the world famous Club Centerstage in downtown springfield MA

I'll be dancing DAY SHIFT from noon til 7 pm

come say hi and help put Me in a better mood.

If you also wanna put Me in a better mood and get in My good graces

I would LOVE tickets to see DOLLY PARTON jun 17th at tanglewood in Lenox MA.

I would give a special awesome care package to anyone who wants to get that for Me.

Make My day

and then email Me:

see you sunday!

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chokin on big bloody mouthfuls of it.

I did that thing again where I went silent for a long time. Alot of stuff happened and I didn't know how to talk about it, and I didn't want to gloss it over and I also didn't wanna write a fake happy things are awesome type of blog.

So friends and lovers, just know that I've been busy, and goin thru some shit. I think I've been goin thru shit since I got back from Cali and dealing with family shit. Haven't had much of a break in the way of bad news and intense stressful situations to deal with for months now and it took it's toll.

Sometimes I just need to hide out in the country and NOT write for a while so I can sort through it all.

I went through a really, really bad dramatic awful drawn out and heinous breakup with someone I was very much in love with. It hit Me super hard because it's the first relationship I've been in since My divorce. I was single for many many years. After an abusive and traumatic marriage it took a lot for Me to trust again. I actually didn't think I ever would get close to someone again. So it hurts a lot, having taken the chance and had it thrown back in My face.

Merry Christmas, right?

(I don't even wanna talk about christmas because it was hands down the worst and most depressing christmas of My entire life.)

But you know, it's nice to know My heart isn't completely black and dead and that I am indeed capable of love, and as I'm starting to figure out, I'm even capable of forgiveness. It's sort of been empowering, but damn what a nightmare to get here.

I happen to have a lot of experience with fucked up people who are really close to Me doing fucked up things. And realizing that all sorts of people are capable of awful shit. But that doesn't always mean you have to hold hatred in your heart for them. They are human people, who fucked up. And it's ok to have complicated emotions about that.

So, in the midst of all the bullshit I also got realllly super sick with the dreaded flu. No wonder, the stress and not taking care of Myself I got sick. Like really sick, like out of work for three weeks sick. Both of these situations were brutal reminders of how difficult it can be to deal with mundane things as a sex worker. Like breakups and being sick becomes harder.

Like, dating as a sex worker isn't like dating  a civilian.  Its different in so many ways.. It becomes even harder to find someone you have an actual connection with and who doesn't just think that fucking a pornstar is a cool thing to brag about later. I think this is something all sex workers can relate to: But sometimes guys THINK it's really cool that you're a sex worker and so open and honest and then it becomes the exact thing they hate about you. Jealousy, mistrust, and the need to sling the occasional insult about how you're a sex worker. It hurts a lot when you think you've found someone who gets it, who sees your work as legitimate, and then they get drunk and tell you you're just a talentless whore.....use the fact that you do sex work against you in fights.

you know?

If you're a sex worker and you are with someone you can't discuss your sex work with, I don't think it's a relationship that can work. No matter what the connection and passion that may be there, on a core level you cannot see eye to eye.

And being a sex worker and being sick...means no work, means no money. My success depends on My body, so when it fails Me it affects everything. There's no paid sick leave and I have no health insurance. I also had no one to take care of Me so lots of time was spent on the couch crying, watching Nashville and ordering wonton soup. Thankfully I had Doctor Bean and Nurse Rosa (My chihuahuas) on caretaker duty.

ALSO: During this time My good friend and mentor Brutal Master of came into town and we had so many awesome outings and dinners and shoots planned. And instead he made Me some awesome italian food while I sniffled and coughed. It was nice to just hang out and NOT work tho, lots of time sex worker friends don't really get to do that because when you happen to be in the same place at the same time theres all this pressure to shoot and work together.

But, I don't wanna make this post about My weird personal life. Ok? Cuz there's actually a lot of GREAT stuff going on and I'd like to at least TRY to remain positive and enjoy the success that I'm experiencing lately. I have worked My ass off for so many years in this industry and it's really nice to have it pay off. To get booked for the events I want, shoots I want and have it recognized.

Like, first of all: “Coming Out Like A Pornstar” which I have a chapter officially an AMAZON BESTSELLER!

So, that's a trip right there, that this book is doing so well, people are reading it, it's helping them. It's an awesome feeling. I also still have a few copies for sale that I would love to send you signed! Some special valentines day deals and sales coming up but more on that later....

Also on the book front. Princess Kali's book “Enough to make you blush: Exploring erotic humiliation” came out and features quotes by yours truly.

Buy it here:

I've also been dancing a fair amount. Which is great on a number of levels. Great to get my money back up. Great to exercise. Great to be around other sex workers who GET IT and don't judge Me. Living out in the sticks I don't always have a lot of sex worker friends around to vibe with so My little trips out to springfield feel like going home sometimes.  Especially since all My friends were in Vegas partying it up and I didn't get to go this year.

I've also come over to the darkside. Working nights now! Nightshift is a totally different beast than day shift and it's something I'll try and write an article about later. Took me a while to get My body to cooperate, but I no longer have to get up at 6 am to drive a boyfriend to work. So instead I stay up til 6 most nights that I work.....(you know, I have to wind down, and eat something and shower and count My money)

SO: come and see Me dance!

I'll be dancing around western MA a lot actually!

TONIGHT January 28th and FRIDAY January 29th I'll be doing night shift, 7 pm til 2 am!

I will also be dancing FRIDAY feb 5th 7 pm til 2 am

and THURSDAY feb 11th I'll be at the club, we actually have this awesome event going on! Danny Barbosa will be there!

I'll be continuing a tradition and working at the stripclub on Valentines Day! I think I've done this at least for the last four years. Something cool happens pretty much every year. So instead of sitting home and hating your life come let some naked ladies rub all over you. Feel free to bring Me chocolate and roses.

Not sure of the hours I'll be working that day, I might even dance a double if I'm feeling squirelly.

All of this at the world famous Club Centerstage in downtown springfield MA for more info and directions.

As always, I may get a wild hair across My fine ass and add some more dates to this, so please follow Me on twitter: where I post all sorts of rants raves and always when I am working. And facebook where I always announce everything too:

You can follow Me on instagram too if you wanna see heel fetish pics and selfies I post from the club.

In other news:

The movie Julie Simone and I made did NOT win an AVN award. Sad I know, but still really honoured to have been nominated. It's a pretty cool point in My career to be on the cover of an AVN award nominated DVD and I don't even take My clothes off for the entire scene. It's like they really made an effort to include REAL bondage and BDSM movies this year instead of mainstream pornlands version of what they think fetish should look like.

I am planning some stuff for My birthday month in march. But I'll be writing a seperate blog on that. A CT and NY trip are in the works.

