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Back home in Western MA! (for now)

Sure feels pretty fuckin good! October was a crazy month filled with much travel. I spent the last week of Oct house sitting at La Domaine Esemar the country estate in upstate NY. I was really excited, coming off of a few weeks on the road to be able to relax and unwind there and planned on spending a lot of time outside in the woods. Unfortunately it rained every single fucking day that I was there. I brought stupid frou frou fluffy boots with Me that were not appropriate for gallivanting around the muddy fall new england woods.



So, I didn't get the be the nature nymph I wanted to be. It WAS nice tho the to alone out in the country with no cell reception. I did a lot of self care. Long luxurious baths in the big fancy bathtub there. Lots of reading, there's so many good books at La Domaine, I laid around eating chocolate and wearing lingerie and reading books about the psychology of power exchange. Pretty much exactly what you'd expect a Mistress would do in a dungeon while everyone is away.

I also got the chance to do some shooting. I got new shoes and a new pedicure from slave toes so I got to shoot some POV foot fetish stuff, got to do some cam shows from the dungeon, got to masturbate all over the house. I mean really, what else do you expect Me to do if I house sit for you? I also got to do some really great sessions. Cock and ball torture. Tickle torture, rope bondage, got to play with all the pretty toys in that big gigantic dungeon. I shot My first EVER footage of Me with a male slave. I really can't believe it's taken Me so many years to shoot with a male submissive. People ask all the time, just never felt right. BUT, My tickle slave is so great, and seriously weird and demented and he makes the most insane laughter when he is being tortured. I love it. You will too because all of that will be coming soon to My Clips4sale store here:

Master R who has been running La Domaine, the world's oldest BDSM training chateau for over 20 years and who is also a Master in his own right in the kitchen. Left Me all kinds of goodies. Chocolate cakes (it's like he KNEW I was bleeding) and organic veggies and this lovely piece of salmon.

I made some isreali cous cous and roasted root vegetables to go with it. Quite awesome to eat such good food and stare out the window at the woods and the birds. Master R has a lot of bird feeders and squirrels and chipmunks and adorable woodland creatures that he feeds. You can sit in the picture window in the dining room and watch. Sometimes he feeds them all like he's goddamn dungeon Master level snow white. He's got the squirrels trained..I shit you not..he squirts them with water guns and zaps them when they fuck with his woodland creature and wild bird feeding schedule. My chihuahuas LOVED it!  They curled on the couch in tiny blanket fort nests, and little Olive STARED out the window mezmerized by the birds! isn't she precious?


I got to eat very well while at La D. Here's that lovely salmon meal and a pretty dope pepper and egg sandwich I made with the leftover salmon the next day

Domesticated Pornstar status. Here's some photos of My sexy new shoes and some of the selfie camera fun I had in the guest room. Pornographic Evidence.


While I was there I also went and danced at this little stripclub I had never heard of. It's called Capital Hideaway. It is like this magical little oasis spot of a stripclub. So magical I almost don't even wanna talk about it for fear of breaking some magic spell that must be on the place. It's really so cool, has a cool history, female manager who really gives a fuck about the girls, which is a very rare thing in this industry. A nice pole! And really dope private rooms that you have to climb an old iron spiral staircase to get to. It's in the middle of're traveling along going, where the fuck am I, I must be lost...then BAM there's just this stripclub. Out in Wynantskill NY. One girl on stage at a time, which makes Me so happy, I got to dance to My choice of music which makes Me so happy. It's a juice bar, NO BOOZE, but that also means FUL NUDITY! Woohoo! I had a really great experience working there. Such a great experience that I'm going back! I'll be back

FRIDAY NOV 7th! 7 pm til 3 am

you can find more info, contact number and directions here:

I'm hoping to work there as much as possible during the holiday season so please come show some love. Since there's no booze it's also 18 and up! Bring your dollas motherfuckers!

I finally came home the day before halloween and was able to unpack, cook a meal and get a good night's sleep. On Halloween I just wasn't really feelin it this year. I tried. I put on orange and black eye makeup and cute halloween socks and went walking around by Myself in the mountains. Went antiquing, but didn't find anything I fell in love with. Went home and made some halloween cookies. Burned them. Got overly emotional about it because I was bleeding, put on fleece pajamas, and spent the night eating burnt cookies and watching My favorite horror movies. Pretty perfect.

It was good actually because the next day Bettie Bondage came to visit. She had sent Me this really beautiful 13 foot orange crush nylon lunge whip a few weeks prior. I hadn't even cracked it yet. You need like, a solid 20 foot span of open space to be able to really throw lunge whips, I had planned on practicing at La Domaine, but then the rain ruined that. We had photographer Zennifer come out, and I brought everyone to one of My favorite old forgotten cemeteries from the 1800s. Can you believe it, it was fucking raining! It was cold and dreary...Bettie and I even contemplated not shooting, BUT damn am I glad we did. We decided to just go for it. Bettie is a trooper so we went out in the rain and I got to throw the orange lunge whip and Bettie looked beautiful and I tore up her thighs and ass. I put a special little love knot in the end of it just for her<3 it was her birthday weekend! We shot some video that we'll use for My clips4sale store #77669, it's great, you can hear the rain drop, hear the long whip cutting through the air and that scary noise it makes. Shot in HD. I am so excited about the stuff I've been shooting. It's really nice to feel so excited about porn again, and to not feel pressure to make any certain kind, and just do what the fuck I want. THANK YOU to all of My awesome and loyal fans and weirdos who keep BUYING My shit so I can afford to keep making it. I appreciate it more than you know. As always please keep checking out the clips store it's updated pretty much every single goddamn day!

Zennifer gave Me JUST a few of the stills she took and I screamed with glee. They are exactly how I wanted them. I don't think Bettie has ever looked more beautiful. Majestic lesbian domination in the berkshire hills. Enjoy:



If you enjoyed those you may want to thank Bettie by sending her a nice birthday gift of her wishlist here:

I bet she sends nice dirty photos as thank yous.

You can also support her by visiting her clips4sale store too:

The next day we had a lovely brunch and went and stuffed ourselves full of an insane amount of food. It honestly wasn't even that good, but we ate it anyway. Then she went away covered in melts with a sore ass from Mistress Bella Vendetta and had family birthday dinner.

My life is wonderful.

Later that day I was lounging around My house, thinking how I didn't really want to get back to real life, looking at the 807 (no joke) emails I had to reply to and wondering where to start, My house? The email? Writing? So I did what any hard working american would do...I mindlessly scrolled through facebook. I came across some news tho, Mortals, this metal band that I love from NY was playing albany Ny at this little venue I sort of loved and it was a FREE show. It's like the procrastination gods were smiling on Me! I'm not too psyched these days anymore about going to shows alone, so I got a hold of My friend Amie, who is this adorable rockabilly chick who I'm going to have model for My website real soon: and she came with Me to the show.

Actually, here we are being adorable at the show:


I was so excited to be able to see Mortals, I'd been following their shit ever since I got turned onto them and kept trying to find a show I could go to. But our schedules were always opposite, they were in Boston when I was in NY, they played fucking Northampton on this tour and I missed it! So the venue was not this awesome little venue I loved anymore. It sort of sucked at life. It was freezing. Like, if your bartender is wearing a jacket maybe you might wanna turn the heat on? They shut down the big part of the venue and had this little dumb stage you might see like, in someones basement. In fact I've actually seen better stages in someones basement. The sound was also not awesome. However none of this stopped Mortals from being awesome. I can't wait to go see em somewhere with a stage and sound system to equally match their awesomeness. I had tweeted My way into a last minute interview with them (because I am incapable of doing a simple thing like going to a metal show to just hang out and have fun, I need to somehow weave work into it) and I was really stoked about it. I had lost My lust for metal interviews a long time ago and wasn't sure I'd ever get it back. Meeting bands you love is always sort of tricky. If they suck it's a huge let down. I am here to tell you that Mortals do not suck. In addition to being a badass metal band they are also super smart hilarious and charming women. So charming in fact that I invited them to come stay at My house. It's a rare event I let someone I just met know where I love and come spend the night but...MORTALS! HAHA, and we had fun. I got My interview. Lit by candle all gloomy and whiskey soaked. It was perfect. I THINK I may have found a home for the interview but I don't wanna jinx it so I'm not saying anything yet.

As always: follow Me on social media to keep up with the day to day insanity, interviews and articles as they come out, pics of My feet, what I'm cooking and when I'm shaving My pussy:

Because I didn't feel like I had been gluttonous enough at sunday brunch, monday we all went out to breakfast and I ate too much again. Here we are at My favorite 50s diner.


You should check out Mortals here:

That brings us up to today. Today I got to speak at Williams College to the sexual economies class.

It was really very special for Me because it's the first time I've gotten to speak to students IN Berkshire County. One time I spoke to Berkshire Community College students but it wasn't even IN Berkshire County. So, that felt great. The students were also really bright and had thoughtful questions. The syllabus to the class is so radical, I wish I got to take this class! They had just come back from NYC for a Red Umbrella SWOP event. It's very validating to see sex work talked about as real and legitimate work. It's inspiring to see open minded teachers committed to progressive education. It gets Me amped!

I am back on campus again on the 19th for a different topic and a different group of students. That one will be really good too I think.

This month does not slow down at all. There's multiple chances for you to meet Me,

starting with tomorrow:

Nov 7th I'm at Capital Hideaway 7 pm til 3 am dancing at this full nude non alchoholic stripclub. I got a new neon green dress to match My glittery neon green shoes My slave gave Me, I'm excited to see how it glows in the balcklight. They let Me pick My own songs there so I'm gonna get to take My clothes off to 70s rock and 90s metal.

Nov 8th I am shooting with Goddess Martine Phoenix: Chris Addams is coming along for that ride so expect some beautiful stills.

Nov 9th I'm shooting with Burlesque star Morgan Fey we'll be shooting with ShredBoy Studios: so I am really excited about that. Will be nice to work with some new talent in Western MA. We will be shooting some promo shots for our event Nov 21st!

FRIDAY Nov 21st I will be performing burlesque at the LEAFING CANCER BEHIND event:

Morgan Fey will also be performing. It's a wonderful event with 100% of the proceeds going to breast cancer research! I love getting naked for a good cause!

I'll be performing a solo act and then doing a show with Morgan Fey! I have some pretty exciting ideas and can't wait to unveil them at this event! There's also going to be raffles with tons of awesome prizes from area businesses, live music and much more. I hear every year what a great party this is and I'm pretty honored they asked Me to come perform. Please come out and support a good cause!