April will be asuper busy month for Me as well. I will be Guest Mistress at the world's oldest BDSM training chateau, and where I first trained as a Pro Domme, La Domaine Esemar! from april 1-6

Then at the end of the month of april I'll be making a trip to Maine, to shoot and to teach a class and maaaaybe even to feature dance.

I am not going to spoil you with tons of free pictures this time. Because this time around, I am the one who needs some love and spoiling.....................................................

My wishlist is a nice place to start:

I also havent been shooting while I've been going thru all this bullshit. I even had to cancel My awesome big shoot with BrutalMaster because I was so sick. BUT the good news is I have LOTS of shoots planned for feb and march! So be excited for seeing Me nude in new and exciting ways and stripping out of outfits you've never seen! Yay.

Also awesome news:

A very famous fetish model who I have been admiring from afar for YEARS and always dreamed of working with, is finally coming to the east coast!


She will be here in March, how convenient, just in time for My birthday! (march 5th, so start figuring out what you want to get Me)

We are trying to book some custom work together and are now accepting orders. Do you have some weird fetish idea you want to see us shoot together? SEND ME AN EMAIL!


let us know your idea, how long of a video you are looking for...

I would personally love to do some bondage with her, sploshing, nylon fetish ass can see where My mind is going BUT we are totally open to custom ideas and scripts you may have.

Really looking forward to see what we come up with....

So ok: I will indulge you with ONE photo. Some stills from My latest fetish video on clips4sale.

It's a tongue fetish video, shot in HD and is super sexy. You can find the full video here:

I shot this video in a well lit, plain white room using an HD camera. LOVELY beautiful closeups of My perfectly pouty mouth. Dark lipstick covers My soft lips as I explain to you how I would bite you SO HARD if given the chance, and how much I want to sink My teeth into you and slurp you up with My long tongue. I show off My tongue, with a scar from a tongue piercing an all! In closeups and various positions. Looking gorgeous as ever in black lace. You're welcome.

as always visit My whole clips store, updated frequently with brand new fetish videos, burlesque performances, interviews with pornstars, behind the scenes at the dungeon and much much more:

You can follow Me on tumblr to see when I have new videos coming out and teasers and gifs and images too!

DO IT! Buy some videos! Support Me so I can keep making weird art porn and tying girls up for everyone's amusement and living this beautiful life that I lead.

I'm gonna go trim My bush and shave My legs and pretty Myself up so I can get ready to go into work tonight. Come have some dranks and get weird western MA.

I am well rested well fed and smell like cocoa butter, anything could happen.

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Planet 313 photography

it's the holidays do something worth a shit!

Yes, it's that time of year again. It's sort of hard to feel it, since it's so warm here in the northeast and there's no snow. I really hate driving in the snow tho so...I'll take it!

Having no snow makes it easier for Me to get back and forth from the club...oooover the mountain and through the woods to the stripclub I go!

I didn't have a very great day when I went back, but I am hoping everyone is more in the holiday giving spirit this next time!

I'll be dancing at the world famous Club Centerstage in downtown springfield MA

FRIDAY! Dec 18th and SUNDAY Dec 20th! I'll be dancing day shift noon til 7....sometimes I stay later if your want to keep throwing money at Me while I twerk or if you want the last champagne room of the day or if you wanna tip Me to talk about feminism or something cool.

I will also be there DAY shift noon til 7 pm on CHRISTMAS EVE!

Come lemme sit on your lap and you can pretend your santa and stuff. Christmas eve at the stripclub is one of My traditions in new's like...the happiest place to be!

I'll also have some copies of My books and DVDs with Me so I would be happy to sign them and give you some great holiday deals on them. Buy yourself something nice buy some cool ethically made porno for a sex workers for the holidays!


Tomorrow, DEC 17th is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Want some more info on that? Please visit:

I am running a super special deal and giving 50% of profits from camming all day tomorrow to and organization BY and FOR sex workers.

I am running cool deals and specials on Q&A and get to know you skype sessions from now until the end of the year, but TOMORROW is the only day that I am donating half of it all to charity. Camming for charity, spoil yourself and do something you can feel good about.

Please read all the info about that here:

If you are interested in setting something up please send a polite letter of introduction to:

You can also send Me an email if you send Me something off of My wishlist! I'll send you something nice in return. I don't usually do that, I usually take the stance that a gift is a gift and you shouldnt expect anything in return BUT it's the holidays and I am in the giving spirit. I have ALL types of cool stuff from photosets, video downloads, posters, DVDs, PANTIES and other cool stuff. SO, gift me and I gift you back baby!

You can see a full list of ways to give to Me this holiday season here:

Some other cool things going on for the end of the year areeee:::

I am in a calender that's coming out for 2016!

My hook family from NYC Anchors Aweigh Suspension Crew is putting out a calender of beautifully done photos of flesh hook suspensions they have facilitated in their space.

I am lucky to be featured as Jan!

We're even running a special of a signed framed print, and a calender. It's a very special project, and is on pre order right now!

More details here:

And lastly: Happy Holidays! Here's some beautiful naked photos!

Bella Vendetta shot by Courtney Trouble!


We’d been waiting a really long time to finally be in the same room at the same time together so OBVIOUSLY we shot porn!

specifically, they shot these really gorgeous photos of Me in My friends loft in Queens.

I really, REALLY love these photos.  They look like ME.  Unlike most porn shoots where you’re told to take off your glasses wear certain things act a certain way make certain faces…..I got to just ya know

be Bella Vendetta and get naked around the apartment like I would do on any given day.

To see more and buy a membership check out these links:


Please buy a membership and support independently made queer porn this holiday season!

That's all now I'll quit preaching

Please follow Me on social media to see My daily antics, pictures and thoughts:

I also have anew snapchat account get in touch to gain access!


Thanksgiving weekend post, holiday seasons and all sorts of stuff!

Yes it's true, life is a whirlwind, yet again. Are you really surprised? But, I've been taking it in stride. And instead of freaking out and getting overwhelmed, I just took a little break from reality, and turned off My phone and My computer and laid on the couch with heated blankets and chihuahuas and binge watched Nashville for longer than I care to admit.

Definitely feeling better now and more excited than ever to get back at it and hustle hustle hustle.

Some cool stuff has been happening.

Let's see, first of all: Photographer Ellen Stagg (one of My faves to work with) just released this super beautiful set of photos on her website featuring ME! (Bella Vendetta of posing with NYC burlesque royalty Evelyn Vinyl and Miss Poison ivory. Some classy broads and I was so stoked to be able to take My clothes off and get naked with them. Gorgeous on all levels.

Here's a few of My favorites:

You can find the rest at which you should most definitely buy a membership to:

you can also go to and scroll thru and find the link to Stagg Street and buy your membership THERE so I can get the referral. That would be rad too!

I know how much you guys value being an informed porn consumer.

You can also learn more about the other lovely ladies in the photos, and see where they might be performing burlesque near you at: and

ALSO: Big awesome fat juicy exciting news::::

A really cool movie I am in directed by Julie Simone is nominated for an AVN award!

I am so honored and stoked, it came as a huge surprise.

The scene is a girl/girl artfully done suspension rope bondage performance that I did with Julie and Lydia Vengeance at a Madison Young party in NYC a few years back.

I actually have the scene available in My clips4sale store here:

This is what Julie Simone Herself has to say about it:

88 mins of rope bondage suspensions tied by Master Rigger & AVN Hall of Famer Julie Simone. Solo struggling after on screen tying. Watch the bondage as it happens and try to learn Julie’s technique or just marvel at the beauty of the rope. Ashley Renee & Nikki Sebastian are suspended in #latex, Skin Diamond & Mary Jane are #barefoot in flowing robes. Madison Young wears white cotton panties & socks.#BBW model JJ Plush wears a #girdle and#pantyhose. Bella Vendetta & Lydia Vengeance are tied live at an event in front of an awestruck audience. Julie herself is tied by Lorelei. 8 scenes of girl on girl bondage directed by Julie Simone. Individual Scenes available at or

This was a special night for Me, I don't generally do anything submissive, let alone in front of a crowd of strangers. It was a big deal for Me to submit to Mistress Julie....but who on earth would pass up being tied to such a beautiful creature as Lydia anyhow? My head is down for a lot of this, My hair shaved into a mohawk, and My submisiveness is oozing out of Me. A rare moment for Bella Vendetta, I am thrilled to have AVN recognize it!

It also makes Me nostalgic and makes Me miss making erotic art with Julie and even sort of miss being tied up....

I digress....

Proud of Julie and proud to have been a part of this project and REALLY hope it wins an AVN award!

Some cool stuff has been happening in My clips4sale store, I really think you should check it out. Sock fetish galore!


I am offering a few sales!

From now through MONDAY Dec 1st I will be offering the following sales:

My Q&A Phone hotline is reduced to just .99 a minute! I LOVE this hotline, people call up to say hi, to ask advice, to ask about the adult industry, to inquire about doing sessions with me and a whole lot more. I never know where the conversation will go and am always pleasantly surprised.

This is NOT a jerk off, or humiliation or sex hotline. This is for CONVERSATION and Q&A

you can find the link to call here:

<a href=""><img alt="Call Button" src="" border="0"></a>

I am also offering $50 skype shows! These are half an hour long, Q&A, smoke sessions, get to know you, discuss current events, and ask Me about anything under the sun. Also My favorite thing to do with My fans and is a great way for us to get to know each other.

I'm feeling generous, so come spend some time with me online for just $50

For My foot fetish fans out there: I am offering a super special deal!

Half hour long foot fetish shows for just $75

For $100 We can do a 20 minute skype show AND I will send you EIGHT of My foot fetish videos!

For $150 I am offering: a 20 minute skype foot fetish show, PLUS I will mail you a signed copy of My DVD “Foot Fetish Sluts #3” AND two pairs of worn, scented just like Me socks! Really, that's a huge deal you can't beat that I won't be offering again anytime soon. I LOVE sending care packages off to My fans so take advantage of this one!

If you are interested in any of these deals over the next four days please send a polite letter of introduction to:

I will also be DANCING a lot this holiday season.

So far I have a few dates picked out and may be adding more

you can always follow Me on twitter for up to date info on the when and where's

I will be appearing at the world famous Club Centerstage in December!

Dec 11th day shift from noon til 7 pm

Dec 13th day shift from noon til 7 orrrr until you give Me a reason to go home! I usually like to stay late on sundays.

Dec 20th AND Dec 21st day shift from noon til 7 pm

and Dec 24th...Christmas Eve! DAY SHIFT! Come get away from yur annoying family and drink some shots with me and get a lap dance. Tis the season!

Special outfits drink specials special treats special special special all night long!

Please visit for more info and directions!

And wish My little artporn bondage flick luck at the AVNs! Thanks for all the support guys I appreciate it more than you know!

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photo by Jeremy Saffer

I missed fall in new england

Ok, this must be some kind of record for Me. I haven't written a blog in FOREVER! I've wanted to, but the Universe has been telling Me it wasn't time so I held off for a while. Partly because I literally didn't have time to, and partly because a lot of really intense shit was going on for My family in My personal life and it took Me a while to process.

Sao, let's go back to September shall we? In september, I got the chance to FINALLY meet, chill, and work with internet sensation and fetish model Jeselyn Online of

We went together to the Boston Freedom Rally at the Boston Commons. We worked a booth for selling some awesome glass pieces and dab rigs and playing games like a fucking bunch of carnies. Step right up step right up, pornstars want to play a ridiculous weed themed game show for you all!

In case you don't know what the freedom rally is all about, it's put on by MASSCANN and aims to educate folks about medical marijuana and the legalization of cannabis. Basically, lots of awesome folks celebrate their love for ganja for two fulls days in downtown Boston.  I also got the chance to chill and work with Boston based fetish model Kitty Glitter for the day!

That was a hoot!

We took a few pics together:

AND I shot this video of a little interview with Jeselyn during the fest, check it out on My youtube page here:

We worked reallllly long days, in the verrrrry hot sun, we both got sunburned. And like, it was like a convention of yester year for Me...and by that I mean that I didn't really get to chill or hang out too much cuz I was just working and working and hoping I got a chance to wolf down some food at the end.

The plus side is that everyone at the booth was fun and in good spirits.

The next day, Jeselyn and I got up bright and early so we could shoot. Yes, clown makeup was on by 8 am and we shot this really crazy fun cream pie fight video together. I was in clown makeup, she was not, and she threw cream pie after cream pie right into My face! Then I got My cream pie revenge and cream pied her tits. Yes, My life is probably more fun than yours!

Here are some stills from THAT:

The full clips will be available on My clips4sale store right HERE:

Much fun was had by all!

There's some other fun new stuff going on in there too so check it out.

Like, a really fun Halloween sock fetish video I posted. Yes, halloween toe socks, it's a real thing:

You can also follow Me on tumblr, which is where I post trailers, stills and promo for My new videos as they come out.. AND It's the only social media I have that is NSFW so be careful scrolling at work or school, there's definitely nudity.

So: shortly after My Boston trip I took off to California. I had some family business to attend to and it was all really incredibly stressful and intense. I wanted to chill hard and go to the beach and see all My friends and maybe shoot and do some sessions. BUT you know. It didn't turn out that way at all. I spent most of My time at the hospital with My grandmother, and barely had two hours to Myself. I DID manage to see a few friends. My dearly beloved: Misti Dawn AND My friend Charlie Sheena. I sort of really treasure getting to hang out with porn people who don't do porn anymore but still have some connection with Me, and it's nice to know not all friendships were so baseless that as soon as the adult industry was out of the picture, we all lost touch. SO, THAT was really cool. We ate a lot of sushi and smoked a lot of good Cali weed and watched a lot of American Horror Story. It was really needed and helpful in a super stressful time. We also didn't take ONE picture together. Fail, sorry.