8 pm Nov 29th at Maximum Capacity in Chicopee, MA

Tickets are only $5! available in advance or at the door

you can find much more information here:

Nov 13 I am speaking at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston MA to speak to some social workers about understanding sex work and fetishes. I have some time available for professional BDSM sessions in the Boston area Nov 14th

If you are interested in serving Me during My trip please visit

Nov 15th I'll be in NYC for this awesome film festival: Hopefully I'll get to rendezvous with My beloved Jiz lee the next day I get to shoot with Courtney Trouble I have an artporn film noir in mind that I think all of our fans will be quite pleased with.

Nov 21st I am speaking at UMASS Amherst in the morning before My burlesque show that evening and also have some time in between for professional BDSM sessions in the western MA greater pioneer valley area.

Nov 24th I am taking over Little' Mel's awesome Podcast “No Boundaries” I'm going to have special guest Courtney trouble on to chat with Me and we'll be discussing academia and porn! A hot topic apparently for Me this month!

You can find out all the info for that here: Even Xbiz is talkin about it!

Nov 29th I'll be dancing a day shift at the world famous Club Centerstage in downtown springfiled MA from noon til 7 pm

That's all folks, bedtime for Me, need My beauty rest so I can twerk the night away tomorrow!

Planet 313 photography

Another October Blog!

I say that like it's a bad thing...oh sigh, another October blog. But in reality I'm excited. I've managed to do more than one blog a month, am trying REALLY hard to keep up with you guys. I do appreciate all the feedback, fanmail, and even some of the more entertaining hate mail I get. I haven't been keeping up with as much as I should, but I DAO have a whole folder of stuff marked for that site. On the flipside of that, I've received some really nice polite letter of introduction, and am happy to say I have added a few more slaves into My stable this month. I'm looking forward to teaching, learning, growing and training with these lucky few.

Being a lifestyle Domina is sometimes a tricky balance, you constantly have people transitioning in and out of your life. I'm at a particularly good point with it I feel. I have been extremely selective about which sessions I accept and whom I give My time to.

Putting that energy into the world has allowed Me to train with a higher caliber of individual. And the Universe, tho she has fucked with Me a lot in the last few years, finally feels like she's being kind to Me.

I got the extreme pleasure of being able to attend Bindercon, a symposium for women writers in NYC.

It was a pretty magical experience. Because of the insanity going on in My personal life I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to make it up until a few days beforehand. Plans were very up in the air and kept changing, and finally I just said FUCKIT and drove My shitty car to NJ packed with My dogs, and a bunch of paperwork and My computer and tons of clothes. In september things were really crazy for Me, and I had a “in case shit hits the fan” bag prepacked. I hadn't looked at it in like, a month and that's what I took to NJ with Me. Which made for interesting surprises in wardrobe. Business casual would probably have been best, but I was rocking knee socks and mini skirts and combat boots. So what. I was THAT girl all weekend.

Because of the groups of people I hang out with, ya know: bikers, pornstars, circus folks, tattoo artists, it is not very often that I am the weirdest one in the room. But we were at NYU, lots of academia nerds and well dressed women. I was also on a scholarship there, and there were definitely times when I felt like, that weird pornstar charity case. It was weird! The first few hours and workshops/panels there everyone kept asking Me, “what do you write?” That became the question of the weekend. I never quite knew what to say. Um, blogs about My life in the dungeon, safe sex and std harm reduction essays, interviews with metal bands, commentary on the adult industry, poetry, hate mail, screen plays, clip descriptions, I mean, if I said one thing I had to say em all. And I wasn't sure how people would react to Me saying, oh I'm a pornstar, or oh I'm a sex worker.

You never know how people are going to react. And I was by Myself, I didn't have a hot tattooed posse like I usually do. I think I told some people some generic stories, none of them were untrue, I was just testing the waters.

I DID have one fellow bme freak with Me, Lindsey Likes Cats of Under the Rum Tree Photography

you may remember her from this blog I wrote: where we got together and shot some clown porn in an abandoned building. I have known Lindsey for a really long time via the scene, back in the days of IAM, which won't mean anything to you unless you were also a part of IAM. So basically, we met because of My friend Shannon Larrat, founder of BME who as many of you know passed away two years ago. We hadn't really hung out solo before but we did that shoot and I had such a good time working with her that I recommended her to Bindercon as a photographer. SO: she got the gig! And we got to roll together to and from NJ and everyday to NYU.

It was really inspiring to be there. So many different women who all did such different things. Everyone was SO welcoming and so nice, by the end of the first day I had totally relaxed. In fact at the mixer that night I started just telling people that I was a sex worker. Guess what, nobody cared.

It was national coming out day the next day anyway, so I figured if there was anywhere I could openly exclaim that I was a part about the sex industry AND still get taken seriously as a writer it was at this conference.

By the second day I had let go of all the bullshit I was holding onto from the drama back home. I was just there, and totally present. And nerdy and taking notes and had met some really wonderful people. I know it's hard for some people to get, that I am rather shy. Because you know, I take My clothes off onstage in front of hundreds of people and I fuck on film. But, I am rather an introvert.

Lindsey and I joked that it was a convention of introverts. How awesome. I mean, EVERYONE was shy! Everyone was nervous and pushing themselves out of their shells. It was really pretty magical.

Everyone was encouraging and open with information.

I have been in the porn industry for so long that I forgot it's not always like that. It's not always cut throat with people wishing for you to fail and stepping on your neck to get ahead. Before you write Me hate mail, I know that isn't true for all of the adult industry, I certainly have developed a lovely little family and community of sex workers who I would be lost without.

For so many years now every time I write something it's, PORNSTAR BELLA VENDETTA WRITES A RECIPE! PORSNSTAR BELLA VENDETTA INTERVIEWS WATAIN! Or whatever the case may be. It was really nice to be Bella, a writer, who was also involved in the adult industry and that was intriguing, instead of defining.

There were so many specific highlights it'd be hard to choose a few to write about, each panel, each connection and each experience was really special to Me. I felt super lucky to be able to be the token tatted up pornstar, haha. Thank you so much to Lux Alptraum for all of her hard work and for letting Me be a part of this.

The day after the convention I got some soul crushing really depressing news that put Me into bed all day sad. I was so bummed because I wanted to hold onto the magic of the convention, but I guess with any successful convention of any sort, post convention depression is inevitable. Wasn't a really good convention unless you get super depressed that you're not there anymore. Like every bme event ever.

I also wanted to bring up the strange circle and how I met Lindsey and stuff because this weird thing happened. I brought a notebook with Me to take notes. I took My notebook out during the only class that I actually took notes in: (which was Laura Shins lecture, she's so fucking awesome btw)

and I'm flipping through and I find all these notes about Shannon Larratt and bme.

Right after Shannon had committed suicide I had promised Lux that I would write a piece about him for The problem was I didn't stop crying for so long and I was so sad that writing it was really hard. I ended up getting My shit together enough to come up with this piece:

Just seeing it there brought up a lot of feels, and then having Lindsey there taking photos, and us exchanging old bme stories.

Laura Shin nonchalantly brought up some things that hit close to home for Me. Why should YOU write this story.

I mean guys come on, let's face it. I have had a crazy fucking life! I mean, I had to take a break from writing this blog to take a phone call from a slave in Egypt! I need to write My own stories because I am the only one living them!

Actually, read about that ridiculous exchage here:

I do have stories. Alot of em, you couldn't even make this shit up. And while, I never wanna turn into the type of person who USED to be a sex worker and now makes a living off of the fact that they USED to be a sex worker....I am finding My focus shifting as I get older.

I very much feel like everything is falling into place, it's all happening for a reason. Being at Bindercon, mourning My friend, visiting My family in Nj after all this insanity and back and forth each day.

It was an intense whirlwind trip to NY. I loved every second of it. Right down to drunkenly flirting with cute pretty boy boxer from the Dominican when Lindsey and I closed the afterparty down

(they LEFT a pile of drink tickets there, what kind of monsters do you think we are!)

It was the second time I believe ever in My life that I did a NY trip NOT for the purpose of working and making money. The first time was when I went to My photographer Atom Moore's gallery show at Sacred Gallery honoring the life of our brother and member of Rites of Passage Suspension Group, Zidney Fiendish. It featured some really old school photos of Zid performing fire at the very first launch party in NYC 2003. It made Me cry. I didn't work. I just took some days off and hung out with My friends and it was the best Ny trip ever.

So, this time I just focused on being there, being present, not being distracted by the phone, didn't even turn My computer on just looked, listened, wrote, and then ate really REALLY fucking good food with My family!

As such, I sort of failed on the picture front. I'm sorry. I did take a few on My phone, and Lindsey took one drunken selfie of us too:


SO, after Bindercon, I drove back to MA with My chihuahuas and all My stuff. I was home long enough to unpack the car, spend the afternoon in the woods (which is something I MUST do after spending that long in the concrete jungle)

I gotta, ya know, get My feet in the grass. Drink some water out of a stream or something. In this case I went to an old cemetery from the 1800s and shot some foot feitsh porn.

I have a new foot slave (holla slave toes!) who bought Me this sexy bronze pedicure. I'll be having My girl Julie Simone edit it for Me and have it ready for My #clips4sale store soon

Then I pretty much packed My car back up, packed the chihuahuas back up and got back in the car for the next roadtrip. Got to sleep in My bed for one night!

I was off to springfield, where I was staying with My homegirl Jersey (funny right, just came from Jersey then I was chilling with Jersey, what are the odds)

on the way there My ear hurt really fukin bad. It had hurt the night before too I attributed it to the way My glasses were sitting on it. I wanted to have enough time to stop and get My glasses adjusted, but I was strapped for time as it was, and I didn't wanna leave the dogs in the car.

SO dropped My doggies off with the doggie sitters, and then fetish model Wendy Michelle and I drove to Worcester for the Rock and shock pre party show


I bought these tickets right when they came out, and I was glad too because it was sold out!

So many people! The palladium was packed. It's one of My favorite venues and I have a lot of great memories of it. I was wearing this really cute skirt that was waiting for Me from My wishlist when I got home from NY. LOVED it!

Again, I pretty much failed with photos. I was too caught up in the moment.

Wendy and I fought our way to a pretty good location, and happened to be next to these guys who were also super into King Diamond and screaming every word.

I have a lot of thoughts about this show. For many years now I have been so spoiled, and going backstage, or in the press box, or even ON stage during some of My most favorite metal acts. I'm a spoiled rotten bitch what can I say. I'm Bella Fuckin Vendetta, I got it like that.

But apparently not like that like that, because I had no pull for a King interview or press pass or anything fancy. I bought My tickets just like all the other little people. They were expensive too!

But, My point is: Metal shows are not very friendly to two little, tiny chicks there by themselves. It's hard to get a good spot. People try to muscle past you and throw you around, dudes who are like eight feet tall will push you aside like a rag doll and stand right the fuck in front of you. There's no chivalry in metal, and there are no gentlemen. What they don't know tho, is that I wear steel toed boots for a reason, and I am not afraid to throw elbows and call people out for being dickheads too. So Wendy and I had a decent view. He played every single song I could have ever wanted to hear. The sound was SO good, the vocals were literally perfect. I was so impressed with all of it. The lame thing about metal shows in 2014 is that everyone and their mother has a damn cell phone held up that they are recording shitty cell phone footage of.

I didn't do that. But the guys in front of Me did that. I just found this video, and I think it's maybe the guy who was in front of us, LOL

I didnt know if I should share that, because you're not supposed to film there, and I am all for artists being paid for their work and not stealing from them and respecting boundaries

so with that said, if you watch that: go and support King Diamond

even if you don't LIKE King Diamond...I DO and you can buy Me some King merchandise and I would be really happy

in Fact a new re issue box set is coming out really soon and you could do your part to keep artists in business by buying it for Me.

Consumerism come full circle.

Anyway, I took these ridiculous photos. Wendy met her friend Molly who was an old aol chat friend at King Diamond so I took a picture of them taking a selfie, and then we all tried to take a selfie together and it didn't go very well:

I also took this picture after the show with one of My fans Duncan, who is an awesome metal head!

Here we are lookin like a couple of sweaty metal heads who just got our mind blown into oblivion by King motherfucking Diamond!


I ALSO ran into the dudes from Skeletonwitch! I had actually met them a few years earlier at the Palladium in worcester, they had a random night off, and who would miss a King Diamond tour?

You can actually read the interview I did with them when we met here:

I actually saw all kinds of people I know. It was a wonderful time, I still can't believe how good it was, I want to go see him again!

The next day I awoke and My ear was hurting really, REALLY bad, throbbing in fact. SO I went to check it out, and discovered I had a motherfucking TICK embedded on the ridge of My ear! I tried not to freak out, and had Jersey get it out with tweezers, but it was so swollen she couldn't get it all. I decided I should be safe and went to the ER, where they opened My ear up and got it all out and hurt Me very badly in the process. They also cross contaminated everything and I feared for My life because all I could think about was the germs and how much blood there must be in those rooms no one ever properly cleans up. GROSS. They gave Me antibiotics, and big strong dose of em, and after only like 2 hours of sleep and a trip to the emergency room I finally got some sleep for a little bit.

Later that night was My girl Jerseys bday celebration, I was her sober driver and drove her around brought her out to a nice dinner at Adolfos in springfield, MA

YUM! Christmas is coming, gift certificates for here are much appreciated! It's so gangster in there! Like, literal gangsters having lunch HAHAH, I loved it, also excellent food.

BUT, The insanity did not end there.

The day after THAT I danced at the world famous Club Centerstage in downtown springfield, MA

Someone don't know who, because they never made themselves known....sent Me a REALLY pretty stripper dress of My wishlist and I got to wear it, once again tho, I failed at pictures, I'm sorry.

I also used My bindercon tote to sling feminist porn at the stripclub, which felt very appropriate:


I worked day shift with little Wendy Michelle, made some money, continued Jerseys birthday celebration and THEN went to see GWAR back in Worcester.


I mean, it was Gwar so it was still entertaining. I was very excited to see this new “lead singer” Vulvatron. A FEMALE lead of a well known metal band? I was sure if anyone could pull it off it'd be Gwar, plus I had hear that she squirts blood out of her tits.

So, she wasn't exactly a lead singer, she was more like....a sexy distraction from how bad they actually were. And yah she shot blood out of her tits, but she literally just....came from backstage with her tits bared, squirting blood, people cheered, then she went backstage and put he top back on.

I've seen Gwar probably ten times in my life. There's always a show, a play, it's theater. It's ridiculous but it somehow makes sense. There's generally no spewing of blood just for the sake of spewing, I dunno, I wasn't too impressed. And it made Me miss Oderus, and I feel bad for everyone who hasn't seen Gwar before and who now has to see the new incantation of them. It looked very much like they were going thru the motions. And the best song all night was the one of Dave Brockie projected onto a screen in the beginning.

Luckily I had much better seats for Gwar than King Diamond, I didn't have to fight My way up there cuz I had no real interest in being drenched by fake blood. I'm sorry I'm too old for that. Besides, I'm drenched with real blood enough in my life that that doesn't excite Me too much.

I digress.

So: the day after Gwar (are you still following, I still hadnt been home yet)

I went to Kimber Doll's wedding.

I DID take photos but I'm not going to post them here, those are special not for your eyes.

But it was beautiful and small and I cried. Yes, I cried at her wedding. She looked so beautiful and so happy.
I WILL show you this selfie I took in the bathroom tho, because the bathroom at this country club was aaaaawesome!


And after the wedding I packed the dogs up and packed My car again and drove home thru some janky ass back roads with no cell reception and somehow made it home before 2 am.

Then I slept in My bed for one night


I am dungeon sitting (which is sort of like house sitting but way more fun) for the world's oldest BDSM training chateau

La Domaine Esemar

Finally getting a chance to reflect and write, answer some emails and get some work done

I have some sessions here, and availability for more.

You can even call Me up on the dungeon phone if you'd like to discuss the possibility of training with Me.

I will be available for sessions here til the 27th

visit for more info about serving Me

Since I'm out here in upstate NY I'm considering dancing at one of the stripclubs near Albany NY...would you guys come and see Me?

Please keep up with Me on social media because I will post about it there and let everyone know where they can come see Me!

and as always keep up with My clips 4 sale store, which has been being updated almost every single day with new video content!

Planet 313 photography

Octo Blogo

Octo blogo

See guys, I promised you it wouldn't be that long til I wrote another blog. And even tho it's been a few weeks I'm stayin more on top of it. I took some very much needed time OFF this september to deal with some family issues and it was very intense. So unlike every other month when I'm running around like a maniac instead I spent a lot of time alone and out in the woods, which is exactly what I needed.

I DID do some cool stuff tho!

I even have a new model to introduce you to! Her name is Kitten Envy. She's just fukin adorable. She meows. I mean just LOOK at how adorable she is


She is a friend of Chris Addams and Wendy Michelle's and she was visiting and mentioned how she likes ropes so I offered to tie her up. Naturally. THAT is what you do when pretty girls nonchalantly mention they like rope. So Photographer Chris Addams of came along and I brought them to one of My favorite abandoned's a secret place I only bring special people to. And we got our kink on.

I tied up envy in some pretty burgundy rope, and then put this pretty brand new scary dental gag into her pretty mouth. See how happy she looks tied up and gagged? We did some fun playing, I got to flog her nicely with My horsehair whip, and then we did another fun thing I only do with special people. I choked her with a noose. She liked it. And I like pretty girls who like to be choked. And I like choking pretty girls who enjoy being choked. So that was fun for everyone I think. Chris took pictures, Wendy Michelle took some video and I'll be releasing a bts video on My clips4sale store later on!


You'll be seeing a lot more of Envy in My blog, I just have this feeling. You can go and love her on facebook:

While we are also on the subject of pretty pictures, I got some more pretty pictures back for a shoot I did for and I am going to share them here with you before they even go live on the site!


So: as you can see I've been pretty busy being kinky and documenting it on film. It's a pretty good life I lead, I am happy with it, no matter how crazy it seems at times, unpredictable and bananas, I don't think I'd change it for the world.

Take this month for instance.

THIS SUNDAY! Oct 5th I will be appearing at the world famous Club Centerstage in downtown springfiled, MA.

7 pm til 2 am, I'll be there dancing with Wendy Michelle and some of My other favorite house dancers! My most favorite bartender is gonna be there and I can't wait to see you all

please check out for more info and details

I was REALLY hoping to get some new stripper dresses. If I get spoiled with new stripper dresses I think I'll want to dance like, ALOT this month, like maybe even 3 or 4 times, see that, that's how I spoil you right back! So if you want to spoil Me with some stripper dresses you can find a whole bunch of em on My wishlist here:

If you have new stripper dresses you sort of also need new stripper SHOES! And I'm in need of some pretty bad. I wanna dance, and I love being spoiled with gorgeous shoes, but there's really only specific ones I can dance in. So if you visit My FOOT FETISH only wishlist you can read the comments and see where I write...need for dancing, for a specific shoot etc... and you can find that here:

I'm also really in need of a new set of kitchen knives AND a new cutting board. These are all important items in My world, stripper dresses, cutting boards and sharp knives. I have a whole different wishlist JUST for foodie items, and you can find that here:

Thru October I'm going to offer a little incentive. Anyone who spends $100 or over on wishlist items such as stripper shoes and dresses I can wear at the club, will get a free thank you skype session where I dance a lil and show you what I got, 10-20 min chat striptease, it'll be fun I promise!

Anyone who spends $100 or more on knives/chopping block/deep fryer/ useful things I need in My kitchen, will receive a free ONE HOUR skype show of Me cooking and hanging out with yo in My kitchen. I've done these before and it's REALLY fun! So I hope some people jump on this and take advantage and hang out with Me during My favorite holiday season! I'll be in my kitchen bakin pumpkin pies! Wooo! These cooking shows dont generally involve nudity, and you just get to hang out with Me, but I am fun and sexy and flirty and Ill tease ya anyway I promise <3 Cooking with Bella Vendetta! FALL IN NEW ENGLAND! I AM SO STOKED!

If you DO send some gifts and are interested in this exchange please drop Me an email to let Me know!

I JUST cut up a little sugar pumpkin tonight. Roasted some of it to make pumpkin pies with, sorted the guts and rind to make pumpkin stock with, and then made some garlic sesame chili roasted pumpkin seeds! Yowza! I got the fall pumpkin fever! I might make pumpkin pancakes for breakfast or something crazy

Anyway, I got distracted

back to My schedule

Ok, so Sunday Oct 5th at Club Centerstage

I will be in NYC Oct! I will be there for Oct 11-12 to attend BinderCon! I am super stoked and proud to say that I will be there.