I also got to re connect with an old high school punk rock friend of Mine, who now lives in LA and manages The Used.....SO Misti and I got to go and check out The Used UNPLUGGED! Dude, it was so awesome.We got to go back stage and say whats up. I felt sort of like an asshole, because I was just so excited to see Misti and we hadn't seen each other in SO long so we just talked and talked and were totally into each other and sorta ignored everything and everyone around us. But...The Used...SO GOOD! My 15 year old self was freaking the fuck out. So many memories with those albums...

We DID take a picture too:

So, Los Angeles trip felt like forever but wasn't even long enough and I WILL be going back, and hopefully things are a bit more calmed down and I can actually do some work as well on the next trip. I have to say tho, I like this theme in My life of traveling and NOT working, it's a new concept for Me. I generally book all of My trips around paying gigs. It's quite freeing to not have to pack ten thousand bags, heels, toys, camera equipment and such.

SO, I hit the ground running right when I came back. Had a shitty early am flight, no sleep. Got home barely got sleep had to go to NJ and back right away that ate up two days. Had car troubles that ate up a day.....ALL I wanted was to A) go to the club and make some $ and try to recover financially from taking so much unpaid time off. And B) to get some mega computer work done and cam.

Well, car troubles fucked up the club plan...I had no way of getting there! I kept making plans...ok TOMORROW I'll dance, then something else would happen with the car, I borrow a car and THAT one has had issues too...It's fucking never ending automotive drama here!

Then we had this big insane crazy storm. I really LOVE living in the mountains, but the downside is that you are truly on mother natures schedule. Crazy mountain storms, flash floods, power goes out. Aint nobody getting computer work done. Cell towers have been down lately, internet is in and out....It's really frustrating. I actually WANT to work and sit in front of My computer for days, and I can't even do it! It appears the internet is working everywhere EXCEPT My office right now, so as I write this, I'm sitting on My couch...the exact opposite of what I was trying to accomplish by setting up an entire office in the first place.

ANYHOW: Getting it done aren't I!

Some cool stuff happened right when I got back. I was greeted with many, many packages sent from fans, devotees and friends trying t cheer Me up cuz was going through such a hard time. Coming home to so many gifts was awesome! New books new music new clothes!

If YOU would like to contribute to My happiness you can find My wishlist here:

I actually have a whole bunch you can find, one for food, one for shoes, one for books.....etc etc. I REALLY enjoy being spoiled, and love it when people who read My blog and drool all over the free pics reward Me by sending Me gifts.

ALSO: Right when I got home I got a package filled with My copies of “Coming Out Like A Pornstar” a book edited by none other than Jiz Lee and features writing by lots of different folks within the sex and porn industry about privacy, coming out to your parents, and navigating personal relationships. A lovely selection of memoirs that features some of My most favorite pornstars. Aaaaaand I have a chapter in it too! It's quite exciting. It's release was really well timed because I'd just gotten back from the west coast visitng My grandmother...and I wouldn't even be talking to her anymore if it wasn't for the process of WRITING the book. You'll understand more if you read My story in the book. You can learn more and order a copy here: OR you can order directly from Me and get a signed copy along with some other goodies!

If you are interested in directly supporting this sex worker then drop me an email here:

I know it's been forever since I've updated My blog, BUT I haven't been neglecting My other forms of social media. So check out My facebook:

and Twitter I update like a fiend:

ALSO: I recently got a new phone so I'm back on My instagram game!

And with that new phone came a kik and a snapchat so maybe if yu're good and send Me some gribute or gifts off My wishlist I might give you access to those things..

You can always call to chat with Me too, I have been using My niteflirt hotlines an awful lot: My Q&A hotline is a great one to call if you just have questions or want to chat or maybe want to talk to Me before thinking about booking a professional BDSM sessions with Me at

NOW: Whee can you see Me in REAL LIFE!??

Well, Now that this car situation is getting sorted out, I will be dancing This THURSDAY Nov 5th and SUNDAY the 8th for DAY SHIFT that's 12 noon til 7 pm...and I generally stay a bit 9 or 10 pm. Come give Me a REASON to stay later!

I'll be appearing at the world famous Club Centerstage for more details and directions.

Can't wait to put some heels on and try some pole tricks, hopefully I'm not too rusty!

There's a chance I may be at Exxxotica NJ too but I'm not going to post those dates yet til it's all set in stone.

Thanks for being patient with Me everyone I adore yall!


Planet 313 photography

I don't have a clever name for this blog

That's a first huh? I've been blogging for well over a decade and I don't think I've ever copped out quite so hard. Ah well. Well, lots has gone on. As usual, I waited too long to blog and then tried to make a list of all the highlights I wanted to mention and I just KNOW I am going to forget some.

SO: When I last left you dear readers I was dancing a lot, or rather dancing regularly at the club. Still am. That's been great actually. It's nice to get out of town once a week and see some friends and have some dranks and do some dirty dancing and stuff. I have been doing sundays tho, and since it's football season, I'm not sure I'm going to keep doing sunday days. I'll be concentrating on some other stuff in the next few weeks BUT you'll still get your chances to come party with Me I promise!

So, here's what My schedule looks like and where you can find Me!

I'll still be on this sunday for My regular shift, it's going to be your last chance to see Me ona sunday so please come and show some love!

Sept 20th noon til 7 pm at the world famous Club Centerstage for more info and directions. Bring roses, bring size 7 shoes, bring money!

Sept 21st I will be available for custom SKYPE cam shows, and for shows with a slave in the dungeon starting at 230 pm EST

Please see here for more info on a custom cam show:

At 3 pm on Sept 22nd I will be doing a LIVE NAKED COOKING SHOW! It's a fun thing I have done in the past and I am bringin it back in a big way. Tuesday will be the first one with many many more to follow. Show will go for about an hour. I will be doing this LIVE in HD on chaturbate!

Find Me here:

Thursday sept 24th I will also be on cam, in the afternoon right at noon and again in the evening at 9 pm. You can find Me on the streamate network!

Saturday and Sunday sept 26-27 I am super pleased to announce that I will be appearing at the Boston Freedom Rally! I will be selling some pipes and other goodies with the team. What's even MORE exciting! I'll be there with fetish models Jeselyn Online of and Kitty Glitter

We'll be slingin some gorgeous glass pipes and whatnots over at the booth. Come say hi! Get a photo with some gorgeous babes support the legalization of marijuana! for more info

I've also been waiting FOREVER to shoot with Jeselyn so we are excited to finally get together! We have a hotel, antics WILL ensue I am sure! We might even jump on cam together, she might let Me tie her up I mean...who knows what will happen! If you are interested in booking a custom skype show OR a purchasing a custom video or clip featuring us please get in touch NOW! for serious inquiries only.