It is a symposium for women writers! So many inspiring women will be there I can't wait! I will not be available for ANYTHING those two days as I want to be able to turn My brain off and focus and absorb the information and relax and have a good time.

I WILL be available in NYC for My friends to take Me out for dinners and drinks maybe.

I am making Myself available for foot sessions, SPH sessions, and findom sessions only. It is also a good time to book a meet and greet, coffee Q&A or formal dinner with Mistress. I am available for these meetings Oct 10 and 13. Possibly could be lured into staying til the 14 or 15 if there's enough incentive for Me.

To arrange a meeting please visit for more details and to find contact info. And email: with a formal, polite leter of introduction, not some dumb shit like, how much baby, or u do xtras? That is NOT a polite letter of introduction to send to a Pro Domme you wish to serve. If this confuses you visit and see some examples of idiots I have mocked and humiliated for not knowing how to act.

GOOD NEWS for western MA/Tri State area folks.

I will be dungeon sitting for the world's oldest BDSM training chateau, la Domaine Esemar outside of Albany NY for a whole week!

From Oct 21-27 I will be available for sessions in the multi room, fully equip dungeon space. For this week ONLY I may be willing to waive My deposit protocol since there will be no travel involved on My part. Take advantage subbies! This is only applicable if you can write a proper letter of introduction, have done your homework on Me and are fully prepared to train and serve!

Please visit to learn about the etiquette and protocol of the space. It is truly beautiful with more toys than I could have time to play with!

I am most interested in doing some extremely sadistic things in the dungeon's medical fetish room. Play piercing sessions please! Scary sexy dentist sessions please!

There is also a gorgeous space with tons of wigs, makeup, outfits and more for sissification, cross dressing and transformation sessions.

There's a lovely array of implements, cages, crosses, whipping posts, and much much more.

Come out and play with Mistress Bella!

And then it's Halloween....and I haven't any plans for Halloween yet....

which means there's still plenty of time for another blog this month!

As always, please keep up with My Clips4sale store. Julie Simone and I have been working REALLY hard on it, it's updated every single day. There's been some really great stuff going up, old skool burlesque performances from back in the day, bts from fetish photoshoots, nail fetish videos, clips featuring Wendy Michelle, Joanna Angel, Draven Star and Lady Elizabeth from My GUNFUCKED series I have slowly been releasing. I'm stoked on it, I wish you would be too! Please support Me! Buy some clips so I can keep making them because My life is so rad I want to keep going with the insanity and see what comes next!


here's some stills from some of My fetish clips:


as always you can follow Me on twitter: Instagram: Bella Vendetta, Tumblr: and facebook: to see when I release teasers and stills as I put out new videos!

See you next time lovers! <3 BV

photo by Jeremy Saffer

summer of 2014

WOW. It's been two months since I blogged. Wow. Holy shit. I don't have any excuse, I have never gone that long without blogging/journaling, in over a decade at least. It's out of hand. So many things have happened and I kept making lists of things to include in the blog and then I'd set aside time to blog and then life would happen and I never got the chance to write about it.

Summer was intense!

It was filled with lots of great western MA memories. It's just been go go go since I got home from cali, I miss cali and cannot wait to go back. For sure gonna spend some serious west coast time during this bitter winter we got comin over here in the east.

I've been keeping a list of things that have happened that I wanna mention in this blog, but then I keep losing it so I'm just gonna go off the cuff here and list some of the best moments:

The biggest best thing that's been a long time coming and is ongoing excitement, is the launch of My Clips4sale store!

I know I know, I launched it afew months back, but since then AVN hall of famer Julie Simone has taken over My editing and running the store and it's now being updated every single motherfuckin day!

It's exciting

so exciting AVN news even put put a press release about it

checkit here:

You can check out the store here:


Some of the exciting stuff that has come out there for sale recently are clips from live performances with Draven Star! Some of My early burlesque shows, Boot fetish clips shot by Julie Simone, smoking fetish clips, Me spanking Julie Simones glorious ass, some lost scenes from NYC with Bob Coulter, cake sploshing and lots more. It's exciting.

I've also been all up in Niteflirt. I've found that I sort of love it. I know I've posted before about how much I love just doing conversations, chats and Q&A with My fans. It's been really fun. I have multiple hotlines set up so you can call for various purposes, like just Q&A, BDSM< foot fetish, financial domination and much more. I know that's exciting and all, but what's even MORE exciting is that I've been releasing a whole bunch of never before seen content, videos and mostly photosets there. Some super old (I'm talking 2003) clown porn, exclusive foot fetish selfies and a whole lot more. It's exciting!

You can check it out by visiting My profile here:

Let's talk about some other cool press related stuff that's happened now ok?

Well, I wrote some reviews for The Crash pad queerporn site and that was really fun. Like, it was My job to watch porn, I loved it. You can read all about what I had to say here:

I also had a new article go up on Thought Catalog. It's about how much I love music and how I still love to buy albums and I think I am a dying breed, in other words, I am a music elitist. Yep. You can read the Thought Catalog piece here;

and you can read the original piece complete with photos of Me untouched by editors on My tumblr,

as always follow Me on Tumblr for daily sneak peaks of released photosets and videos on clips4sale.

And! Another cool article just came out! So a few months ago I started this article called "so you wanna shoot soem content trade" and around the same time queer pornsytar Jiz Lee was writing an article on the same very subject for XBIZ Magazine. So naturally they asked Me if I might have some wise words to share. It's a pleasure to be quoted in this piece alongside some really atlented performers I respect and admire. Jiz's article appears in the print issue of XBIZ Magazine and is also publsihed today on pinklabel tv You can check out the article here, which also has links to My original article as well!

Wanna know what else exciting happened?

Julie Simone's film “Deconstructed Beauty” which I did the faial piercings for, got shown at a film festival in Budapest! Uper exciting! I was very proud of her.

Some other cool stuff happened too!

Like, the Western Massachusetts Power Exchange asked Me to come teach a class. So on Aug 6th I got to do a cross contamination, disinfection and harm reduction for shared dungeon spaces for the WMPE folks. What a wonderful group of kinky friends! I had a blast. I was worried at first, sometimes teaching those classes is hard and people are argumentative and want to tell you how theyve been doing it this way forever and don't wanna listen to any new information. BUT WMPE folks were not like that at all. They were attentive and took notes and asked thoughtful questions and we ended up having a greta conversation. I was very happy indeed.

Here's a little snapshot I took after My talk, you might recognize burlesque star Morgan Fey looking gorgeopus as ever.


Speaking of photos, I know you've probably all missed My weekly photos here on My blog. Not to fret, I shot quite a bit this summer! I shot this fun set in the river with photographer Zennifer, I haven't gotten them all yet but here's some little teasers, jeans feitsh, dirty muddy feet, what's not to love.  I'm wearing these super sexy new DC skate sneakers sent to Me by foot slave ben!  Thanks Ben I fucking am in love with these sneakers!


On the other end of the art spectrum I also got to finally do a shoot with Under the Rum Tree Photography, aka My friend Lindsey, Lindsey is a cool old skool friend from the bme days, and she loves exploring abandoned buildings, a woman after My own heart! You can check out her work here:

The Wallpaper Sessions watermark 1
The Wallpaper Sessions watermark 2
The Wallpaper Sessions watermark 3
The Wallpaper Sessions watermark 4
The Wallpaper Sessions watermark 5

I'm only leaking afew, you'll have to wait for the rest to be released, but I am super pleased with them and love the way they came out. YUS, more clown porn, always more clown porn!

This location is one of My most favorite spots to shoot in in western MA , I'll be shooting there AGAIN thursday, this time with Chris Addams and fetish model Envy Kitten, ropes will be involved, Be excited.

I'll leave you with one more photo. I got the chance to go back and make a special guest appearance at Club Castaway in Whateley MA the other week, was tons of fun and I think I'll be back at least one more time this season!


I pinky swear that I will never go this long without blogging again, I can't promise that I'll get back to My weekly blogging schedule, cuz shit is hectic right now, but I will definitely keep up to date more and share things as they happen instead of months afternoonsI love you guys, I truly do, couldn't do what I do without the support from fans and the community around Me.

It's a very special life I am blessed to be leading thank you for making it possible.

Planet 313 photography

upcoming events for summer 2014!

Upcoming events for summer 2014

prepare yourself, cuz there's ALOT of em!

I'm already a bit late with this blog because some things I had meant to blog about already happened.

Well: ONE: I danced! It had been a while since I danced at the stripclub and I had a REALLY fun time. I didn't really take any photos, sorry I failed at that. As you may have seen from a previous blog entry, I made the huge mistake of leaving My camera bag with ALL of My cameras in the back of My friends car from nyc after suspensions. Shit affects you even if you aren't the one hanging.

I did take this one for instagram, and My friend sacha took this one of us together that night! I'm wearing a dress that Jersey made Me wear, and I loved it. I wanna wear it again to cam in and do filthy things in. stay tuned til the end of the blog to hear about when I'll be dancing again!


I also got the esteemed honor of attending the schwanendreher aka “human roast” at the world's oldest BDSM training chateau, La Domaine Esemar in upstate NY.

At La Domaine they have abig spit in the backyard for willing human piggies and dolcett fetishists alike to explore their carnal side. First We prepared the meat (lovingly naked skirt steak by Head Mistress Couple) Master R and I sectioned out the cuts, as you can see. And then Miss Couple and Mistress in training Stella in furs basted the slave with a delicious bbq/beer baste. Both Dominas were wearing matching American Flag swimsuits. It was quite the scene I assure you. Luckily there was a photographer there from brooklyn who documented the whole thing. Even more photos and a deeper experience write up about the bbq coming soon. Might even be worthy of a publication, just have to figure out the right one....

I got to cook and cook too! Turkey burgers with spinach and green salsa and oatmeal mixed in. organic beef hot dogs, Master R made homade mayo! I made potato salad, dressed some summer greens, made red cabbage and cauliflower and carrot cole slaw, roasted some corn in the fire, and some fresh baby beets, fruits chips, an amazing feast!

anyhow: Here's a few teaser photos!


So, that was My 4th of July weekend, how was yours? I also watched fireworks. Naked. From the comfort of My couch..had a PERFECT view. I ate talenti belgian milk chocolate gelato, which is My new favorite thing and really enjoyed life as an american sex worker.

SO, that brings us to NOW.

The next few days until saturday I'll be camming in the afternoons and possibly at night....definitely at night if you'd like to book Me for a custom skype show.

Otherwise you can find Me on add Me to your favorites and be alerted to when I am online!

I';; also be signed in to NITEFLIRT a lot! So please hit Me up there. It's sort of My new favorite thing. Even if I am not signed in and accepting phone calls, as long as it is a reasonable hour (not 530 fucking AM like some idiots) you can call My line and I'll answer, if I'm busy I can let you know and we can schedule a good time for a phone call. I have tons of different hotlines set up AND I've been uploading some photosets and videos there! Alot of people have been asking Me for pee videos...and I've been spending a lot of time in the woods, by streams and rivers, so I've taken to filming Myself peeing into rivers...and sharing it with all of you! Aren't I so thoughtful!

You can take a look for yourself to see what I have available...

even some prerecorded content of Me reading lesbian erotica vampire bedtime stories.

I know, I AM the most awesome aren't I?

So support the cause, buy something! Send some tribute!

to check it all out!

JULY 13!!!

I'll be appearing in NYC for Dr Sketchys Anti Art Skool, burlesque life drawing class! I'll be appearing with one of My favorite bitches, Evelyn Vinyl. Very excited to perform alongside her! She's amazingly gorgeous. She'll be performing her strong woman act, and I will be performing a clown act. A clown stripshow...I'm thinking something slow controlled and dirty. Anything dirty done in clown makeup is always more obscene anyway.

You can see TONS of info and find links to buy presale tickets, which I highly recommend btw right here::


July 14-18 I will be available for professional BDSM sessions in Queens in Mistress Julie Simone's dungeon. We will possibly be accepting double Domme sessions. I hope this happens, because we only did that once and it was REALLY fun for Me! If you are interested in serving Me visit

JULY 24th I will be dancing AGAIN! YAY! I sometimes wonder why I stopped stripping, but I think these little appearances throughout the summer keep it fun and interesting for Me. So please come out and show some support and have some drinks with Me. Let Me give you a lapdance. I give an AWESOME lap dance. I love giving lap dances.

That's July 24th, I'll be working sort of odd hours because I have some fans I know can only come during the day, and I really want to see them. And I also want to get out early enough to enjoy bike night downtown too! So: you can find Me at the world famous Club Centerstage 3 pm til 11 pm for more info and directions

JULY 30/31 I'll be available for professional BDSM sessions in the Boston area. Please send a polite letter of introduction to if you are interested in training with me and serving Me.

I still have some time to squeeze in a few more sessions during My MAINE trip as well

August 1-5 I will be available for sessions in the Portland Maine area.

August 6th I am teaching a class for the western MA power exchange!

It will be an informal class and discussion about some products and techniques people can use to be sure they are using well disinfected, and sterilized equipment in their home dungeon and at play parties. There's so much conflicting information out there, so I'll introduce some products telll you why and how to use them and we can even compare to things people are using now. The folks at the western MA power exchange haven’t given Me any links yet, but as soon as I have one I will be promoting it via twitter:

and facebook:

*UPDATE**  Here's the event listing on fetlife!  With tons of more info please come join us!

I will be available for sessions in the beautiful dungeon at La Domaine Esemar August 11-13 if you are in the albany area it would be lovely to play in the big fully stocked scary dungeon! So many toys out there in the country!

It's also summer! So: It's a GREAT time to book an outdoor WRESTLING/BOXING/MMA session with Me. This is a GREAT space for outdoor play. I've also enjoyed some wonderful outdoor pet training here. If you are interested in serving Me during My stay please visit and read ALL info before sending a polite letter of introduction to:

August 14th I will once again be dancing for BIKE NIGHT! In downtown springfield, MA. It's so fun I wanna get as many in as I can! Please stay tuned for particular times I will be appearing.

August 20-Sept 2nd it's back to sunny california for this tattooed beach bum. YES! Southern Cali slaves rejoice! I will be available for sessions at the beautiful Dungeon West in Los Angeles! I also think it'd be really interesting to do double Domina sessions with Head Mistress Justine Cross while I am there too! If you DARE even consider serving us both. I've heard the tales about Her....

I do NOT want to be overwhelmed or work every day that I am in LA. I will have extremely limited availability with only select clients who know how the fuck to conduct themselves. Please do some research on Me, read My website, really READ IT and then write Me a polite letter of introduction. Tell Me about yourself, your level of experience with bdsm, your kink interests, when you are hoping to book a session with Me. And then we will go from there.

Don't forget there's always My Q&A hotline on Niteflirt that you can call to ask questions about your session and to make arrangements with Me.

Anyhow: I hope I get to meet some new and exciting folks on My travels this summer. I am really looking forward to hitting the road like the old days and making a lot of appearances a lot of different places.

As always follow Me on social media to keep up with the day to day

till next time My lovelies!

Planet 313 photography

the after california blog

So, I wrote the california blog almost a month late. Now onto things that have happened since I returned home. It's a lot of things. I'm so sorry yall about that california blog. It was awful, it as the worst thing I've ever written. It was so weird, all I wanted was for the blog to be finished so I didnt have to think about it anymore. And it seems like every single day for the last ten days or so I've said, OK, I’m gonna blog TODAY and then I don't.

I was having extreme internet issues for a bit. The truth is, that when I arrived home from cali I started working

I landed in Boston , I drove to springfield, did a session, spent the night with the lovely Wendy Michelle, and then drove home and promptly started this catering/cooking gig helping a chef friend of Mine at a cool arts school. I've worked there before. As far as kitchen jobs go, it's not a bad one. The folks are nice and it's not traditional kitchen. By that I mean, there’s not insane alcoholic chefs telling Me I don't know what I'm doing because I'm a woman. It was however, really, really hard work. I had to be in the kitchen at 6 am. Which means I was up before the sun. And then I was on My feet literally ALL day, no breaks. Unless you count the ten minutes you get to drink some water before the lunch rush a break. I don't consider that a break. So, I did this for almost a month. I would get home and be SO exhausted that the idea of blogging or editing or uploading or really ANYTHING was too much for Me. Going to bed at like, 830 pm. Also: they only pay twice a month. Which means I spent the first few weeks back from cali with no money. Like, none. Like, can I come over to your house for dinner style broke. I neglected My emails, My blogs, My projects, My dogs, My own body!

It's weird because SO MANY PEOPLE in My life scream at me to GET A REAL JOB. I thought I'd try it out.

I have discovered that it's most definitely NOT for Me. Being that miserable is not worth $13 an hour. And when you have to wait weeks for that check...and after the government takes their chunk. Damn it was just so not worth it.

On top of the bad hours, grueling work and exhaustion I also got a really serious injury while working here

It was a rookie mistake, MY mistake. I got a severe burn from the steamer from My elbow to almost My armpit.

BAD burn, 3rd 2nd and 1st degree.

I don't have health insurance so I didn't go to the hospital for a few days. I didn't realize how bad it was until almost a week later. The pain was so severe I couldn't sleep, couldn't do much of anything. The placement on My arm meant it was constantly being irritated, working in the kitchen meant it was constantly exposed to MORE heat and steam

if you've ever had a burn worse than 1st degree you'll know how incredibly painful that is

The thing couldn't fucking heal because I was constantly using My arm. On My third visit to the ER the idiot nurse wiped at My burn with a dry piece of fucking woven fucking gauze, which ripped it wide open and I bled all over the place. Fun Times!

I also had the added bonus of My best friend being away on a trip for the month so I didn't have much help, or support or anyone to drive Me back and forth from the hospital either. It was really rough.

I mean, I hang from hooks for FUN, and this shit hurt so bad I cried, three times.

Alot of folks asked for pictures of My injury. I found that in really bad taste. It's like damn, sometimes My fans are so nuts. That shits personal, you want Me to unwrap My serious injury and take a selfie of it? For what? You freaks.

I DID take a selfie of My super sexy bandage. Also, let's quickly discuss how difficult it is to bandage your arm yourself, with only the use of one hand. Go ahead, try and wrap some guaze and cotton and then koflex around your arm yourself, ghead. Not as easy as it looks is it?

On one of the days, Miss Bettie Bondage aka nurse Bettie came and helped Me. She's actually the one who kinda sorta convinced Me to go to the hospital.

As a side note, Bettie and I went to Natural Bridge state park it was the first time I went.

what an amazing place! I fell in love. I can't wait to go back, I want to go all the time. There was weird sculpture and huge marble and granite slabs and of course I took the opportunity to flash a little bit. I dunno what you do when you encounter beautiful things in nature, but I tend to want to get naked all over them.


AAANNNYway: She told me about this amazing cream, and so I went to the pharmacy looking for it and the lady said its prescription only, is it for that monstrosity on your arm> GO TO THE ER!

So I did.

Going to the hospital alone is, well, lonely.

Lots of facebook friends and twitter followers saying things like, if I was closer I'd help!

And My amazing fans sending Me get well wishes and some gifts from My wishlist to cheer Me up. It was nice.

But made Me question My life in weird ways.

Like, if the dude you crush on doesn't give a fuck that you're alone in pain and crying, but random strangers who jerk off to naked photos of you do, what does that mean exactly? What do you o with this knowledge? HAHA, well, you know the pain pills they had Me on had a lot to do with My late night self reflections and subsequently writing some heady butthurt emails to people I thought should know exactly how I felt.

There was a time in My life maybe that I would have been happy to have such a big bottle of pain pills. That time is most definitely over. I didn't think they were doing anything except making Me overly emotional and slow and groggy and want to sleep a lot and cuddle chihuahuas and watch movies. I stopped taking them for a few days and ended up in a lot of pain. SO: I did almost finish the prescription, but ultimately threw some of them away. I have shit to do mang!

So, here's a topless photo of Me and My bandage, and here's the tumblr post where you can read more about it:


So, during this mayhem and sadness some other awesome stuff happened. Morgan fey came to visit Me!

If hyou don't know Morgan fey, she is a radical burlesque dancer here in western MA and I adore her.

We had a lot of fun. I cooked some dinner, we went an d had a drink and then we met up with photographer Chris Addams and went to the carnival! Now, Morgan Fey didn't dress up for a photo shoot she just looks this amazing ALL the time. Two burlesque stars go to the carnival with a fetish photographer and he doesn't bring a camera. Unbelievable huh? He was also afraid to take pics of us flashing at the carnival. But Morgan aint no dummy, she came up into the ferris wheel with Me and took some pics. We went on rides, we ate sugary things that are awful for you, much fun was had.