On sept 29th I will be at Divas “Haven” nightclub in Northampton MA to celebrate the birthday of burlesque starlet, Morgan Fey. My love for her is well documented and I have a nice surprise planned for her. I'm excited to dress up all goth again too in something tight ripped and vinyl or something.

Then september is over and Ocotber is upon us! How did that happen so fast!!!?? I have some cool stuff planned for October too but I'm gonna save that for a while.

NOW: Lemme tell you about some of the cool stuff thats already happened that you missed.

I did this really fun shoot with a local photographer. It was MY idea of course to get naked and crawl into this river....without My glasses on. I wanted to get close to the gnarled knotted roots of this tree, but because I didn't have My glasses on I put My head directly into a fucking spider nest. Pretty much worst case scenario, BUT I DID get the shot. Haha anything for art! It felt good to be in front of the camera again.

I also got these gorgeous photos back from Leather Coven. I shot these fashion photos back when Chelsea Poe was visiting and we had shot for their etsy store.

I was wearing this gorgeous black leather pentagram harness. LOVE IT.

Here's some of the pics by Mateo Guadalupe and Bettie Rivers for Leather Coven
It's also exciting because these were the very first pics taken of Me in My dungeon!

You can find their lovely leather wares here: And follow on tumblr for more updates:

You can also find a BUNCHA photos from this on My facebook page:

I will have some shots from the scary spiders in the river shoot for My next blog.

Til then, be satiated with seeing Me virtually LIVE on cam or come see Me in person at the club or at the freedom rally!

I'm also going to be doing some shoots with fetish model Isabel Vinson this month that I am SUPER excited for so stay tuned for all sorts of new shit.

Right now, the newest shit you can possibly see is My clips4sale store

I update it every single goddamn day with fresh fetish content, interviews with pornstars, behind the scenes from photoshoots, foot fetish content and much much much more! Check it out!

Til next time freaks and weirdos! Over and Out!

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work in progress

Nirvana on Cassette

Is there anything better? Not really...MAYBE Slayer on cassette but thats about it. Well, as you read in My earlier blogs, My car died. My car had a sun roof and a cassette deck and I would blast around and blare Nirvana on cassette and let My hair whip out the sunroof.

I got a new truck, which I sort of love cuz it's big and burly and will be awesome in the winter and it makes Me wanna go mudding and run stuff over.

But alas...theres no tape player

not even a cd player actually

a fucking radio

the radio sucks.

I don't generally listen to it so I never knew that people actually LIKED those crazy songs they play over and over again at the stripclub, but apparently...thats what people like

go figure

techno remixes of all My favorite songs

It sucks

Loking forward to getting a tape player, can I even get one anymore?

So but anyways, got a car am mobile again and just in time cuz OI was really going stir crazy and had so much shit to take care of and people at the club who wanted to see Me and photoshoots to get to and concerts and all sorts of stuff.

I haven't been dancing nearly as much and it's suiting Me just fine actually.

I hadn't really danced in SO long, only a few times a year or when I had an event or was featuring...until Wendy came along. She sort of renewed My love for it. We had a lot of fun too. We hustled together and twerked together and hated life together and loved life together.

Since she's been gone I tried to keep the momentum up but it just hasn't been the same.

Like, The weekend will come on and Ill look around for Wendy and she's not there, the fucking hour and a half drive home sucks too. Especially at night when Im exhausted and theres no one to make Me laugh.

I still love it, but I think I need to stagger it a bit more so I can keep loving it. After all the stress with the car and trying to get money together I was reminded of how difficult it is to be a dancer and thats your only job. So unpredictable. So stressful. Its a huge toll on your body

SO: I'll be doing ONE DAY a week for right now.

SUNDAY DAY SHIFTS at the world famous Club Centerstage in downtown springfield MA

Theres an ever changing host of bartenders but the good news is theyre all hott and all fun.

The DJ on sundays is really cool. Like, quickly becoming My fave. I got to dance to portishead and Nirvana and NWA all in the same day this week so come show some fucking love to the guy!

I do much prefer the day shift, less insanity...less drama...less drugs.

The crew of chicks that works day shift are all pretty cool, a super wide variety of body types which makes Me feel happy. Curvy bitches, older women, barely legal teeny tinies, black ladies brown ladies, short hair tattoos dreadlocks. Like seriously.

I really hate when clubs get on these kicks about only allowing a certain body type or a certain look or a certain skin color at their clubs. So Centerstage wins in that aspect for Me.

I tried working ona turn up twerk tuesday.

I did really bad and felt bad about Myself and didn't have fun and got ice thrown at Me and it was NOT MY night.

BUT GODDAMN, they blow it out the fucking box! I would LOVE to witness that shit as a customer. All the big booty girls, people makin it rain and a BOSS DJ. I applaud them for actually doing events and keeping it fresh over there. It's nice to be on the team right now.

So: I want to stop being all over the place with dancing and I think if I just stick to sunday days and get My regulars back and people know where to find Me and since I feel so comfortable there, Ill do well.

So please, come support Me!

I always have some DVDs and some signed photos and posters and books and stuff in My locker that I would love for you to go home with

And My new favorite things is wearing stockings/panties/socks on stage and them taking them off and selling them to customers...ya know, so they have something to remember Me by.


Come see Me SUNDAY August 8th, August 15th and August 22nd at the world famous Club Centerstage

265 Dwight Street downtown springfield MA for more directions

I also really fucking need some new dance stuff: like outfits and specifically shoes...I beat those bitches UP at the club!

If you'd like t o send something off My dance wishlist you can do that here:

Other than that life hasn't been too exciting lots of work

a lot of writing which feels really greta

I have a new piece up on Thought Catalog all about how much I love Wendy Michelle called “How I learned to love a juggalo”

you can find that here:

If you like My writing and wanna read something a little bit more serious, maybe you should pre order the new book I have a chapter out in called “Coming Out Like a Pornstar” compiled and edited by Jiz Lee it has stories from some of My favorite porn folks all about what it's like to navigate relationships and come out to your family, friends, and lovers and sometimes even the mailman, as a pornstar

super interesting stuff

and I love it when books show sex workers to be multi dimensional, everyone has a different take on it and a different story

you can preorder that here:

If reading isn't your thing and you'd rather jerk off...well

I can help you with that too......

You should check My clips4sale store. I have beeen releasing some really special stuff that I know you truly cannot find anywhere else

Please checkit

In the past week I've got Wendy Michelle eating mac and cheese ina onsie, some foot fetish vids, an artporn I made with Courtney Trouble and a puppy training clip with a male slave which is super humiliating and I think you will all dig.

As always follow Me on social media to see where I'm dancing, when I am camming and when I release new videos!