Here's some photographic evidence:


It's thus been the summer of finding amazing outdoor locations that I didn't know about before. Sometimes it's easy to fall in love with western MA all over again. I also found the most excellent cemetery from the 1800s that I've been spending a lot of time in lately. It's the chihuahua and I's favorite place to be. Shady, no one goes there, and I can even secretly film pee videos. Again, I dunno what you do in cemeteries, but apparently I make piss videos.

They aren't available anywhere yet, My Clips4sale store has had a few snags with updating new content, BUT Julie Simone is gong to be taking over and doing editing for Me so that will be rolling again very shortly.

There IS some piss clips there now:

go show it some love. There's ALL sorts of clips, BDSM, rope bondage, foot fetish, sock diaries and much, much more.

Anyway: here's some photos from the graveyard. Selfies, I'll get a photographer there eventually. (I had three different photographers cancel on me this month already, but that's a story for another day)



My Dad also came into town. That was fun. We went out for dinner at this place that opened in place of a defunct restaurant he used to work at.

They don't have a website yet but they have a fb:

This is one of the best meals I can remember having in Pittsfield MA in quite some time!

What a pleasant surprise! They redid the entire interior, lots of cozy dueces at the bar, wood booths with their gorgeous wine selection displayed everywhere.

We told the chefs to just cook whatever they wanted to and we were extremely happy with the results.

Calamari, done perfectly, a three cheese bake served with excellent bread, shrimp and scallops with saffron-ed rice. Gorgeous. I will definitely be going again.

Here's some foodporn:


I also got to do some sessions at La Domaine Esemar in upstate NY I will be available for sessions there again July 7,8 and 9th

My next blog will have more info on that and some more upcoming events!

To book a session with Me read all the info and then send Me a polite letter of introduction to: info here:

Another exciting thing that happened is that Bob Coulter FINALLY released this very old set of Me and My favorite Midget, Nik Sin. This was long ago, back when I had somehow convinced Nik to make really weird porn with Me in NYC. In this set I am one of his super fans and I stalk him at his house and he drugs Me then ties Me up and has his way with Me. Midget porn, weird stalker midget porn that invvles drugs. It really is one of the weirdest things I've ever shot I think.

Bob Coulter has the tendancy to bring that out in Me, here's some teasers, but you can seee 13 whole pages of high res photo of this weird shit on


Hopefully this blog isn't too weird for you yet because we aren't done.

The last and most awesome thing that happened was that we got out to the woods to do some suspensions. Some ROP crew from NYC came into town and some other suspension folks from New York and Anchors Aweigh suspension team came and we hung a first timer, and hung our friend Anthony chest over a waterfall, coming up out of the water. Was totally beautiful./ Perfect day with friends, family, blood hooks and water. After you've suspended outside in the forest it sorta takes the fun out of doing it anywhere else. This just feel right. We also hung our friend Tim lotus. It was gorgeous, he was up for a very long time, Brandon Stack took some gorgeous photos but I haven't gotten them back yet so here's some stinky cell phone pics for now.


Another fun thing that happened is that BECK fucking played at MASSMOCA! and one of My slaves and one of My favorite fans made sure I had tickets.  I didn't want to go alon e so I brought photographer Zennifer with Me.  what a good show!  the sound was fucking amazing!  He did sort of a greatest hits thing, which satisfied everyone, but I of course wanted something a little more obscure.  Nonetheless, it was an excellent show!  Here's Zennifer and I rocking out


That's all for now folks, I left My camera in the back of Orbs car, I know I know, BAD Bella, I'll get it back shortly, until then there will be another new blog with lots of upcoming awesomeness! Stay tuned!

As always:

find Me on facebook here:

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CALL ME on Niteflirt here: and you can also buy photosets and other goodies there!

And learn how to spoil Me and send some nice things off My wishlist etc here:   In fact go ahead and send Me something because there's fucking 46 free photos in this blolg.  Show Me some love!  Til next time freaks!

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I hate this blog

Well, I'm back from California. I'm not really happy about it. I had such an amazing time. I've always had sort of mixed feelings about LA. Mostly a mixture of loathing and disgust. It's sort of like the love affair I've had with NYC for so long. I love it, I go there, I hate it, I leave there, I miss it. I only started REALLY loving NYC when I started going there for things that weren't work. So this is how I fell in love with LA again. I went to relax. Dude, I took a goddamn VACATION. I was anxious about it because I am really bad at relaxing. All I know how to do is work, and when I'm not working I'm generally feeling guilty about the work I think I SHOULD be doing. So here I was having anxiety about a vacation. Well,m the truth is, it didn't start. I went hoping to book some sessions at the Catsuite Lounge in san fernando valley. Though when I got there here's a few things I realized:

I don't actually hate los angeles, I just hate the valley.

It was far away from where I was staying, and all the porno peeps are there and I am just so over the fake friendships and the cut throat and the lies and the backstabbing. It took me going to LA to realize how over porn I am. I won't make some great big statement about how I'll nevr shoot hardcore again. Who knows, maybe the right company will offer Me the right gig at the right price with the right performer. But I'm not holding My breathe. I also haven't shot hardcore with a dude in like....4-5 years and none of yall seemed to notice. Except for the few bitches who run their mouth about how I'm trying to get booked and can't. The truth is I've just been over it. If someone never says that My real orgasm didn't look real enough again it'll be too soon.

I don't mean to hate on the valley so hard, I still have lots of people I adore there (unfortunately none of them could be bothered to make any effort to hang out with Me while I was in town)

HOWEVER: that won't stop Me from shooting little awesome projects that I adore and support. It feels pretty good knowing that I will never again be asked to wear a ridiculous outfit or spit out lines that are meant to MAKE ME look like a dumb idiot.

That all being said: I fucking loved Los Angeles. It's beautiful, the people are beautiful, the food is incredible..................

anyway: I wrote that like a week after I came home

man, what a bitter bitch I am

I was SO angry to be back on the east coast man. I had so much fun in cali, it was so amazingly relaxing and beautiful and fun filled and action packed that when I got home I just into this stupid little funk I could NOT shake.

It didn't help that I came home, got off the plane slept for a few hours, drove from Boston to springfield, did a session, slept for a few hours, drove home, slept for a few unpacked and then went right to work at a catering gig for the rest of the month of Mya

but, we'll talk about that in another blog

I actually waited SO long to write a blog that now I have to write three

one about cali, one about what happened when I got back, and one about upcoming events

so let's call this the cali blog

So in My last blog I talked about My amazing shoot with Caroline Pierce for

It was My first time shooting with Jimi King, I sincerely hope it's not the last!

I'm going to tease you all with some of the images here, all the rest will be live on the site too!


Let's talk some more about cali.

I spent a lot of time with Misti Dawn. and Misti is one of My favorite humans ever. She also has this adorable cat Bonnie, who you know, I've been reading about and seeing photos of on the internet for YEARS now, but she is really even cuter in person, just like Misti. Misti also has this rad boyfriend. Generally speaking, I hate when My girls get boyfriends. They become lame, they won't hang out, and the boyfriend is usually some dumb idiot who wants to brag to his friends that he hung out with pornstars. SO, it was a really pleasant surprise to also think that Mistis boyfriend was a great human. And they were both wonderful hosts. I want to go and live in their back bedroom gaming room forever and just cook for them and clean floors or something. I loved it. I did a lot of cooking for them, well, probably not a lot, not as much as I wanted to do actually

but that's because there was SO MUCH good food available in california and so many things and places I wanted to eat that cooking didn't even seem like viable option some days.

I mean, I had the best tamale I have veer had in My life

I still think about it

it was so good that I moaned out loud I think I loudly swore and embarrassed Misti and her adorable friend (as an added bonus, Misti seems to ONLY talk to attractive people)

There is also a plethora of great Thai food, incredible sushi and fresh shrimp tacos that I ate wherver I went.

I did some very california things. I went to the beach with Misti Dawn. I laid in the sun. I smiled really big. I checked out cute surfers.

Here's Misti and I at the beach.....


We went to a korean spa, I didn't take pictures because I'm stupid. But, I loved it there. They had a fucking NAP ROOM with heated tiled floors, and a salt/mineral room and lots of hot tubs.

I had one day where I took Myself out to lunch

I went to the famous Kate Mantilini restaurant (which has sadly since closed) and had PERFECT shrimp cocktail and the best lemon meringue pie I have ever eaten.

I met the architect who was super sweet, which was cool because when I walked in I think they wondered what this tattooed up girl was doing all gothed out in LA by herself.

But what a talented man! The building was gorgeous, and everything I ate (and I ate a lot) was excellent, Looking forward to checking out the new space when I visit LA next (which will be august 19 fyi)

I took a selfie in the big gorgeous mirror


Misti and her man took Me to Santa Barbara for the first time. I fell in love with it. I never wanted to leave. What a perfect magical place. We drank wine, we ate the best nachos ever, we went to a funny club where every crazy dude trying to get laid tried to hit on Me because I was sitting alone, we walked by the ocean. We ate so much good food! Perfection. I cannot wait to go back!

Here's some photos from that adventure. Misti has a vacation outfit. She has an outfit for everything. She looks good all the time.


One day Misti and I had dinner with Amelia G and Forrest black of, but I didn't take any photos because I was busy being stupid and forgetting about My blog. We ate at doomies, which is this sorta famous vegan joint and the food was great! Don't worry, I'll be shooting with Amelia and Forest again on My next trip!

this is Misti eating at Doomies, shes cute even when she's making dumb faces!


Like I said, I was on vacation, I didn't shoot a lot!

I DID get to shoot with one of My favorite people ever tho, Chopper Dave

We shot some ultra cute pinupy stuff and Misti did My hair and makeup.

Some teasers from THAT!


We also got to have dinner with Ruby Violence! we hadn't seen each other in YEARS so that was special. Also: more excellent thai food. Here's some photos of us lovin up on each other


I got to spend some quality time with My webmaster, who you all know as Rev Mitcz got to go and see him do a proper standup show (not like that one drunken night we had in NY, like, a real proper show) and it was hilarious! I laughed My ass off.

Alot of the comics before him told stripper jokes. Badly. And I learned this about Myself: hearing sex worker jokes makes Me super uncomfortable. Mitcz told a stripper joke I think but it was funny. Mostly because maybe, he actually KNOWS strippers and loves sex workers. But if the basis of your joke is, strippers are funny because they have no self respect because they take their clothes off in public and I would never do that, or the what kind of guy pays for a lapdance schtick. Stop. We've heard it before

it's not funny.