Oh wait, speaking of camming. I've been doing a lot of that lately! That's been really fun

You can find Me on cam here:


You can also CALL ME here:

ALL this week I am available for custom skype shows and cam shows so if you'd like to see Me LIVE on your computer screen drop Me an email and lets make it happen!

~BellaVendetta666 at gmail

Thats all for today, no pictures I'm waiitng to get some back and would rather go have lots of sex right now than try and resize and edit stuff to put here

I know you can all relate

So for once, go and BUY some videos or clips and support Me, instead of getting free stuff this week, spoil ME in some ways, I've been spoiling you guys ALOT with the photos lately!

Planet 313 photography

Aint no way your gonna stop My shine

ok I've been listening to a lot of DMX in the mornings so forgive the reference but damn, so much of the Flesh of My flesh album is speaking to Me right now.

So: I didn't do that bad thing where I wait like ten weeks to blog and then forget all the cool shit that happened.

I am doing it as soon as I physically had a chance to sit down this time, and I even made a list!

SO, here's what happened.

Wendy Michelle came to visit

I threw her a party “We love wendy michelle” at Anthony's

It was sorta a clusterfuck getting there cuz, read My last blog about the whole not having a car thing.

As like, convincing other strippers to drive us and schlepping shit into one vehicle and then to the club then another vehicle to stay at someones house because we wanted to dance for the weekend but had no car

so, yah

We made it, late to our own party, full rockstar status.

Had My peoples with Me, Sacha Thumper and her crew running the merch table. Photographer Brandon Stack was in the house to document the whole thing.

Burlesque Starlet Morgan Fey was also in the house so of course Brandon took some lovely pics of her.

I wasn't really in front of the camera too much this party. I was running around, since I was late like ten million thins were happening and people who needed stuff and customers who needed attention and stuff. BUT I managed to get it set up so Brandon could take some photos of some super lovely ladies.

Here is a beautiful young lady named Loni. Be excited because I want to shoot so many more pictures of this beauty, she is so pretty and I want a lapdance from her.

And then I had him take photos of McKinley, a dancer there. She has an awesome ass and I've been wanting to take pictures of her since I saw her. So Brandon hooked it up! He took some lovely photos of her.

Then I walked away for a little while and came back and Wendy Michelle was crawling all over her (seriously, shes a girl after My own heart) I was like HAAAYYYY ladies!

And then I climbed on top and conquered twerk mountain. Three girl twerk tower, this club gets pretty crazy sometimes.

We know how to fucking have fun

I'll be releasing the rest of the photos on My fb page in the next few days:

While Wendy was visiting I also got the chance to shoot a really cute camel toe twerking video of her. ANDZ there's stills, so be excited, I'll be releasing it very soon on My clips4sale store

check out the good stuff I've been releasing, it's exciting, seriously good alternative artporn and fetishporn

Here's a few of the stills, yes it's all about hello kitty. I love photographing wendy

wendy wendy wendy.

Wendy also shot some photos wearing an outfit I made, shot by her friend Xander

You can check for a bunch more photos of clothing I've made.

I have My sewing room all set up right now so I'm pretty stoked to be making more stuff.

So then I had to figure out a ride back home and schlep My stuff into another car and onto a sidewalk to wait for another ride and then into another car and then up three flights of stairs to the studio. OI. That part wasn't fun, but the naked chicks and wendy and chilling and photos was all the fun parts, wish there was more of that!

So then I was home and had a few hours to get shit ready for the arrival of pornstar Chelsea Poe and videographer Jacqueline Mary from NYC. I had planned this shoot for so long it was nice for it to finally happen.

We filmed “The training of poe” an intense four day long slave training of chelsea poe.

Lesbian BDSM fetish porn of My dreams. I don't think anything else like it exists anywhere and I cannot wait to release it into the world.

Xbiz even got amped about it, you can read about it here:

Chelsea did really well with her slave training and found her place in the house right away. It was also the first time I shot in My dungeon space so that was super exciting.

Did some protocol and etiquette training, some pain and sensation play with floggers, crawling, begging lessons, serving, drinking and eating out of waterbowls, zipperlines with clothespins, humiliation, smoking, lunge whipping in the river, holding her face under the water.

YEAH, these are a few of My favorite things.

The footage is intense and beautiful, the stills are gorgeous. I'm not going to offiically release any until it gets alittle bit closer BUT here's a few screen grabs to get you excited.

Everything about it felt great. The pace we went, the energy in the dungeon. Hearing other people say good things about being on My sets makes Me feel good too.

ALSO: Leather Coven, a leather maker/designer from western MA came to visit and all three of us gals got to shoot for the catalog in some gorgeous leather pieces.

Ill leak those on the next blog!

Now some more news.

“Coming Out Like a Pornstar” w book edited and compiled y Jiz Lee, featuring a whole chapter written by ME is now available for presale.

This project was very personal for Me and I am stoked to release this into the world as well.

You can learn more and preorder the book here:


I'm gonna go jump in the shower and trim My bush and get Myself ready for a few more days at the club:

I will be dancing at the world famous Club Centerstage SUNDAY july 19th from 3 pm til 10 pm

and MONDAY July 20th from noon til 8 pm

Come say hello, check out the new champagne rooms, let Me tell you all the filthy things I did to Chelsea Poe while you tip Me....

let's have some dranks! for more info and directions

265 Dwight Street Springfield, MA

Planet 313 photography

where is My large automobile?

Oh shit. I did that thing where I waited too long to blog and now like ten thousand things have happened and I'm trying to make a list to keep it all straight so I can blog about it but it's a lot easier said than done. Because ALOT of stuff has happened

Man, it feels like since Wendy said she was moving just shit keeps happening and there's no stopping it. I had hoped My life would have some rhythm this summer, some schedule, some sort of normalcy. But you know, there's no hope for that so I'm just gonna go ahead and embrace the chaos.

SO: work has been continuous on My studio space. I have an office now! I am blogging from it right now. Im actually blogging LIVE on cam right now from My office too but thats a story for later in the blog ok?

SO let's see. Big stuff happened here Like, I got a divorce. I mean, I was divorced in My heart long ago but the government didn't quite see it that way so after a lot of stress a lot of wheelin and dealin and court appearances and official paperwork and talking to way more lawyers than anyone should have to talk to in their life: I am officially divorced.

It feels like a huge weight lifted from My shoulders and the end to an ugly legal shitstorm that went on for way too long. SO, Bella can breathe again. I already feel lighter.

Some of My friends know how much I have been looking forward to this day so long that they decided to come and help Me celebrate, just so happened there was a carnival in town. It's like the stars aligned for Me and everything, we ALL know how much I love carnivals don't we?

So My best friend Emrys came out, and burlesque starlet Morgan Fey came with Me to show some support. We did NOT have a repeat of last year, where we went to the carnival together and photographer Chris Addams forgot his camera. Photographer Brandon Stack was in the house and he actually took some really adorable photos of us together.