And I was on a double date (I know, queer right?) and I had this moment of, shit what if they laugh at these bad stripper jokes, and Misti and I kept looking at each other wondering if this was really happening. I recently got interviewed on the radio and someone called in and asked if I laughed at stripper jokes. I guess now we know the answer. I laugh at well told stripper jokes. Hell, Misti was making stripper jokes that made Me laugh. Mostly tho, they made Me want to crawl in a hole ata dark corner of a stripclub.

I've been awfully aware of My sex worker status lately. You know, I've been in this industry for so long, and surrounded Myself with so many OTHER sex workers, that I sometimes forget how fucked up the rest of the world thinks we are. Everyone treats you different. I mean, just everyone.

I was maybe hyper aware of it because I saw My grandmother for the first time in like...8...years. And also because I've been writing this piece for a book about how to come out about yur work in porn to family and friends. It's a really hard topic, and so interesting to Me to see how others deal with this.

I am very OUT in every way. People know who the fuck I am and what the fuck I do

I mean, they think they do. Everyone in My life knows I'm involved in the adult industry. They probably think that means I have tons of sex with tons of people all the time and make tons of money doing it, but My point is, I'm not secretive about it.

Some people have a cover story they tell

I don't, I never have. This is Me, take it or leave it.

Maybe I like the energy of other sex workers so much because they are the only ones who treat Me like an actual human, and don't act differently.

Ok guys, real talk here: I've been trying to write this blog for over a month. It sucks. I hate it, I’ve deleted it rewritten it deleted it added pieces I deleted. I hate this blog
I'm distrcated, I'm over it and it doesn't make any sense.

I just want it to be done so I can write more blogs that I actually wanna write.


SO just....look at the pictures and enjoy them! Ok

california was awesome, I love Misti Dawn, I love good food and I cannot wait to go back and spend more time with her

there, it's done, onto the next

here's My feet in california, I feel like you can tell how happy I was even by My feet...

Planet 313 photography

writing a blog froma couch in los angeles > writing a blog from a couch in massachusetts

well friends, as per usual I have waited too long tow rite a blog, resulting in having way too much to talk about all at once.

Let's see here. I went to NJ to see My family for Easter. It was excellent. Very relaxing non stressful times with amazing wine and spirits and the food that would blow your mind. Easter LAMB! My father's wife is from India and My father lived there for many years and he's BOSS at making all types of Indian cuisine. He made Lamb Biryani, complete with hard boiled eggs. Lamb ragout with homemade cavatelli, home baked bread, Roast leg of lamb with an us jus, roasted carrots fennel celery etc, fried curried okra, sauteed indian cucumbers, tons of different chutneys, fried hot peppers and roasted garlics, green salad with fresh veggies and homemade green goddess dressing topped with white crab meat, fancy cheeses and crackers and meats, dandelion greens, and a homemade key lime pie complete with fucking homemade graham crackers for the crust. My father is OUT of control. There may or may not have also been some sort of pickled scorpion that I was forced to eat. My friend from hometown Michael came to visit and have dinner with us, My fathers wife had several friends over, My friend Lindsey from BME came, and then the next day I spent chillin really hard and got to a radical NJ diner with My other BME friend and old skool kinkster Ammre. Good times.

Here's some foodporn pics not to be missed:


I danced at a stripclub! It was really fun actually. I didn't feature dance I just worked a regular night shift like any of the house girls there. It was so nice! I didn't have to run around, take any pictures, write any guest lists, pay any performers, choreograph any routine write out any set list. It was awesome. I just danced, ALOT. I brought fetish model Wendy Michelle with Me. She had her first taste of stripping at My birthday party in march and she loved it so much that she decided she wanted to come back to the world famous club Centerstage and work a night shift with Me. Seriously, we had SO much fun. It was everything stripping should be. Dranks friends good music and dudes throwing money at us. And beautiful women! Queers! At the stripclub! I fucking love it. Some of My slaves came....BDSM at the stripclub! Get into it!

I'm excited to announce really soon some new dates that I'll be throwing parties at the stripclubs around springfield MA for the summer season.

Afterward I rolled around in money on a hotel room bed with Wendy Michelle. Sometimes real life is better than porno fantasy. That happens a lot actually.

Here's some photos of Me and some money for all My financial Domination slaves out there.


You are welcome. If you want to give Me some of your hard earned money you may send gifts from My wishlist:

you can find out more about how to spoil Me here:

I'm sort of getting sick of the whole spoil Me I spoil you back thing. People feel so fucking entitled. I sent you a ten dollar pair of socks, you didn’t send Me a free custom DVD in return within three days. Seriously. Wtf. Whatever happened to a gift? Something you give expecting nothing but gratitude in return, something you give because it makes you feel good to make another persons day. Selfish fucks. Bring back gift giving. I do it all the time. Ask My friends and people I like. I am an awesome gifter. I think it's important. I would never even dream of asking people for gifts in return then complaining if I feel they didn't deliver quickly enough.

End rant.

On to more pleasant things. After dancing I also got the chance to do a shoot with Wendy Michelle for the impending relaunch of Photographer Zennifer shot her in a location that I love in a cute dress I got her, and Zennifer did her makeup, which was sort of like the softer side of Wendy, it was different for her. She looked awesome. I am in love with the pictures.

Here's a few:


Might leak some more if you guys are nice.....(here we are again, gifts of Wendy naked for free. Maybe say thank you by sending her something off of HER wishlist?) Maybe I just get angry about it when the give and take and gift giving is unequal. Who knows.

So RIGHT after that I went to Boston for a few days and had a really ecellent meal with My friend Tatiana and Bettie Bondage at Fire and Ice I had never been there before. I fucking loved it.. It was brilliant. I didn’t take any foodporn pics tho sorry.

I did take a picture of Tatiana with her cute bulldog tho. SO cute!


Then I flew out here to Los Angeles. It's so sunny and warm here. I'm so happy to be here! Right now I'm chillin with Misti Dawn! In her beautiful home with the stained glass windows open.

Yesterday I shot with Caroline Pierce!!!!

We shot for It was so epic. Caroline Pierce first of all is fucking perfect in every way. She's a goddess. It was My first time shooting with Jimi King of And My first time really meeting his lovely wife Mich Masoch of

was SO fun!I played a satanic witch artist Caroline Pierce was My muse. And then I turned her into a vampire. Softcore super sensual bloody mess of a fun time. Misti Dawn did My makeup and hair and had Me in this huge long witchy wig. I wore this awesome dress that Kimber Doll had given Me, and some little red fishnet footie things Bettie Bondage had given to Me, and some shoes a fan had sent Me. Now how's THAT for spoiling back! I got to wear those gifts in a beautiful film noir with Caroline Pierce instead of hurrying up to send a shitty webcam pic of My ass in the mirror as a way to say thank you. See how patience is rewarded?

Here's some behind the scenes photos, Me in the wig, post vampire bloodlust and with the man himself, Jimi King. ALSO Mich is a fantastic cook and made some amazing baked stuffed jalapenos, spicy pickled pears, pulled pork and simmered beef tacos w mushrooms...fresh cilantro, and an array of pickles things like onion and much more. SO GOOD. Excellent first meal to have in LA. I made Misti Dawn french toast today for breakfast btw!


and here's one teaser that Jimi King has leaked!



BTW: while I'm writing this and a lot of the time while I'm here in Los Angeles I'll also have My niteflirt hotlines on. You should call. Because I'm doing some really interesting things and hanging out with interesting and attractive and intelligent folks and eating good food and Ill be barefoot in the sand and have My face in some boobs and be taking nude photos in semi public places and sessioning and get the idea. Good Stuff. My life is sorta magical and probably better than yours. It's also a good time to call the ignore hotline. I bet Ill be doing something hott.

While I am in Los Angeles I am also accepting sessions with couples, individuals, fetishists, subs slaves sissies and bottoms of all persuasions and genders at the world famous CatSuite Lounge in san fernando valley.

You can check out more info here:!mistress-bella-vendetta-/cric

including My availability schedule.

You can also learn more about sessioning with Me here: including My policies regarding deposits and what types of sessions I am available for.

I am going to be in the area and available for SAME DAY sessions for ONE DAY ONLY! May 14th! For the rest of the trip same rules apply regarding deposits and 3 days notice polite letters of introductions etc. If you are a horny useless fool you should crawl on in that day and tell me how pathetic you are and maybe I will let you clean My shoes for an hour, or give Me a footrub, or just do one hour of pure evil sadomasochistic fun! TORTURE and pleasure. My favorite things. Show Me what the fuck you got Los Angeles!

I will also be teaching a class at DOMCON!


Classroom A 5:15 til 6:30 PM I'll be teaching cross contamination and disinfection and going over some products you can use in your home play space, shared kink spaces, commercial dungeons. This is a class ALL Pro Dommes should take who are going to be there!

I'm also hoping to get the chance to finally meet Princess Kali and shoot for Kink Academy as well!

OK friends, that's all for now! I think I've quite spoiled you enough! You can follow my twitter and Instagram: Both BellaVendetta to see what I’m up to on My trip before I spoil you all with another blog.


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  • Current Music: watching tv with Misti Dawn (well actually she's doing leg lifts on the floor beside Me in PJs, YAY!)
Planet 313 photography

Happy easter yall!

Well friends, I'd love to tell you that since My birthday month it's been low key and relaxing, but the insanity from march has pretty much carried over into april. In a good way of course!

Never a dull moment and that's the truth!

I've been doing some great interviews. Both as an interviewer and an interviewee, is that even a word? Who cares, not Me.

One of My favorite porn industry writers did a quick little 5 (ish) question interview with Me for the Lux Letter.


Lux Alptraum interviewed Me for this rad weekly newsletter she does. It's pretty cool it's like: what cool thing is Lux reading and thinking about this week. Instead of scrolling thru her facebook feed there's this handy weekly list of awesome stories and links, each time she does and interview with someone interesting. Last week it was ME! Check it out and sign up to read the rest of the interview!

    I've been posting news and photos like this as they happen on My facebook page as well so follow Me there.


    while you are poking around there you might notice that I am DANCING AGAIN! YAY! I'm going to be dancing an entire night shift, just as a regular house girl at My favorite stripclub in western MA, club Centerstage in downtown springfield MA on friday April 25th!