I of course forced everyone to go into the fun house. They had weird paintings of weird clowns on the outside and it was so creepy, I wish I could have shot porn in there.

BUT Brandon took some pretty pictures of us outside the fun house.

Things were on the upswing and life was pretty sweet. All sorts of exciting shit upcoming. But then you know the universe took a turn for the worst.

After working at Anthony's gentlemens club and coming home on a backroad country road with no breakdown lane, no streetlights and no cell reception, no gas station for an hour in either direction.....yah guess what. My car decided to break down. At 2 am. Perfect time for being stranded on the side of the road without a phone. JUST PERFECT!

Some guy who was super weird stopped and called the cops for Me. And what a surprise, the cop was sorta a dick! So middle of the night dealing with cops, not a great situation to be in. The tow to My house cost Me all the money I had made at the club that night.

And now I have no car.

I won't even go into the insane drama of the fucking tow truck guy who lied and overcharged Me or the garage guy who let My car sit for almost a week without even looking at it and then tried to charge Me storage fees...I wont go into those awful stories

I wont tell you how much MORE it cost to get it towed to the junkyard and how the money I got for it didn't even cover the tows.

Its been a sad, sad, heartbreakind day.

As I've been mostly working at the club I now have no way to get to work, so I've been super duper broke ass.

My little chihuahua, Olive, who is like My fur baby, chihuahua child, light of My life and I am utterly obsessed with loving her.

Well, teeny tiny not even 7 pound Olive got attacked by the neighbors pitbull.

It jumped the fence into the backyard trampled My garden and attacked My little dog. She was screaming like a fucking human child and My other chihuahua Rosa was trying to attack the bigger dog and save her. Then the pit had her whole little tiny body in it's mouth doing the death shake. I thought My baby was dead. I punched the dog in the face, kicked it in the ribs managed to get it off Olive and scoop her up then it came after Me as she was in My arms. The whole time I was screaming bloody murder Olive is screeching and the neighbor behind Me is hollering. She ended up calling the cops because she thought I got really hurt when I ran away with both dogs. I mean, the whole thing took about a minute but was probably the scariest minute of My life. Olive somehow got away unscathed. My car was in the shop so I had no way to get her to the emergency vet. Luckily My best friend saved the day and took us.

The neighbors who saw the whole thing called the cops so:

Cops before coffee that day

I do not recommend THAT to anyone.

After fights with the neighbors, they were still fucking screaming at me as I carried My wounded little pup away. Holy shit. WOOOOOSA in full effect!

So: Olive is on the mend now, shes off pain meds and was barking at the plumber so I think all is well in her little chihuahua world. She would of course love some get well and glad you are alive doggie gifts tho

You know The chihuahuas have their own wishlist here:

Send them some treats or a new outfit or a blingy leash or something they'll really appreciate it.

So, that was another day of work I missed and was already broke and then had a vet bill and OI, life was getting stressful for sure.

I am super happy that little Miss Wendy Michelle is coming home this weekend. I am even throwing her a party on friday July 10th

all the details for THAT can be found right here:

I even posted a little video of Wendy dancing at Club Castaway, a little teaser. Wanted to get you excited to come see her dance, check it out

she is dancing to “cherry red” used by permission by Razakel.

The video with the nudity is also super awesome and I suggest you go and buy it.

Like seriously, buy it.

Come to the party

buy a lapdance

I need anew car

I am down in the dumps so bad.

Theres a few different ways you can support Me right now.

You can purchase some CLIPS from My clips4sale store

I have been releasing some super awesome stuff that I am proud of and I would love it if you would support Me and buy some stuff.

Send some feedback, let Me know how you liked clips and what you would like to see!

Don't forget I also sell CUSTOM videos, that is where YOU get to decide what you want to see.

Wendy and I will be filming CUSTOM videos all weekend. They must be paid for in advance so if you are interested in negotiating with us for your weird fetish or script please drop a message or find more info here:

I am available for professional BDSM sessions in My newly redone studio and dungeon space. If you are interested in serving Me and training with Me please visit for more details

If you would like to CALL to discuss a possible session, or just to chat, or want some phone training, or some dirty talk....then you may call any one of My niteflirt hotlines here:

I have been camming quite a bit too since I am stuck at home

you can find Me on the streamate network: and more recently I've been playing around on Chaturbate

I however do make out the best when you schedule a custom skype show and pay Me directly. Then some big evil corporation and some old rich white guy in a suit isnt taking like half of My earnings, and that feels great

I am also selling GIFT BOXES

these range from $50-$100 and upwards and consist of a handmade gift package from yours truly

cards, love letters, collages, art projects, signed 8X10s worn stockings, shoes, socks, panties and much much more depending on your preferences

please drop Me a line and let Me know what you might be interested in!~

Thats about it, Ill have some more pics and hopefully happier sexier news after Wendy's party this weekend.

Send some love and positive vibes and gifts and support ok friends?

As always follow Me on twitter for up to the date news of when I am on cam, when I am accepting phone calls and much more

And if you wanna cheer ME up you might wanna consider sending Me something nice off of one of My wishlists here:

Planet 313 photography

The jumping off point

My life is just never dull. Even the bad parts, the worst ones are far more interesting, reflective and life changing than most peoples daily lives. At the age of 34 I think I'm finally learning to just enjoy the wild ride ride and let it take Me where it will.

Last I left you dear readers Wendy Michelle was just about to move away to Colorado...and move she did. But not before one epic night of partying at Anthony's Gentlmen's club at the going away party I threw for her.

It was good times. Burlesque starlet Morgan Fey did a special thing and came and danced at Wendy's party! It was so awesome, like old times! Only way better actually. I think if we all write her some love letters she might consider coming out to do some champagne rooms again for yall......

Go and show her some love here:

It's Wendy;s birthday week and she's en route to CO to start a new chapter in her crazy traveling lady life too so go and show her some love too:

SO, party was wild. My crew came out, Wendy's crew came out, fans came out friends, fam, lovers. Lots of My favorite folks all at one strip joint! I couldn't have been happier!

The day before I'd been in Boston for a session, and ended up having a super banging dinner by Myself and hot tubbing it up an swimming in the pool while no one was around. Obviously I took some nudes. Duh. I had big plans to shoot some video in the hotel room but then I went into a food and law and order and hotel bed coma and that was that.

I drove back to springfield MA the next day and had a bangin lunch with a dear friend and then made My way over to Anthony's for Wendy's party. Back to the party. My point was I guess the day before was excellent leading up to an excellent day after a lovely drive in the sunshine with old skool hip hop jams on cassette and then an awesome meal and THEN: this crazy fun party.

OK so some of Wendy's friends drove from near and far to surprise her and that was special and awesome to see how happy she was. Photographer Brandon Stack joined us to take pics of all the beautiful people:

Go show Brandon some love here:

Here's some of My most favorite shots of the night:

Wendy and Morgan always looking like they just got done or about to just start making out with each other. Brandon got there early and got some pics of Me pole dancing on stage too. Doing an entire stripshow actually. You can see ALL of the fb friendly photos on My facebook page:

The nudie ones yall are just gonna have to wait on, but here's some sneak peek lovin:

Wendy being sultry as fuck in the champagne room. If you had the opportunity and didn't take it, to have a champagne room with Wendy during the last few months that she'd been dancing you're a fool. I mean, you coulda done a champagne room with BOTH OF US and now she's gone forever and life will never be the same. But don't let Me get all emotional about it. Just enjoy the photos for now and think about how sorry you are you never got to chill with us naked.

Pics with some fans and some friends. And Me humping the pretty girls. It's like you should just expect that from Me by now.

THEN the most fun part probably. I brought Wendy up on stage and blindfolded her and then Sacha Thumper and Morgan Fey gave her a lap dance! LOOK how happy she was! Then we took the blindfold off...and some more strippers joined in.....then of course * I * had to join is....obviously.....

And then the crowing glory for My lil ninjette I took some faygo one of her friends had brought to her and pulled her hair back and bathed her with that shit on stage. She was lovin it, I was lovin it. The crowd was lovin think they were...they might have been confused too......

But I didn't really give a fuck cuz we were having so much fun! Smiles all around.

I kept Wendy and extra day. I wasn't ready to let her go yet. And, all I can do is think about all the things I wanted to shoot but never got to. I had plans to be super productive with shooting this summer but we got cut short. SO, she stayed an extra day...and we got to shoot something for My clips4sale store that I'd wanted to shoot ever since christmas when I gave Wendy her onsie. Yah, I gave Wendy a onsie. It was wrong in all the right ways. Fit her so snug...too snug. So I shot a video of her eating dino mac and cheese in (and out of her onsie) and coloring in jesus coloring books while in the slave closet. And also I ate mac and cheese off her boobs. And also I love My life.

Weird right? Coming from Me, the most cynical bitch ever. But My life has been pretty rich and full even when I'm down. Filled with travel and great food and great sex and attractive interesting intelligent people and sex work and money and beautiful women every day and a particular brown eyed boy with dimples and the cutest chihuahuas in the world and lazy days spent soaking up the sun at the river and exploring the berkshire mountains. YO! This I what life is all about! It's really nice to have so many “I love western MA” moments after spending such a long winter of sadness and hating this place. Having so much space and being able to spread out and have a proper writing space helps so much too. It's been a lot of work but it's paying off and feels good. The view from the dungeon window at twilight right now is realllllly gorgeous.

So yah, I get to shoot weird porn with cool chicks I have a genuine connection with and it's a super positive experience I'll miss and it makes Me love My life.

Since I'm feeling nostalgic I'll share some of the stills of the so wrong it's right video I shot:

That's gonna be available soon in My clips4sale store:

Please visit it and buy some clips. If you love Wendy like I do you'll be pleased cuz there's a whooooole lotts miss Wendy Michelle comin up the next few weeks.

Visit, favorite, buy, share, love, whatever. Do it, support the cause. Help Me keep lovin life. Because I gotta say I am super stoked now that it's warm and I can start shooting weird stuff outside again. I'm already planning an extended slave training video series with Chelsea Poe starting in July. Seems like a fitting way to shoot the new dungeon space officially for the first time right? Yah I thought so.

So: Goodbye and Good luck Wendy. I guess that was one of those things where you meet someone and you are both in each others lives for the right reasons at the right time. Maybe when she visits we'll have another party at Anthony's.....

til then::::

I DO have some cool shit planned. The first thing being a COUPLES PARTY (just like I promised in My last blog) May 31st

it's the kickoff. Couples get in free! Two for one shots from the gorgeous shot girls, two for one lap dances and champagne room deals. I am hooking it UP for couples. I love when couples come in. Helping couples have an awesome time is something I love doing. I have a bunch of dancers coming to work who also LOVE dancing for couples. One of My favorite sexy ass photographers coming with her man...yah

it's gonna be a good time. Special note that you do NOT have to be a hetero couple to enjoy this night ok!

More info on the Anthony's fb page, which I am vamping up a bit and keeping tabs on. I'm excited to be back on team Anthony's and doing some cool things there. Show us some love on facebook:

Please share and like and stuff

Now before I run off and wash the dishes and repack My stripper bag for tomorrow (cuz wendy is not here to do those things for Me anymore) lemme leave you with My schedule.

I'll be dancing, camming, taking calls on Niteflirt, and all sortsa stuff!

As always, call Me by phone here: I've been signing on ALOT and have had some super interesting and awesome conversations. AND reading to people, which I LOVE to do! Call Me maybe

I'm also trying really hard to get on the ball with camming...which will be much easier now that I have the space! And the lights and the setup and all! SO go and sign up and add Me to your favorites so you can be alerted when I come online:

AND I'll be dancing in Western MA and upstate NY too


FRIDAY May 15th I'll be at Anthony's in south Hadley MA from 6 pm til 2 am

Sat May 16th I'll be attending the first party of the season at La Domaine Esemar Guest Master DAVID LAWRENCE! Honored to be able to spend the day at the world's oldest BDSM training chateau surrounded by some of the serious greats in the scene. That was also an opportunity that just fell into My lap....see, everything seems to be falling into place.

SUNDAY May 17th I'll be dancing at Anthony's Gentlmen's club. Get there early to see the french maid stage cleaning show at 730 pm on the dot bitches! Then I'll be dancing til 2 am. The lovely Kendra is bartending and I am excited to have a low key laid back fun evening at the club.

I love sundays at the club, which is why I chose them for the couples night. I want it to be laid back and fun with classic rock and the sexiest bartender I know!

I'll also be dancing at Anthony's Friday May 22nd and Sunday May 24th and of COURSE For May 31st for the Couples night, more info on that here:

Come visit Me, show Me some love. Send Me something nice off My dance wishlist so I can later take it off for you:

Aside from all the sex work. I've been spending a lot of time out in the woods, neglecting computer work, doin shit in My yard turning soil in My garden, dangling My feet in the river and enjoying life. Imagine that! Rites of Passage Suspension Group has officially begun it's 2015 season. Exciting for Me. The first suspensions to kick it off this season were this awesome couple from eastern MA. Both first timers, both doing a suicide. They were each others support, was a beautiful thing to watch. Small, efficient crew of Me, Emrys and Brandon. Managed to get everything done safely. On point. Felt great to be working alongside Emrys again after a full year off. We still got it! Can't wait to see what kind of rigging miracles we can perform outside this year! I also can't wait to hang Myself, but until then I'm enjoying helping other people have this awesome experience. Photos by Brandon Stack.

And that's it folks, I'm gonna leave it there on a positive note. I DO have some travel plans to the west coast and further northeast planned and I'll be officially announcing them soon so stayed tuned!