    I'm excited to not be feature dancing and have a low key fun night full stage sets good music and all My favorite bitches!

    It won't be a totally normal night tho, because I am bringing fetish model WENDY MICHELLE with Me!

    Wendy went up on stage for one set during My bday party last month and she loved it so much she decided she wanted to start dancing a little bit. So I'm going to be like her stripper fairy godmother. Show her the secret stripper ways introduce her to all My favorite customers and dancers and dj's.

    You can find the facebook event listing here, with all the info!

    9 pm til 2 AM! Come check us out!

    Back to interviews:

    I also did a great podcast interview with little Mel for her podcast: NO BOUNDARIES

    It was really good! I got to talk about how I got the name Bella Vendetta, the local burlesque scene in western MA, some upcoming projects, My feelings on whorearchy and sex workers who talk shit on each other.

    You can check out the podcast here:

    I think it's a good listen. I've been told I give good interview.

    Little Mel is a rad chick, I dig her style

    She also wrote a blog about the interview here:

    Today I got to interview Anisha Sridhar about her piece in India's first anthology of queer fiction “OUT” That wasn't planned we were just talking and I decided we should do an interview, love when things like that happen!

    I'll be publishing that soon and will of course link you guys (psst, probably on twitter: or fb first!)

    You can check out Anisha's blog here:

    writers talking about writing doi!

    Speaking of writing, I had a piece that is very near and dear to My heart go up on Thought Catalog. I was pretty stoked to have a piece up there! This piece got a lot of play on My tumblr (which by the way is

    It was My response to a lot of stupid viral articles and videos I saw going around facebook about how pornstars are not really real people. Fake facts and made up statistics do not help anyone to realize that sex work is real work, porn sex is real sex and sex workers are in fact real people! We walk among you bwahhaahh!

    Anyhow: here's a link to the thought catalog piece:

    be expecting to see some more of My pieces up there. As soon as I can figure out what I wanna write for them. These days I've been more into writing for specific groups of folks. Like, wriitng suspension related articles and doing research for which is you know, geared towards people in the suspension community. Or writing articles helping strippers and talking about real life things that happen in stripclubs for Excited to become a staff writer for them and have some things I've been brewing up in My Own Brain go live there.

    Got an idea for an article you'd like to see Me write or hear My opinion on? (BESIDES Belle Knox, seriously guys?) drop me a line! BellaVendetta666 at gmail

    I'd like to update all of My fans, slaves, devotees and wannabes about when and where I will be available for professional Domination sessions. (Notice I said DOMINATION sessions. I am NOT available for submissive sessions, so stop asking, stop begging, it's pathetic, I would never eve consider bottoming to a complete stranger who does not have the decency to respect My boundaries which I have been very clear on, idiots.)

    I will be available for professional BDSM sessions in the springfield, MA area

    April 24th and 25th

    I will be available for sessions in the Boston MA area May 2-4

    I will be available for sessions in the Los Angeles area May 7-20th with limited availability, NO same day appointments ever, as always and I ONLY book with a 50% deposit. Sorry if Los Angeles slaves can't understand or comprehend My policies, but they are not up for negotiation.

    I will be sessioning at the very beautiful Catsuit Lounge!

    You can see My visiting Mistress profile here:!mistress-bella-vendetta-/cric

    Excited to be in such a lovely dungeon! Hopefully some very lucky slaves will realize the opportunity presenting itself here. I may also be open for a chauffeur or personal slave while I am staying in Los Angeles

    as always if you are interested in serving Me in ANY town the first step is to read ALL of the information of My website:

    and then send a polite letter of introduction


    The outdoor suspension season is upon us!

    My group, Rites of Passage is beginning to book some outdoor smaller events for select groups and individuals this season

    you can read all about it and see the dates I have picked on our facebook page:

    That's all for now folks, I'm currently chilling with some of My family in NJ, gonna eat some INCREDIBLE food so be prepared for major foodporn next blog!


    Planet 313 photography

    punk rock potluck birthday show and upcoming stuff!


    birthday month is finally over. Well, today's the last day. That was one fukin intense long month of partying! For real, I know how to celebrate. I really needed that! 30 days of friends and events and insanity. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make it so awesome.

    Fans, friends, devotees, slaves, bands, strippers, Djs, photographers, webmasters, suspension folks, porn folks, and My family. I appreciate it all so much.

    A special shout out this month goes to Chris Addams of Chris Addams Photography. I've been workin Chris over this month. Between working on a new website for Me, photographing at the stripclub and the punk show on the 29th he's been a busy member of the Revenge Krew. Thanks Chris!

    Speaking of Chris: I'm going to share some of My favorite photos from saturday night here. You can find ALL the rest on his site here

    let's talk about the party weekend, cuz I know the show itself was only one night but the festivities took Me all weekend (into including today because I STILL haven't done the dishes)

    My foot slave tim came into town on friday and brought Me to get a new tv for My birthday. Pretty stoked on it. It's beautiful. I'm gonna watch star trek in STYLE now! And helped Me rearrange some furniture, move My bedroom around and now I'm so happy with all of it. Then we went to My favorite place to eat, Mezze and got some incredible peruvian lima beans with a poached egg on top. Was exactly what I needed. Saturday was the day of the party. It was nice to have everyone work together. Naked slaves in the kitchen, sweeping, packing up, I cooked a fuckton of food. Some ghoulash w ground turkey, some slow cooked grape tomatoes, zukes, squash, mushrooms, onions and peppers, My homegirl Sacha made some spanish rice and beans with ham, Bettie Bondage made some lentil dahl with fresh ginger that was dope. I also made shepards pie with beef, and My best friend Emrys made vegan shepards pie. Someone brought dope sriracha chicken, there’s was several kinds of chips and salsas, My friend Maggie made her famous italian pasta salad, My friend Mitch made his most famous deviled eggs and there was brownies and just like, SO MUCH food! Was all so good. Got to eat. ALOT. No one took pictures of the food. Food porn fail. My bad friends.

    Lots of folks came. Some of My most favorite ones from western MA! AND folks came from NY and CT and springfield and holyoke and norhampton and all over berkshire county. It was so nice. There was also a ton of people there that I didn't even know so thanks everyone for coming out and supporting the local scene!

    No Window played first. And it was fucking awesome. Even Emrys liked them and he doesn't like anything haha. They were so good in fact that people called their friends and said hey there’s this rad punk show going on in north adams you should come. So good that MY art friends over the age of 40 who don't really care about punk rock thought they were good enough to stay and check out how good the next band might be. The next band was MORON. And yo, Moron was off the hook. Some of My very old skool punk rock friends are in Moron and they fucking KILLED it. And then Order of the Circle played and they were excellent. Audience members singing along blazing guitars kind of excellent.

    And like, there was hot chicks everywhere. Alot of them. Everywhere. I loved it. I was into the scene. I had some dvds and books and posters and the last of the t shirts for sale. Got to trade for some cd's and t shirts and Zennifer was there selling her awesome jewelry. Pretty much awesome all around. Lemme shout out to our awesome bartenders too! And thanks to Todd and Nancy for having us rage so hard at the Crystal Hardhat! I think more plans for punk rock in north berkshire county is on the menu for summer.

    Without further ado: here's some photos taken by Chris Addams.
    There more cute punk boys than there are cute punk girls on My blog for once.  Isn't that sort of refreshing?


    Looks like a pretty radical time right? You're probably kicking yourself for missing My parties, because Bella Vendetta knows how to party.

    I also took some silly pics on My little blog camera. See how cute we are, a rare photograph of Chris Addams! Of course I am choking him and Wendy Michelle...


    oh that last picture is a thing I got from Master R, sauteed sunflower seeds in brown butter and tamari topped with eggs, in this case eggs gifted to Me from My friend Justin Adkins.

    The month of April will be a little crazy, but not two major events kinda crazy.

    April is upon us!

    I will be taking a trip to New Hampshire and MAINE!

    I'll be shooting with Dastardly Dave Dawson in NH on the 11th and available for sessions in the area April 12-13

    Then on the 14th which is passover, I'll be shooting with Brutal Master. shooting some content for his site, and some stuff for us to share as well. It's sure to be some twisted shit. I'll be available for professional BDSM sessions in the portland ME area april 13th and 15th

    If you are interested in booking something with Me please visit

    I will also be in the NY and NJ area to see My family for EASTER! Woohoo. I'll be available for sessions in Queens NY with the possibility of double Domme sessions with Mistress Julie Simone

    If you read My account of our first double session together you should be aroused and want in on that action! We have a crazy good time together!

    I will be available for sessions in the NY area April 19th and 21st

    I still have availability in the western MA area throughout april as well for sessions, workshops and lectures.

    The fun does NOT stop there My friends.

    In MAY first I head to Boston area. I've got some sessions lined up, some work that I'll be doing with the Boston Chocolate School, AND a podcast interview I'll be doing with the vodka press.

    I still have availability for sessions in the Boston area May 2nd and 4th

    AFTER THAT: I'm heading to sunny Los Angeles California!

    I am SO excited for this trip. It's gonna be a good one. I'll be chilling HARD with Misti Dawn, shooting some excellent stuff with some excellent folks AND I have the honor of being able to teach TWO classes at this years DOMCON convention.

    I'll be teaching both an industry class and a general public class about cross contamination, disinfection, for using shared dungeon spaces and what products and protocol you can develop within your own commercial dungeon space and with your toys at home.

    I am really stoked about it. I cannot wait to nerd out on blood borne pathogens and disinfectants and kill times and what makes a glove medical grade and to bring some new products along that are really I think going to be game changers for a lot of Dominas and fetishists alike.

    More info as it gets closer and they announce class time slots etc. I'll also be vending there with Mistress Julie Simone.

    I'll be staying in LA for quite a few weeks and there is time for professional BDSM sessions and new dungeon spaces I want to check out from May 5-25th so get in touch.

    SO MANY wonderful Dommes are going to Domcon I feel like some sort of group gang fun needs to happen for the right well trained and worthy slave.

    I'll also be looking for someone to serve Me ona personal basis while I am in Los Angeles. It would be a very good training experience for the right slave

    please visit for more info.

    After that Ill be back on the east coast and hopefully it won't be fucking winter here anymore and I can have a nice garden and go swimming and light fires and run barefoot and throw some more punk shows and shoot shoot shoot all over new england while it's warm out and do suspensions from waterfalls and have an epic summer.

    That is all for now

    until next time!

    You still have one more day to celebrate My birthday month by spoiling Me!